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Aizu Legendary

VoidianVoidian MemberRegistered Users Posts: 81
Is it even possible? I've tried several times, even the first move is quite hard...

Either I get lucky with my shinsengumi and get rebels to take over their town, then attack the rebels later on with a bunch of spear levies, or stay home for quite a while making a bunch of spear levies and attack with quite a big army, which probably won't be as big as the enemie's as it takes ages to travel down ther.

But assuming that first step is easily done, what's next is still quite impossible...

I Cleared my enemy to the south, some guy to the west with 1 province declared war on me so I took him down as well, got clan development 2 and the nice bonus to economy and research, so I spent that time researching trade ports and upgrading every wealth building I had, ports, farms, made an inn in every province, upgrade some towns, made craftsmen workshops, kept the first province as a training ground taking advantage of my faction's bonuses, made a bunch of yari kachi and matchlock kachi as they were a lot cheaper than levies, plus they came with lvl 3, I had quite a big army, full stack with those 2 units capable of trampling most enemies around me and earning about 2k a turn..

I was surrounded by shogun supporting clans, suddenly Jozai breaks their alliance with me and cancels the military pact, I thought "ok he's turning on me next" So I moved my army there while keeping a few guards in every city to my surprise the clan up nort, in his isolated island, Matsumae, switched allegiance and declared war on me, the next turn he landed with a full stack, which I managed to repel at my home province with 1/3 of a stack and a fortress...

But that was ok, I could take them, what I couldn't take were the Jozai at the same time declaring war on me, Tsu, Sado, and even my old allies, the Nagaoka declared war on me on their own, with good relations and the same alegiance, they didn't care for diplomacy or the penalty for breaking treaties, needless to say one big army can't be everywhere and splitting it wouldn't hold full stacks forever. What the hell do I do about this? I tried the Jozai legendary campaign as well, it was MUCH easier, was steamrolling everything, specially with the help of that initial Yugekitai outranging and assassinating entire regiments by itself, but later on something similar happened, all my allies turned on me, switched alegiances and ****, I couldn't hold them all by myself...

What's the trick? =/
Oh and my navy sucked on every game, can barely keep up with land battles and upkeep, building ships seemed out of question, not that it would help against 5 clans sending tons of ships at the same time anyway.

Oh yeah, no DLCs here except for the blood one, figured I had enough clans to play with

Edit: I guess I give up on legendaries, other clans are much easier early on, but the same thing happens every time, the whole world declares war on me for no apparent reason, even allies.
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  • snifesnife Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    i started the Aizu Legendary Campain, without trying other Legendary Campains before. First 3 Games the same thing happens to me. Or even Edo killed my ally Jozai switched alegiances. Nagaoka was almost killed by other Shogun clans. And to play with tons of reloads is boring.
    I dont understand why there is more Shogun vs. Shogun and Imperial vs. Imperial then Shogun vs. Imperial fighting. Maybe it is because of the starting places. I think the diplomatic-system could need a rework, but this is another topic.

    My 4th game i started with building 2 spear units, gather all and walk up north to get Uzen with the Holy Shrine to get better troops. I got about 2k-3k Gold from Sendai for giving them military access to my lands. I dont like such "bugusing" but it changed a lot. And dont forget to kill your expensive ship. The cheap is enough to explore hole japan.
    The southern tribe wasnt a big thread (i only needed to build 2 units to defend the attack, maybe i was a bit lucky). Jozai got him and allied up with me. I didnt seek the help of Nagaoka so they didnt send a stack to the north. This saved them.
    Try to get Ugo fast too, because there you have a smith. In my game Sendai (ally at this time) was faster then me in getting it, because i had to evade the army stack. But luckily Sendai declared war against me and i could get their lands after defeating their army in my castle in Uzen (i took Miyagi first, because it was almost empty). I didn't build much army to save money, and pushed straight to the best sword units. At this time i had a negative moderisation rating i think, but it wasn't that bad (exept that i didnt had a training camp) because i only used trad. These units roled over the rest of the northern lands (they have been ally to Sendai) and i had a long peacefull time where i could develope the economy buildings.

    I think you need a bit luck on how your allies work. Maybe you can help them with Agents if you can effort it (i wasnt able to do that). Or you can send some cheap units to block armys of the opponents.
    I tried to evade the Matsumae threat with not explore them. It worked (again lucky me i think).
    I think the northern direction is better then heading south because you have nice province structures for your military and you only have to defend 1 Land to the south.
    Now i am getting some new lands of a bigger opponent of Nagaoka. With this i should cause realm divide soon. But with a strong Nagaoka, Jozai and a Shogun Matsumae it should be easy, even if they are almoste the last Shoguns left.
    I hope this helps and wasnt just a lucky game :P
  • VoidianVoidian Member Registered Users Posts: 81
    edited April 2013
    Thanks, gonna try it next, was playing Choshu just now, had the massive war declarations, just wiped out 2 clans but getting every port raped and having no navy against my former allies, the Tosa, is getting annoying.

    PS: Quite useful 25% bonus to looting, as long as you don't care about honor, not sure if the extra upkeep is worth the gold from looting on legendary tho.

