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Nusantara Total War

intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 20
We from Nusantara Total War team, proudly present to you:


Nusantara Total War is a modification for Rome Total War-Barbarian Invasion about Late Medieval Age in South East Asia or Nusantara. Spanning from the time of First Portuguese invasion (1511 AD) in Malacca until the conclusion of Dutch-Portuguese Wars (1654 AD). This mod gives you the unique and very exotic experience of South East Asian warfare, and up to today, we are the only released mod that features South East Asia.

We strive for deep historical accuracy, immerse campaign and dynamic battlefield balance.

Current Version: open beta version 0.5 gives the players:
  • 10 all new factions in custom battles
  • 140++ new, historically accurate units along with accurately portrayed unit models
  • Immerse cultural musical background
  • Excellent, well balanced battle-system EDU
(This is only Open Beta 0.5, only custom battles, no campaign map. The campaign map will be released in version 1.0)



  1. Install Rome Total War
  2. Patch to version 1.6
  3. Install Barbarian Invasion
  4. Download our mod
  5. Copy the folder "NUSTWPI" into the folder "Rome-Total War\BI"
  6. Make the new shortcut to BI.exe with the link: "RomeTW-BI.exe" -mod:bi\NUSTWPI -nm -show_err

We only provide the download links to our mod. The players must buy the original Rome Total War and Barbarian Invasion prior to play this mod.

User friendly Installer (by Vartan):


Credits of this release date should be on our Artists, Historians, and Coders etc:
  • 3D Artists : Wlesmana, Finn, Cute Wolf
  • 2D Artists : Cute Wolf, Plutoboyz, SkullheadHQ, Jirisys
  • Historians : Intifadanyz, Sonic, Plutoboyz, Viriathus Rex, SkullheadHQ, Gamegeek2, Cute Wolf, Condestavel, Gaius Septimus Severus
  • Coding and Balancing : Sonic
  • Grammatical Assistance : Ghaust the Moor

Special thanks to:
  1. Wlesmana and his awesome LOTR-TW as well as his personal modding tutorials via FB
  2. Halie, Shogo and EOD, currently we are borrowed some model parts from them
  3. Moros and Europabarbarorum, for borrowing some animations
  4. Aradan, Balbor, Shrimpy and FATW, for the Awesome two handed Swords animation
  5. Signifier1 for his animation packs that we used...
  6. Darth Vader for give us permission to use his awesome formations mod as base formations
  7. Lord Zimoa, Empress Meg, and Napoleonic TW for cannons and gunpowder units (but they are only a bit implemented)

If you have any questions about this mod, please visit:
MOD PERMISSION: We permit the player to download and play only, however since we are still under development, the permission TO USE ANY PART OF THE MOD to make other MOD / GAMES is PERMISSION BY REQUEST ONLY

Fell free to ask questions, comments and suggestions in this thread.

Terima Kasih, Thank You, Hatur Nuhun, Agradece, Dank U

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  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited December 2010

  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited December 2010
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited January 2011
    New reworked factions banners


    New Melayu standard barriers

  • YabguNizamPashaYabguNizamPasha Member Registered Users Posts: 65
    edited January 2011
    Very interesting area. Could you add more soldier pics of Aceh. I am wondering, you know Aceh and Ottoman Empire have good connection :)
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited January 2011
    Yabgu wrote: »
    Very interesting area. Could you add more soldier pics of Aceh. I am wondering, you know Aceh and Ottoman Empire have good connection :)

    Thanks Yabgu.

    We know that Aceh and Ottoman are more than ally in our area.

    For the time being, almost all Acehnese units are copycat of Malacca. The units attire are very same (you can imagine, just change in skin)


    But for 1.0 release, we now have assistant from an Acehnese, so we review the rooster and repair the units.

    In our mods, the transferred technologies (especially the gunpowder units, and the big cannon) from Ottoman to Malay factions are done simply via building gunsmiths tech-tree, and Turkish-Military Academies tech-tree.

