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Bug in huge battles?

VoidianVoidian MemberRegistered Users Posts: 81
I've been noticing this, it's really annoying, just now I was in a castle siege, seems like when there's a massive battle, like 2 full stacks in a castle siege, the AI goes full ****, I keep telling my armies to move, they can sometimes take over a minute, just sitting there, staring at nowhere, getting shot to pieces, before they decide to obey, the game doesn't lag, there is no FPS drop, nothing, the AI just doesn't respond or takes over 1 minute for every command, is this normal/is there a way to fix this?

Having to restart a Legendary Satsuma campaign because I just can't pull out a heroic victory with half a stack against a full stack if my men just don't obey at all and I'm not recovering if I lose this province surrounded by enemies...

Just in case, I have an I7 CPU, using win8, steam version of the game, no mods.

Edit: This one time something even weirder happened, the line infantry wasn't engaged in melee, obviously, they were lined up waiting to shoot approaching enemies, I told them to line up in a different position nearby, they took 15secs to respond, then half the unit moved and lined up, the other half just stood there, then the half that did respond ran back to the **** half and then they all slowly moved together...

Not that it helped as they took forever to start shooting and the katana kachi just freely got within melee range anyway.
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