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My review after meeting with CA in Paris -panzerschreck

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I will expose here what I heard and saw in CA 's presentation of the game in Paris, today.

I will try not to repeat the others reviews that others gamers have done.

There were Kieran Bridgen and the player for the demo was Tom Jarett.
They showed us first the battle of Lodi.
Tom Jarett played the all battle for us. He had the french troops and the IA played the austrians. What I saw it's that there was no "bug melee", the Austrians shot towards the french troops a lot of times during the demo without charging. A few minutes after the beginning of the battle in the town, there was a lot of smoke. Kieran said that troops can not shoot in good conditions because of that, and that it could have some effects on their morale too.Some Austrians were staying in a house where they were more protected : Tom made his cannons fire, after 8 or 12 hits, the house was entirely destroyed, all the austria unit died. I saw the IA trying to turn the french army, Kieran precised that The new IA was abble to do that, if it couldn't manage to break the ennemy army in a frontal assault.
Tom showed us that there 's a new zoom, a horizontal one, allowing you to see the battle in first person, that was very impressive.
Tom beats the austrians in the city but a part of the troops were on the other side of the river, with their general. Battle at this time seemed to be won by the french. The IA had 2 big units keeping the bridge and four cannons on the right side of the bridge. Tom was not abble to take the bridge, every unit he sent was defaited with heavy fire. I think he ought to use his artillery. He tried to rally troops with napoleon's unit, with his aura. Then the austrians crossed the bridge and began to engage french troops, and there were all defeated.
With the last video we saw on internet, I was afraid of the fact that artillery could be overpowered, but in this battle his effects on the troops appeared to me well balanced (they used only cannon balls, no explosive shots). I saw on the ground the cannon shots, in reality it would make a 2 or 3 meters lenght.
I saw when the battle finished that austrians troops were most numerous: 2882 austrians versus 1476 french (more elite troops I think). It would have been better if IA and player had have the same number of troops, but I think battle of Lodi was made like this, more austrian troops to have challenge.

Then they showed us the campaign, There's a special cinematic scene for each (italy, Egypt...).
You begin with the "arm
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