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How Many Historical Battles will be featured in Rome 2

Egyptian PharaohEgyptian Pharaoh Junior MemberPosts: 20Registered Users
edited May 2013 in Total War: ROME II
Hey all,

Title speaks for itself, how many Historical Battles will be featured in Rome 2 like 10, 20 or even 30???

would be great to hear for you all and your opinions :)!!

Keep Gaming :)!!
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  • jamezoidjamezoid Member Posts: 32Registered Users
    edited May 2013
    I think there'll be in the region of 6-8 historical battle to begin with in the first vanilla version and that number will increase with DLC packs etc
  • dsmithccdsmithcc Senior Member Posts: 301Registered Users
    edited May 2013
    id say about the same as shogun 2, i think rtw had around 10?
  • Igor55Igor55 Senior Member Posts: 881Registered Users
    edited May 2013
    I also think 6-8 + 3-4 later per DLC
    My Top wishes for Rome 2:
    - Unit DLC: Pontus (needs Galatians) / Steppe tribes / Baktria (needs Indians) / Odrysian Kingdom / Armenia
    - Faction DLC: Cherusci, Helvetii,
    - Diplomacy/Clients: "annexing"-, "bribing-", "making peace with"- and "exchanging regions"-option
    - Depth/Features: family tree, deeper internal politics, ingame videos, historical events, late-game-tasks
    - UI: Bad! Fix skill and tech trees and make more atmosphere!
    - Fix sieges & blobbing and nerf agents!
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