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Napoleon vs Empire

The next NapoleonThe next Napoleon Junior MemberPosts: 4Registered Users
edited January 2011 in Napoleon: Total War

I'm upgrading my system, allowing me to play both Empire TW as Napoleon TW. I'm just wondering whether it's still worthwhile to buy & play Empire or is it better to skip to Napoleon immediately?

Both have amazing graphics (compared to RTW) so I'm not sure whether the difference between the two is mostly the setting (different time and map) or also in game mechanics.

Can someone give me advice?
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  • williamcarter1993williamcarter1993 Senior Member Posts: 636Registered Users
    edited December 2010
    They are both good and each one has things that the other one does not. If you are looking for a relatively detailed campaign type thing then Napoleon is better for you because it has 3 maincampaigns and some of his battles and they are in one area of the world, the european continent

    Now if you like the economic, diplomatic, worldwide domination sortof thing, then Empire is better because you can expand over the whole world.

    Napoleon has better graphics, more building options, more units, and the option of looting a town
    Empire has more tactical battles, more diplomacy, larger map.

    But both are good. Each has its pros and cons. I'd play both but if you could only afford one I'd get Napoleon since it is newer and upgraded. Maybe they sell them both together. In my town they sell the Gold Edition of both together for 40 dollars
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  • Half_Life_ExpertHalf_Life_Expert Senior Member Oak Park, CA , USAPosts: 4,659Registered Users
    edited December 2010
    they are both equally great games, but I would say u should get Napoleon becasue of Empire's infamous technical problems.
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  • ViCToRiaViCToRia Banned Posts: 1,297Banned Users
    edited December 2010
    ETW just for the campaign world map it has.
  • JokerJoker Senior Member Posts: 644Registered Users
    edited December 2010
    I prefere Napoleon simply because it has more depth, but, you should buy both, they are at sale as one package at the moment, atleast where I live (Belgium).
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  • ArvenidesArvenides Senior Member Posts: 194Registered Users
    edited December 2010
    I would say that the campaign for ETW is more enjoyable than the one for NTW, while online playing is better for NTW. So if you prefere to play online, you should definitely go for NTW or if you're more of a campaign player, go for ETW. That's my own thoughts anyway.

    But as Joker said, you should get both of them. Both ETW and NTW are absolutely worth playing. :)
  • NubarusNubarus Senior Member Posts: 359Registered Users
    edited December 2010
    The title is wrong, it should not be Napoleon VS Empire, it should be Napoleon AND Empire since both games are worth playing.

    At the moment I am enjoying Empire more due to the DarthMod Ultimate Commander 6.2 because the battles are truly massive and epic now. You even need to be careful on the tactical map since there are many armies moving around that you can cut off, encircle and ambush to gain a tactical advantage on the field of battle.

    In my current campaign I had 2 major fights like this vs Russia and later vs Sweden.
    Russian army during those manuevres was roughly 70-80.000 men total in size, all moving around in one province and the Swedish army was a little smaller but none the less dangerous.
    This makes the Grand Campaign much more interesting if you ask me.

    I am currently fighting the same massive scale battle in America vs the English, a few more years and their front line armies face the same fate and the Russians and the Swedish and have to submit the power of the United Provinces, hehe.....:-)
  • GiborGibor Senior Member Posts: 129Registered Users
    edited December 2010
    Since the price is dropped for the "Empire and Napoleon Total War Collection: Game of the Year (PC)", I would suggest that you would buy this collection. For sure, it is the money worth, if you live in Europe or in the Middle East.

    It costs now (2010.12.31): €21.02 / £17.89 + Free UK Delivery
    (In the price included are all the DLC's and Add-on's of both games.)
  • Dionysius the MightyDionysius the Mighty Senior Member Posts: 3,194Registered Users
    edited December 2010
    Buy the gold edition with both titles included, but play Empire first. That way when you progress to Napoleon you won't find yourself missing out on new features. Playing Napoleon first, then going back to Empire could lead you to wonder where a bunch of features that got introduced in NTW have gone.

    In a nutshell, Empire has a bigger map, covers a longer period of time and has more faction variety, Napoleon has a more detailed, but smaller map, fewer but more detailed factions, and general improvements to gameplay and graphics.

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  • kurbzzkurbzz Junior Member Posts: 8Registered Users
    edited January 2011
    Steam right now has the Empire & Napolean Game of the year Deluxe package for %50 off. It comes with both games and all of their extra content. Its only $25 US dollars
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