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[Creating a new unit in Total War Shogun 2]

RedFiction12RedFiction12 Junior MemberPosts: 2Registered Users
Hello, I've been searching a tutorial for creating a custom units for Shogun 2 campaign which should work in multiplayeer (Coop campaign).

I've not found any useful or just simple videos or text tutorials anywhere so I came here to ask.

I have all the programs needed: MMS (Multimod Support.exe, which includes TWeak and BOB).

Now I just need a simple tutorial what to modify. Let's say I want to create a new Cavalry unit, what tables do I need to modify?

[ Simple list of all table names that needs to be modified here ]

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  • RedFiction12RedFiction12 Junior Member Posts: 2Registered Users
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    Dead community or just am I being rude? Anyway I think that this comment will get some attention :)
  • wangrinwangrin Senior Member Posts: 166Registered Users, Cakes!
    edited April 2013
    Depend if you want to create a whole new unit using new models or simply create a unit using existing models.

    I'm not a specialist of S2TW/FotW modding, but I can suggest you to have a look to total war center, particularly the "Total War: Shogun 2 Mod Workshop" sub forum.
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