    Edit: Oh and about exploring the whole japan, is it a good idea? Afraid I'll just get more clans to declare war on me..
  • snifesnife Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited April 2013
    Only Tosa and some smaller Countries i never met declared war, but there was no fighting. I needed this to get the silk ressource. If you dont need it (Nagaoka can conquer a country with it), then you can destroy all ships. :P
    If you declare war on countries you can fight alone, dont use your allies for it. They need their troops for themself. The AI is not very good in deciding where it is important to have troops.

    I never loot. Think this will increase the chance for war declaration.
  • VoidianVoidian Member Registered Users Posts: 81
    edited April 2013
    I'm not sure if I'm exploiting the AI, but I did the opening you sugested, ignored south, marched north, luckily the troops were replenishing, they probably fought that clan to the right, so I could take them down with the extra spears, after that I just kept marching north, still didn't leave the mainland but I've got a 5k income and well developed provinces, getting ready to attack, but here's what I noticed: The AI won't ever sit idle, if they got no enemies, they will make a new one, they don't wait too long either, on legendary that new enemy seems to be you, every single time, so if your allies have no enemies, declare war on a random clan far away and get them busy, I did this and I still got Nagaoka and Jozai covering my back, and my coast for me while I focus on the threats to the north.

    Playing a long legendary campaign, hope I can finish it this time.

    Edit: I'm winning the war but I don't even have half the lands I need for the long campaign victory, do you know if I get a defeat or something if the enemies of the shogun are defeated before I complete my objectives? =x

    Edit2: Didn't take the chance, just ate Jozai and Nagaoka with rebellions and massive armies, only Tosa was left standing on the imperial side anyway. Gotta say, having over 35k income at a certain point was nice, made several full stacks of navies and armies, bribed entire armies worth over 30k, stuff like that, too bad it took away the endgame challenge =/

    Done, thanks
  • LictorLictor Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited May 2013
    Howdy, Aizu was actually the FIRST legendary campaign I completed successfully. It took me a while to realize that Aizu actually have one of the easiest campaigns:

    Northeastern Japan has the highest density of fertile soil farms in the entire game outside of the 3 Very Fertile's in Kyushu and the 3 Very Fertile/4 Fertiles in central Japan. Central Japan is a total mess with Obama eventually expanding down there and Kyushu is a pain to deal with clans like Saga/Fukuoka/Choshu stealing up the good provinces. (The lower half of Kyushu being Meagre/Barren)

    As the Aizu your big targets will be after taking Shimotesuke, Uzen, Miyagi, Iwate and Ugo. The northernmost tip/Hokkaido as well if you can launch support a naval invasion. With those 5 provinces you can turtle VERY easily since Nagaoka will almost always defend you and tie up the relatively poor regions west of you while

    I started off by moving my Shinsengumi down to where Jozai will eventually expand (Hitachi), selling military access to all nearby clansand allying with Sendai. You can milk 20,000 Koku from nearby clans including Odawara/Edo when you meet them after taking out the clan you start out at war with. Jozai will give you the most money.

    Once you have your secondary province you need to start inciting revolts in Jozai territory with your Shinsengumi. Hitachi will be your primary target because of the fertile soil/copper.

    Fukushima had a Cadet School and Shimotsuke had a Traditional Dojo and I began to build two armies, one at Fukushima to hold off Sendai when he broke my alliance and one to fend off Numata/Odawara/Edo if they ended up flipping Imperial.

    TL;DR? Screw over Jozai and Sendai, they WILL betray you, take their lands, build up a huge economy and then steamroll. Legendary is all about patience.
  • VoidianVoidian Member Registered Users Posts: 81
    edited May 2013
    Hmm I managed to keep both Jozai and nagaoka allied through the entire game by making sure they never ran out of enemies, declaring war on random people they hated, far away so they wouldn't bother me, was quite nice to have a huge barrier defending my lands like that.
  • IchonIchon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 5,387
    edited June 2013
    I've found playing Shogunate in FotS on legendary far easier than the Imperials. Every Shogunate clan I was able to win in under 60 turns and once under 40 turns though Aizu was most difficult. Playing as Imperials... much more difficult. Chosu was easiest so far and in fact I've got campaign going as Republic with all of Kyushu conquered and moving up Honshu with 20 provinces, seems assured I'll win now but it is a grind with the constant naval and land battles every turn.

    The other 2 Imperial clans though... Satsuma seemed as if it would be easy but FotS map is much more interesting than Shogun2 with clans on the islands making sudden landings just when it seems I've got things under control. If I spend too much time securing the islands it takes valuable time and when return the other clans have some huge armies and the geography of the map forces splitting armies in 2-3 directions. Eventually I prevailed in short campaign but nearly ran out of time. It was over 50 turns before I was even up to Buzen.

    Tosa I am still stuck on... tried 3 different starts so far and now trying 4th where I simply abandon Tosa on turn 2 with everything and move NE. Long move distances and poor economy have made it the toughest start for me of any campaign since I first tried Useugai.
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