    ATM, we have only 1 musketeer and 1 cannon troop, for Malay factions. Our animator are making musket animation, so we can add more musketeers, and we are sending permission requests here and there (to other mod groups) to use their cannon units, so we can add more cannon troops (I mean, we can have light, medium, heavy units)

    We are not planning to make it as a script (I mean summon Kortuglu Hizir Reis and his soldiers to Aceh), as we don't have expert scriptor. huhuhuhu.

    Anyway, we are somewhat planning to add 2 more middle-east units for Aceh, namely:

    a) Lasykar Rumi (Ottoman Soldiers, came from Turkey with Kortuglu Hizir Reis, even their descendant are still here)
    b) Lasykar Ghori (Turkish-Ghurid people from Afghanistan, they lived in Pasai and Barus since the time of Pasai and Malacca Sultanate)

    Anyway, thanks Yabgu, if you are at luxury, do not hesitate to take part in our discussion in the main thread in TWCenter!
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited January 2011
    Here's the refined, more historically accurate models for Pajajaran units.

    And rather than copying M2TW events, we now create all ethnically event pics as well (last pic)

  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited February 2011
    These are the new UI for Sulu Culture. For Portuguese Invasion (PI - 1.0 release), we are planning to add 2 more factions (under this culture), namely Nagara Daha (at Borneo) and Gowa-Tallo (at Sulawesi) and when we expand the map to Philippines (for further release), we are planning to add Sulu Sultanate (under this culture). Of course there will be Spanish too!

    Strat map UI:


    Battle map UI:

  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited March 2011
    Portuguese Cavalries:


    The umbrella has been added to the howdah of Malay War Elephant model:

  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited April 2011
    New models and animations of Malay Musketeers, riding horses and elephants.


  • AdamYahyaAdamYahya Senior Member Kuala LumpurRegistered Users Posts: 3,318
    edited May 2011
    Looks good. Might be interested to reinstall RTW/BI once the mod is complete.
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited June 2011

    - Royal Decree is for Javanese/Sundanese factions, specifically to build high-level factional barracks outside Java (and Bali)
    - Colonial Administrations also used by Europeans to facilitate European soldiers recruitment, they're slow to establish, but give bonus on trade revenues as well
    LestaT wrote: »
    Looks good. Might be interested to reinstall RTW/BI once the mod is complete.

    Thanks. :D
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited August 2011
    New factions logos:

  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited November 2011

    Greeting Nusantara Total War fans.

    Today we are proud to present the graphic user interface (GUI) for each culture. The GUI will be yet another way to represent the uniqueness and cultural identity of the people of Nusantara, in addition to the soundtracks, portraits and unit voices (which we plan to use the native tongues, not English).

    Malay-Minangkabau Culture

    The Malays are the natives of the Malay Peninsula, the east coast of Sumatra, and the coast of Borneo; the Minangkabau are native to central and western Sumatra. Various elements of foreign civilizations and cultures had a hand in the creation of both ethnicities' cultures. Indian, Islamic, and Western European culture each had their turn of influence on these peoples. Islam would end up the dominant religion of both ethnic groups, but each of the others had their own profound impact as well.

    The factions that belong to this culture group are Melaka, Pagaruyung, Palembang, and Kota Merdeka (Malay Free States).

    Stratmap UI


    Battle UI

    For both UIs, the main panels depicted are the wood-carved motifs of “Pucuk Rebung” (Bamboo Sprout) and “Pucuk Paku” (fiddlehead fern). Wood-carved reliefs frequently adorn the doors, walls, and windows of traditional Malay houses. These reliefs frequently depict the various flowers and plants common in Nusantara, such as bamboo sprout and fiddlehead fern, which are parts of many native dishes.

    The side panels for both UIs depict the “songket”, a type of brocade fabric hand-woven in silk or cotton and intricately patterned with gold or silver threads. Songket is a luxury product traditionally worn in royal courts or during ceremonial occasions, and frequently features various kinds of flowers and plants as motifs.

