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Fall of the samurai multiplayer disconnection

IncomingSurgeIncomingSurge Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2
:mad:Hi, I am having trouble with this game. Ok before I play a multiplayer game I am connected with excellent strength. Then after I finish or during a game I am suddenly disconnected. I exit out of the game, have to go disconnect and reset my router, turn off my wireless switch then turn on everything. I then get connected. I play a multiplayer game again and am disconnected. HELP PLEASE I want to enjoy this beautiful game. PLEASWE respond quickly
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  • SkollopsSkollops Senior Member Behind you :ORegistered Users Posts: 3,294
    edited April 2013
    Do you experience similar problems in other games?
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  • AlJabberwockAlJabberwock Moderator USAModerators, Tech Moderators Posts: 7,730
    edited April 2013
    A good question. Additionally, this can be the work of viruses and scumware or even legitimate programs that conflict with the game because they use the same ports. Have you
    1)Checked for Incredibar?
    2)Updated the security program you use, can you provide a Dxdiag?
    3)What ports have ou forwarded for the game?
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  • IncomingSurgeIncomingSurge Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    I do not xperience similar prblems in games. For example, right now I played some other games and no internet disconnection at all. BY the way this is a legitimate game. I bought it off steam.
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