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When launch a game screen goes black,but still i can hear a sound.Help please?

ImperialLegionareImperialLegionare Junior MemberPosts: 3Registered Users
edited July 2012 in Medieval II: Total War
Whenever I launch a Medieval 2 : Total War or Kingdoms,my screen just goes black,still hear in-game sound,but a can't do anything. alt+f4 doesn't work,neither ctrl+alt+delete,only to manually restart computer.:( Game is fully patched.

My Comp:

AMD Phenom X6 t1055
4gb ddr3 kingston 1333
ATI radeon ASUS 5770 HD 1gb gddr5
Motherboard MSI 870-c45
Windows 7 ultimate edition 64x

Please,help me,I even tried all compatibilityies,still nothing. :/

Sorry for my English,and greetings from Serbia!
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