    Javanese Culture

    The Javanese, natives of central and eastern Java, are the largest ethnic group in Nusantara. After centuries of migrations, they can now be found in most areas of Nusantara. Due to intensive contact with India, the Javanese developed a culture parallel with, but not identical to, the Indian. Hindu, Buddhist and Javanese faiths blended into a unique local culture that has strongly influenced the Javanese, even more so than their embrace of Islam.

    The factions in this culture group are Majapahit, Demak Bintara and Bhumi Mardika (Javanese Free States).

    Stratmap UI

    The main panels show the “Kayon” used in “Wayang Kulit” (shadow puppet) plays that are prevalent in Java and Bali. The puppets are made of leather that is carefully chiseled with fine tools and are supported by stick handles and control rods. The stories in the plays are usually drawn from the Hindu epics of the Ramayana and Mahabhārata. “Kayon”, from the Malay word, "kayu" (wood) is the “Tree of Life” in Javanese culture and faith.

    The side panels depict “Batik”, a cloth that traditionally uses a manual wax-resist dyeing technique. Batik cloths have a diversity of patterns, and there are patterns specifically for infants, brides and bridegrooms, the dead, royal members and nobles. A person's status could be determined by the pattern of the batik he or she wore.


    Battle UI

    The main panel depicted the Javanese painting of Bhāratayuddha. Bhāratayuddha means "India's War" or "War of Bharat" - referring to the great battle of Kurukshetra, fought between the Kauruvas and Pandavas in the Mahabhārata. The side panels show “batik” motifs.

    Sundanese Culture

    The Sundanese are an ethnic group native to the western part of the island of Java. Although geographically close to the Javanese homeland, Sundanese culture before the invasion of the Mataram Sultanate was very distinct from that of the Javanese. Their system of social heirarchy was noticeably less rigid. The common identity that binds the Sundanese together is their "Wiwitan" (Custom and tradition). Despite being exposed to Indian Hindu-Buddhist influences, the Sundanese did not embrace these religions, but maintained their own traditional religion until the arrival of Islam.

    The only faction in this culture is Pajajaran.

    Stratmap UI

    The main panel depicts the Sundanese Batik of "Banyak Ngantrang", used by the Pajajaran King Ratu Jayadewata during his coronation ceremony. The side panels depict the Sundanese Batik of "Ragen Panganten", used by Ratu Jayadewata during his marriage to Nyi Ambet Kasih.


    Battle UI

    The main panel depicts the Sundanese Batik of "Hihinggulan Resi" mainly used by Pajajaran resi (Rishi). The red batik panel on the side depicts the motifs of “Kembang Loa”, the 'Ficus racemosa' or cluster fig tree. This plant is a symbol for the Sundanese philosophy about life.

    Acehnese Culture

    The Acehnese are an ethnic group whos homeland is located on the northern-most tip of the island of Sumatra, and who have a history of political struggles against the Dutch. Their language belongs to the Aceh–Chamic group, and it is the only commonly spoken language in Indonesia that arrived, through migration, from mainland Southeast Asia. Malay texts describe that the Acehnese originated from the lands of the Champa Kingdom (in the region that is now Vietnam). The Acehnese migrated en masse to Aceh after the fall of Champa capital, Vijaya, in 1471. Situated at the doorstep of Nusantara, the Aceh homeland was the first region to receive the influence of Islam and established an Islamic Sultanate. The people developed into loyal Muslem devotees, generally considered the most conservative Muslim ethnic group in Nusantara. Aceh saw herself as an heir to Pasai, the first Muslim state in Southeast Asia. Aceh has often been called the "Veranda of Mecca," and became a major center of Islamic scholarship.

    The only faction in this culture is the Aceh Sultanate.

    Stratmap UI

    The motifs on the main and side panels depict the designs used by Gāyo people, known as 'Kerawang Gāyo'. The Gāyo are a tribe native to the central highlands of Aceh. The Gāyonese language is distinct from Acehnese, but their culture, including song, dance, clothes, textile designs, architecture and carvings have influenced Acehnese culture. Kerawang Gāyo is used extensively as a decoration on textile and wood carvings.

