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Suebi campaign tactics

Pontus!Pontus! MemberPosts: 70Registered Users
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The title says it all... ;)

How are you planning on starting your Suebi campaign?

I'm thinking that invading Boii first with a good offensive army is the best opening move. Capture the whole province and gain as much gold from looting as you can.

Since it's a Celtic culture you will have lots of resistance so maybe a province edict of changing their culture would be good. Also enslave as many as possible.

After this there are two wars that you could get involved with:
Gutones/Lugii war
Rugii/Cherusci war

My plan is to take these one at a time. Wait for a moment when either both sides are weakened or for a nice undefended settlement then strike.

Also if things are tough I might simply make friends with the Cherusci and invade the Rugii since I want to have the whole Suebi province and that could get me an early trade partner and friend.

The whole situation is kinda complicated but hopefully you can limit yourself to one enemy at a time early game. :)
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  • AbzeblhiomAbzeblhiom Senior Member Posts: 284Registered Users
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    Pontus! wrote: »
    The whole situation is kinda complicated but hopefully you can limit yourself to one enemy at a time early game. :)

    Not as complicated as the Greek situation ^^. I agree with your choice. The very early game seems to go this way.
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  • GeneralMeniosGeneralMenios Senior Member Posts: 179Registered Users
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    The good thing with Suebi is that they can capture the whole province around them without come in conflict with any other major faction. So this is a very good first step. After that, maybe an expansion to the North and North-East will give you enough resources to build your small empire without again come across without powerful enemies. However if you play on very hard and you have to deal with a lot of invasions maybe it would be a good thing to capture Britain early so you can have a "heaven" in case your capital is conquered.
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  • ranknfileranknfile Senior Member Posts: 7,007Registered Users
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    I plan on the Suebi being my first campaign in Rome 2. There will be a bit of a learning curve; as of right now I am not sure how things like a confederacy works. Does one have agents that can win over a region as with RotS? I will certainly attempt to make some allies, form a confederacy (I guess?), and also attack and take over some regions.

    Due to not knowing which factions will be likely to ally or form a confederacy with my faction, specific regions to conquer or factions to "make nice" with is beyond my ken at the present moment.

    As far as how much of the map I intend to conquer, much depends on how far my tech tree will take me. If my Suebi faction remains somewhat backward compared to Greco-Roman and Eastern cultures, then my overall plan will need be something less than if I were playing as a more advanced culture. Still, I look forward to starting my first Rome 2 campaign game. But since no less an authority than Julius Caesar himself called them the "largest and the most warlike nation of all the Germans" I should be able to be be a thorn in more powerful factions' sides, if not a large empire.
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  • wingolf22wingolf22 Senior Member Posts: 255Registered Users
    edited July 2013
    I agree with ranknfile: One of the huge factors about the Suebi campaign (for me) will be how the confederacy- system will work. As I tend to roleplay my faction- govonour / king / whatever- mighty- leader, most of the time I'd try to spread my influence with the least losses possible. ;)

    Thus if I can form a kingdom with the other tribes rather than against them, I'll gladly involve myself in negotiation and win them over - but that depends how this works out.

    Another thing that will be a factor we cannot estimate by now will probably be the 'culture' of provinces. As Suebi it says we need to cope with extra harsh penalties and a fast advance into celtic lands might be halted just by that.
    What I'd be very interested in / what could heavily alter my plans:

    - Can I evade resistance by conquering and putting the settlements to the sword (like in RTW)? What will that do to culture? It should be changing a whole lot faster since the new populace would be my people replacing the former enemy, right?

    - Does a dominating foreign culture limit the building of constructions of my own? So for example would I have trouble building recruiting- places?

    - Will it hinder me from recruiting faction- specific warriors like Berserkers in the province (simliar to RTW, because there are just Celtic guys there one cannot form the band in that region)?

    - Will I be able to use conquered buildings of foreign cultures?
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  • Nelorix,the CaledonianNelorix,the Caledonian Senior Member Serbia,Jagodina/Finland,JyväskyläPosts: 2,163Registered Users
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    Wingolf,your questions are interesting and hopefully we`ll hear official answers soon. I really,really hope we will have an AoR recruit system untill we fully culturaly conquer a province,and bonus units once we unite the tribes( by that i mean getting a few new units,and some unique to the minor factions,for example Rugii longbow hunters,Marcomanni cavalry,etc...).

    My campaign will go like this :


    I`ll unify the Germanics,then push towards the east. My armies will be mainly based on cavalry and archers,with hold-the-line infantry. I`ll be relying on good use of archery and cavalry to kill enemy pixels! Black regions on the map will be regions regularly raided for loot and slaves,some turned into client kingdoms.
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  • AtteroAttero Senior Member Iowa, U.S.Posts: 1,387Registered Users
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  • Pontus!Pontus! Member Posts: 70Registered Users
    edited July 2013

    Yeah it really depends on how confederacy works. If I can peacefully take control of the Germanic factions I will.

    Also I'm thinking that the British isles will be a great income base with all the resources and Stonehenge. If the Suebi have a good navy I'll introduce vikings a bit early. ;)
    Pontus is actually my real name, I'm not too big on the faction. ;)
  • akisthegreatakisthegreat Senior Member Posts: 236Registered Users
    edited July 2013
    Abzeblhiom wrote: »
    Not as complicated as the Greek situation ^^.
    exactly what i thought.As the suebi and in general any barbarian faction you will have to raid as hell in my opinion.In the end that's exactly what your units are good for.
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