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From the NYC event -Silencer

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edited May 2010 in Napoleon: Total War

So when i got to the hotel i met up with Julian and some other ppl who we're there for the event. (one of them is a moderator from the TWC and the other i forgot sry buddy! xD)

After Kieren was finished setting up the stuff downstairs we all went down from the lounge and we met up with kieren who was setting up the 5 alienware comps. they we're if i remember correctly either dual nvidia 250's or single with the I7 processors.

Kieren set us up for a 3v2 match to get the feel of the game. now to my experience at first it was alittle bit confusing cause of all the new controls and stuff. the action bars are in a way, all over the place xD i had some trouble finding the fire at will button and the diffrent cannon shots for my 5lb howitzer and 5lb artillery. but when the battle began, it was pretty amazing. i sent three of my light foots to take this hill while my buddy sitting to the right sent his entire army to meet my three light foots, things became chaotic! the smoke effects from the musket fire can really cause confusion during the battle cause you have this gigantic smoke cloud looming over your troops while they fire and with the howitzer cannon's explosive shots blowing up all over the place. . .yeah. . .
alot of stuff happening lol but after our little battle, Kieren showed us all three of the campaigns. me and the other dude played a multiplayer grand campaign (the italian campaign) while the moderator from TWC played a couple of 1v1 battles with the AI. i was able to get a glimpse of the AI in action when my buddy was taking his turn playing as Austria and i must say, it is a MAJOR improvement from E:TW. now as Kieren said, IT IS NOT PERFECT but i saw the AI charge the moderators most lightly defended flanks (they we're line infantry seperated from the rest of his men) with calvalry, send the line infantry running away, and then pull them back to his lines. now that. . .is something lol.

during my italian campaign the enemy AI would combine all his troops together and send them to me or follow my buddy to take my town! (they succeeded too) before our time was up, me and my buddy we're able to play a naval engagement. there are all kinds of new ships for those of you who love naval battles. i played as GB and my buddy played as the Ottomans. i had 2 first rates and a ironclad ship! he had 4 third rates (yeah i know it was unfair). whenever i fired a full broadside, the ship would get hit and it would look as if that ship would tip over. pretty impressive! i also used the repair ship ability and all the crew members got off of the cannons and began to work! rofl. they would board the ship up with wooden planks and some steel planks and when done all those holes that your ship had are now planked up and ready to take some more hits! when my buddy had one ship left i decided to board his ship to see if there had been any major changed to the boardings. Kieren told me that there wasn't much that changed but the little guys are more smarter when there boarding an enemy vessel.

after the naval engagement was over we had a Q&A session with Kieren and well, there weren't that many questions asked since most of them we're already asked and answered during the SF event. now i tryed to get some info on the expansion pack but all i got was a no comment from kieren :( lol but he did say that there will be the unit add on packs like the ones in E:TW.

overall it was amazing for me and i can not wait to get my hands on N:TW in three weeks. the game is amazing and it is not like as if they released a beta for us to play such as E:TW. this is the final build of the game and even though there will be some unit adjustments and all, the gameplay itself is extrodinary! now as you all know though CA cant satisfy everyone and there will always be those with some types of problems with the game, but if you do play it though it will be confusing at first but you will love it once you get the hang of the controls and such :)
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