    Historically, before being conquered by the Sultanate of Aceh and subsequent introduction of Islam, it is speculated that the Gāyonese established their own pre-Islamic kingdom, known as 'Linge', in central Aceh. During the war between Aceh and the Dutch, Gāyo was the last province in Indonesia to be subjugated by Dutch, remaining an Aceh stronghold used by Acehnese militants to launch guerilla attacks against Dutch, until being conquered and pacified in the 20th century.


    Battle UI

    The main panel depicts the Pinto Aceh, the design used to by the Acehnese to make gold and silver ornaments and adornments. The red coloured textiles on the side panels are the Acehnese 'Songket'.

    Sulawesian Culture

    The people of Eastern Nusantara are often referred to as the ‘people of the current’, reflective of their close ties to the sea. The peoples of Sulawesi, such as the Bugis, Makassan, Mandarese, and Butonese, as well as the Moluccans, Tausug and Bajau in the Philippines and Borneo, have long been renowned throughout Nusantara as excellent seafarers, whether as shipbuilders, traders, pirates, mercenaries, or migrants. They sailed as far as northern Australia and New Guinea, to collect forest and sea products and trade them in the markets of Asia. The sea was their highway, and they are famed for their adventures, migrations and capacity to undertake the most dangerous of enterprises.

    The factions in this culture are Gowa-Tallo and Nagara Daha.

    Stratmap UI

    The main panel depicts the Padekawang ship, one of the traditional vessels of the Makassan and Bugis people. The side panels depicts the Tenun Bugis, the traditional Bugis textile.


    Battle UI

    The main panel depicts two crossed 'Badik Makasar', the traditional weapon of the Makassan people, with the Kelasak, the traditional shield used by the peoples of that region. The textiles on the side panels are the Tenun Bugis.

    European Culture

    Europeans first came to Southeast Asia in the 16th century. It was the lure of trade that first brought Europeans to Southeast Asia, while missionaries also came in ships to spread Christianity into the region. Portugal was the first European power to establish a bridgehead into the lucrative Southeast Asia trade route with the conquest of the Sultanate of Malacca in 1511. The Dutch followed and soon superceded Portugal as the main European power in the region.

    The factions in this culture are Portugal and the VOC.

    Stratmap UI

    The main panel depicts a European painting of a trading city, while the side panels depict an old European map of Southeast Asia.


    Battle UI

    The main and side panels depict a European painting of a sea battle.


    • 2D art: Plutoboyz
    • Textwork: Intifadanyz
    • Research: Plutoboyz and Intifadanyz
    • Grammatical corrector: Gamegeek2 and Pazu the Kitsune
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited March 2013
    Ehem ehem...

    In the Last release, we have trouble with our campaign map and have to release v0.5, without campaign.

    We planned to make campaign later, but the works were slow not not smooth, and then we are in the state of coma.

    Apparently the mapper AKA the modeller AKA the mod leader nowadays is really busy and leave the works, and we all somewhat frustrated....

    But please rest assured and don't worry... because... jeng jeng jeng

    Aceh and Pasai

    Sumatera Selatan (South Sumatra)

    Bangka and Belitung

    Jawa Kulon (West Java)


    Johor, Singapore and Bentan

    Jawa Wetan (East Java)

    Well, guess who is the new mapper?

    Well, he is me :cool:

    cheers to the new mapper!

    Anyway, I'm still learning to map... but I hope we can release the campaign soon...
  • [][][]-KING-PIM-[][][][][][]-KING-PIM-[][][] Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 6
    edited April 2013
    Experience took place in the virtual world,we played by great pleasure . KING Clan always has pioneered innovations. Nusantara TOTAL WAR ; [][][]-KING-CONAN-[][][] and [][][]-KING-PIM-[][][]
    Interregnum period ended .New generation RTW will get to life with last modified. RTW2 will resolve the throes of fatal. That I felt the period of interregnum crops , memories will never be forgotten.

