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How do you use Line Infantry on Hills/Ridges?

JediArronJediArron Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 103
I have lost lots of battles now, because I don't know how to use Line infantry properly on hills and ridges, I whiped out half of my enemies whole army, and I still lost when he whiped out almost none of mine, he was camping a hill and I ran my line inf right up to him at point blank and my men got destroyed

Also, another time I can Only fit 1 line inf or 2 line inf with a clear line of sight in one place at a time, what do I do with the rest? I kept my others in reserve force behind, to fill the gap when my men routed but they died

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  • damadman228damadman228 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,437
    edited April 2013
    When you're on a ridge map you need some melee units unless you're planning to stay back and use artillery (which I don't recommend). Also bring good cav to scare off his in the beginning so he doesn't keep you away from the hill for long enough to actually get you in that position you're describing.
    This might be helpful for those still playing S2 MP:

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  • kaasbriskaasbris Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
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    Advance on front, and stop just before firing range, then spread melee units to left & right flanks to surround enemy.
    Strength ratio of left/centre/right shall be 1:1:1.
    Initiate attack from either one flank to make AI confuse, then launch all-out charge from all fronts, except rifles in centre.
  • Lph7Lph7 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 426
    edited April 2013
    When the A.I. camps it has lost. Very close to kaasbris in the approach move your line two deep very close to firing range. At this point the AI may back up. Let them when they have stopped close again. The Ai is expecting a frontal assault let them. In your initial approach peel.off 3 units of line and send them out wide with cav support or spear. Now when the Ai has stopped retreating bring them in on the flank so you are engaging 3-1 on the flank as the unit you are shooting routes the Ai will send one more to take its place this will go till you run out of ammo but at that time you can engage with your main force. And use your flanking assault as melee troops.

    Hope this helps.
  • DarkJakkaruDarkJakkaru Member Registered Users Posts: 32
    edited April 2013
    Well, the quality of your unit matters in terms of assault. I am not sure what the bulk of your army is but the weaker the troop the worse they are at assaulting positions. You will want, if possible, to obtain some woodline near the enemy to firstly engage at range so that the trees will buffer some of the shots.

    Based on your description, it sounds like you don't have any field guns for your brigade. If possible, field at least 2-3 parrot guns to each of your brigade stacks. Wooden Cannons are a joke and only useful for sieges by shooting walls, gates, or towers. On the field, wooden cannon volley may injure 1 enemy from a glob of 200 to give you an idea on how useless they are on a land battle. It maybe expensive to obtain a proper field gun but for situations like these artillery goes a long way and can easily fire at that hill. When you get Armstrong guns later, they pretty much decimate anything in a short amount of time with 3 in a stack.

    In terms of battle, without supporting artillery you will have to walk and have some guys engage at ranged combat from the outset. Then push decisively on one part of the enemy line whether it be the flanks (normally the easiest) or center (if it looks particularly weak). You will want the enemy to fire their first volley at range so as to give any melee troops a chance to attack without routing at the last second. In either case, you want to focus on decisively isolating and destroying small parts of the enemy army rather than a banzai charge. Situations like these can go either way considering the advantages being on a hill provide.
  • ablearcher83ablearcher83 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 108
    edited April 2013
    Run cavalry behind the enemy line and surround them in the confusion.
  • SertoriusSertorius Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 938
    edited April 2013
    Like everyone said, uphill is an uphill battle.

    Tenderize with arty, hold with line units, and charge with melee to the flank. Like someone else said, cavalry but usually very vulnerable to lingering pike units in the reserve.

    Either way you'll have tons of your line guys massacred in a prolong attack from a range unit on fortified and elevated position.
  • Half_Life_ExpertHalf_Life_Expert Senior Member Oak Park, CA , USARegistered Users Posts: 4,686
    edited April 2013
    Im assuming that you are referring to using line inf against enemies that are uphill, right?

    if that is the case, then what I normally do is not use line inf at all for the actual attack if I can help it. If available, use artillery to force him to move and/or off the slope. Line inf would best serve you to suppress the enemy and keep him busy while other units move in for the kill
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  • fraer111fraer111 Member Registered Users Posts: 80
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    Let me share my experience of using higher ground while on defense. Couple of times than the deployment line prevents you from deploying you troops on top of a hill, I place slanted line of my best shooters (line infantry) ranging from the top to bottom, and levy infantry athwart to set cross fire killing zone. On the flanks I placed spear units and cavalry. Worked fine for a couple of battles
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  • fraer111fraer111 Member Registered Users Posts: 80
    edited August 2013
    When I defend on a hill position, I array my solders in two lines on top of the hill. First line consists of rifle units, the other line melee units, placed on backs of the shooters. Climbing the hill under fire, enemy loses not only men, but also stamina. When enemy gets dreadfully close to the line of shooters; I charge my melee units towards enemy
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  • ViCToRiaViCToRia Banned Banned Users Posts: 1,297
    edited August 2013
    i turn off the fire at will hability and wait for my enemy to shoot first.
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