How to set the number of soldiers in a unit size?

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I have a problem with ETW, when i first bought the game, the number of soldiers in a unit is 120 soldiers in any game difficulty mode. After i upgrade it to version 1.5 all my units size has shrink to 45 for infantry or 15 for cavalry. Do you guys have any ideas how to fix this cause i prefer to play with 120 infantry and 60 cavalry. :(
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    go to options and change unit size to large
    happened to me too after the game upgraded that unit size was put back to small so u just have to change it :)
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    Also, always after an update, remember to verify the intergrity of the game cache from Steam client.
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    You can also very easily mod the game to make your units much larger. I play Empire with a standard Line Infantry unit consisting of 200 men, with 100 in Light Infantry units and Cavalry around 75.

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    i go to options but i cant find the army size where can i find this??? please tell me
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    Welcome to the forum. It's called Unit Size and it's the lowest drop-down in the middle column of the Graphics Options.
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