  • CheChe Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 805
    edited June 2013
    Well done :D

    Please give us the campaign soon! I would love to play it! :D
    "You can learn more about a man in one hour of play, than in an entire year of conversation" - Plato

    "Just because you don't take an interest in politics, doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you" - Pericles, 430BC

    "If you tremble with indignation at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine" - Ernesto "Che" Guevara
  • hidayahhidayah Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    I have a big problem,can you put other mirror link like dropbox or like links without re captcha(as my pc has some issues with it)I really want to download this mod as I am malay.
  • hidayahhidayah Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited August 2013
    Can you guys give me a bunch of new links of downloads ASAP.I really want to play this mod.I am from singapura.
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited August 2013
    Dear Hidayah, the Mediafire links still can be access,

    Mediafire: http://www.mediafire.com/?yq6zm16c6jk3o

    The others seem dead...
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited November 2013
    Jawadvipa (Java Island) already planted with mountains, volcanos, trees and rivers.

    Jawa Kulon (West Java)

    Jawa Tengah (Central Java)

    Jawa Wetan (East Java)
  • HildorHildor Senior Member The MidlandsRegistered Users Posts: 3,283
    edited November 2013
    Why did you use R1 to mod? Med 2 is closer to the time period and already has muskets
    There'd be something witty here if I could think of it
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited November 2013
    hildor wrote: »
    Why did you use R1 to mod? Med 2 is closer to the time period and already has muskets

    Well, I know many Fans like MedII/Kingdom because of the graphic, but this is why we choose RTW:BI:
    1. horde feature, for invading factions (without it, invading factions become emergent and unplayable)
    2. active naval invasion (well, BI is more active even than M2TW:K, we need active naval invasion, coz we are playing in South East Asia [SEA] Archipelago!)
    3. flexibility of religion within faction (well, historically and even until now, the people in SEA practicing syncretism of religion, Hindu mix with Buddha, and even Islam mix with Hindu, and for Royal Court of certain factions, father can be Hindu-Buddhist, and son can be Islam and Christian. Only several factions practicing "pure" religion. We want to use active religion features in BI, it mean that, changing religion cannot be forced, but to make it slowly, otherwise, it can cause unrest and rebellion. While in M2TW, religion is determined by faction culture!)
    4. Berserker unit (Maintaining religion in several provinces can give access to berserker unit and enchanted weapon, in M2TW, religion per province cannot be maintained).
    5. Pirates (pirate was and even until now, is real problem in SEA water! Several kingdoms have to deal with pirates, and others made pirates as their ally, and even mercenaries, since the time of Sriwijayan Empire in early AD centuries. Several features in RTW:BI can be used for representing pirates, as they can be made as an active faction, and Romano_British trait make them can survive without city)

    Well, not using M2TW, we have to deal with certain issues, such as cloning armies, and certainly M2TW offers better graphic, but well, using RTW:BI is a compromise for the older computers!

    That because, converting CAS (RTW use .CAS) to MESH (.MESH) will resulting the distortion of models, and weird animations, not to say that in M2TW models, double works have to be done in creating models, as the units cannot be cloned...

    Regarding Musket Animation, the Rome:Mediavel mod (A mod of medieval time of Europe and Middel East base on RTW) team has develop musket animation and the animation pack is downloadable for modders to use. So its ok about the animation.
  • intifadanyzintifadanyz Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited November 2013
    Semenanjung Tanah Melayu Bahagian Utara (North Part of Malay Peninsular)

    Semenanjung Tanah Melayu Bahagian Tengah (Central Part of Malay Peninsular)

    Semenanjung Tanah Melayu Bahagian Selatan dan Riau (South Part of Malay Peninsular and Part of Riau)
  • Polong667Polong667 Registered Users Posts: 1

    First thanks for your effort in making Nusantara TW mod.
    I just joined this forum so I can ask you where can i get the nusantara 1.0 campaign download link? I have read the other thread regarding your work but cant find the link beside the 0.5 version.

    Lad from Johor .
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