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NTW stopped working

xxxxxx BannedBanned Users Posts: 1
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I just want to say that from now on I am going to download every game of total war production. I dont want any solutions, I have paid u for game that should work and as the customer I am not the one to fix things for u, dear total war team. Rather than paying money and then wasting my time to make this game work I will just download ur next product not spending any money and then spend time to make it work, cose u know, I am buying orginal games cose they are supposed to work smoothly and without any problems, thats what differentiate it from downloaded games, but as I see not any more. So summarising, no more money for u from me.

GMs will propably delete this thread very quickly and keep advertasing this game as 'the best game of the year' - with one exception gentlemans, it doesnt work for loads of ppl. Check out how goole is overloaded with threads like this one about ur last products: Empire and Napoleon total war.

Btw my PC have no problems with running other games so dont try to blame ppl's PCs. If tons of other games from 2010 works fine, why urs shouldn't??

with kind regards, unhappy customer.
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