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Shogun2 Bugs Goold Edition

Godfather Vito CorleoneGodfather Vito Corleone MemberPosts: 83Registered Users
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Shogun2 it's one of the best strategy game today and just total war series have strategy and tactics components .
But some bugs which follow for total war games spoil the impression and make gameplay impossible and not intetesting . Some bugs can fix by new modes , but not all , fix bug can just CA . Here is Top of single and 1vs1 campaign Bugs :

Sea and land movement bugs :

These bugs came from Rome 1 .For 1 turn possible send army by land or sea too long distance .
About for 9 years CA can not fix it .
Its bug possible to fix if give to army movement points just on 1 fleet or give to army sea movement points on the fleet . ( about sea bug )

lands bug easy to fix too : Units can not move if it lost all movement points . So all what need to do its stay one place units which lost all movement points , ( about land bug )

1vs1 campaign 2nd player bug

In the Head to Head Match ( 1vs1 campaign ) important all things,cause a liitle disballance broken game . This 2nd number bug give to 2nd player money and chance to create huge army at short time without revolutions .

1vs1 campaign balance bugs :

1) Millitary Access Bug :

Why bug ? answer is easy - "Millitary Access " give chance to some clans gets huge money for short time . Its ok if play single campaign , but its huge disbalance in 1vs1 campaign . why develop the economy if easy gets money from stupid AI using selling "Millitary Access " ? in really clan can selling Millitary Access but not for so big money , best way to fix this bug its to make 1/2 money from selling . Very important thing in 1vs1 campaign its ballance between clans which give to players choice take any clan for 1vs1 campaign , not jsut 1-2 .
Hattori , Oda , Takeda has huge income from selling "Millitary Access"


Nagaoka , Jozai , Tsu has huge income from selling "Millitary Access"


2) 3 lvl ninja , monke and mutsuke agaents bug :

Cause Shogun 2 was not tested as beta 1vs1 campaign we see now a lot disbalance bugs like 3 lvl agents .Player can choose to play some clans in 1vs1 match on Shogun 2 map , but more strong clans its clans which have near agents lands there are may create 3 lvl agents . if looks on the map more strong clans its clans in the central of japan , because central of japan have monke , mutsuke and ninja lands . So player who take cotrol central japan can easy win 1vs1 match , but how play against so strong clans ? how fix this disbalance ? easy , just need to change 3 lvl agents recruitment to 2 lvl . so player which play long distance from lands with ninja gets same chance win campaign too .

3 ) Oda Asigaru spam in 1vs1 campaign :

Asigaru its the most useful units in 1vs1 campaign , all we know strong asigaru its symbol of Oda clan . Oda Asigaru have high morale and cheap cost , i think Asigaru Oda must have something one , better its just moral defference , but cost must be same with other clans . This change make game ballance better .
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  • Godfather Vito CorleoneGodfather Vito Corleone Member Posts: 83Registered Users
    edited March 2013
    4) Programmers was mistakes in the Fall of samurai when they made Barracks like place for elite units - Kihetai and Tosa Riflemen ( Tosa and Choshu clans ) . Its must be Millitary Academy . So need replace White bear with Kihetai .
    And why player can recruitment unlimited number of Kihetai and Tosa Riflemen ? I guess its must be recrutaiment just 1-3 elite units like imperial guard infantry or foreign infantry .


    Everyone played multiplayer avatar conquest and know what there are player opening map lands with imperial dojo first gets write bear , black bear, just after that player can gets elite units , same must be in campaign too , because its keep campaign balance. if not , why develope Barracks to Millitary Academy if Kihetai elite units better then White Bear infantry ?

    5 ) Looting Bug . Too much money player gets for this action , to looting AI castles too easy . If use this action player lose real balance and interesting to play campaign . Better way to fix it - change looting prize to 1/2 and join 2 new options in 1vs1 campaign : play all siege battles and play all battles as AI too , then economy develop will take 1st place and game process will be interesting .

    Last huge problem what's have Total War games today its the absence of protection of games against cheat programs as Art Money . Each player can use cheat program not afraid to be punished . CA, urgently need to create
    security sistem which protect players in multiplayer !!!

    Here wrote about not all bugs , members of forum can join it here like comments . easy to see all posible bugs in one thread , Together we help CA detect and fix bugs .

    Thank you for attention
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