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Lusty Jack's Hardcore Facts - Get your questions in now!

CraigTWCraigTW Lead Community Manager, The Creative AssemblyDat Horsham doePosts: 1,144Registered Users
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Our very own "Lord of the Sword" Jack Lusted has kindly agreed to do an epic Q&A thread for you guys right here on the official forums.


We'd love it if you could get your questions in on this thread, and on Wednesday next week (7th August), Jack himself will answer as many questions as he possibly can. It'll be a feat of both reading and typing, and we'll be there on hand to wipe the beads of sweat from his perspiring forehead as he attempts to keep up.

What's more, the best three questions, as selected by us, will win a very rare Rome II T-Shirt. So get asking now!
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  • lordfadilordfadi Senior Member Posts: 1,855Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Can we name Fleets?
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  • ignaciospain1ignaciospain1 Senior Member Posts: 139Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Will Carthage and other non-rome factions have end-game tech units (like roman Urban cohorts) so they can survive end game? In that case, are those units "invented"? (As in, lets assume Carthage/Macedon/... survived longer and had their own Marian Reforms and came up with X unit which they historically did not have) Thanks.
  • costas84costas84 Senior Member Posts: 152Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    How much of a role will Women play in Rome 2?

    Will the Phalanx be the same as it was in Rome 1?

    What is the diplomacy like between Vassals and their Overlords?
  • admiral_trompadmiral_tromp Senior Member Posts: 554Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    what is the multiplayer going to consist of?
    we know the thousands of maps thing and no avatar mode so please tell something new.
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  • twc01twc01 Senior Member Posts: 465Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Is their a chance 4 player campaign be released as DLC at any point?.

    Will things like unit speed and kill rates and morale be able to be modded?

    Will Hannibal be white in game release or darker skinned?.

    Love the new line of sight.
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  • TempiicTempiic Senior Member Posts: 220Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Is the ability to shoot artillery units (and ship artillery) from a first person mode perspective as first encountered in S2TW and FoTs included for R2TW? And if so, I really hope that a proper range limitation that matches the range limitions when shooting without first person view, is included this time. Is it?
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  • King_RichardKing_Richard Senior Member Posts: 161Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Are some of the devs actually integrated in the game? (Like Will's face that was found)
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  • ignaciospain1ignaciospain1 Senior Member Posts: 139Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Will Egypt have 2 different tech branches (as in FoTS Modern vs Traditional) so you can choose between Pharaons vs Hellenic tradition (with own units and/or buildings)?
  • ironman3112ironman3112 Senior Member Posts: 1,157Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    How will the ai use phalanx's in battle? In Rome 1 the ai had difficulty keeping their phalanx's together and using them effectively to compliment each other. I understand that the series has made leaps and bounds with the ai since Rome 1, so are there any particular tendencies or rules the ai will try to follow to increase the effictiveness of the phalanx when compared to earlier games?

    Also, what were the reasons for leaving the Seleucids out of the final factions list? I suspect that it would have been due to them being a very large faction and being hard to balance due to that, However an official answer would be much appreciated!
  • HardwaremasterHardwaremaster Senior Member In 3dsmax Los Angeles CaliforniaPosts: 6,391Registered Users, Tech Moderators
    edited August 2013
    Is there any chance that either in Rome 2, or in a future TW game, that the grass will be impacted/trampled down by Siege equipment? Such as in Rome 1? Or even better, by legions. That would be awesome!!
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  • killuakillua Senior Member Posts: 565Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    1.Is there a possibilty to get some of the CA guys faces on in-game characters ? I would love to have Will as the very elegant female Campaign advisor and Craig as the very macho and tactically cunning Military advisor. (Perhaps even Wills famed flying fish attack?)

    Btw, I have yet to see Craigs warfingers in action !

    Some other questions I come up with as I'm thinking:

    2.Was the siege of Salernum a representation of a minor settlement ? Is this the sort of battles we can expect when attacking a region that is not a province capital in the full-game ?

    3.One thing I remember very well was a quite extensive discussion about the army stances going on in the forums long before that had been a revealed feature and seeing them now implemented in the game has made me wonder...
    As new features are revealed I seem to recognize some of them from the early idea-crafting we had here on the forums some time ago. This might just be me trying to take credit for your game but what ideas exactly and how much inspiration have you taken from the forums ? If its not the case then you guys seem to have a really good sense of predicting what we want, if you really have done what I suspect I cannot express my pride and joy of having been involved in what most likely will be the GOAT of all strategy fans.

    4.Has there been any plans of renaming easy mode to Al Bickham mode ?:D

    5. Why have the controls in S2TW and (from what I've heard) Rome 2 Total War been changed to click+drag= run instead of walk ? A trivial change I know, just something that has been slightly irritating in S2TW battles. Can I (and others who I know find this irritating) hope for an option for this in Rome 2 ?

    6.Why does Rome 2 include a black-tranparent UI background instead of an extension of the marble seen at the very bottom ? Why have you chosen to go this way instead of the stylized UI's from previous TW games ?

    7. Will Rome 2's RPS factor be decreased in relation to S2TWs quite prominent use of RPS logic ? If so, how much in comparison to other TW games ?

    8.What led to the decision of making S2TW so fast-paced compared to the rest of the TW series ? I am aware you have slowed down Rome 2 to a degree but will the same decision that settled the speed for S2TW apply for Rome 2 ?
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  • Artyom_CatArtyom_Cat Senior Member Posts: 109Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Considering that in RTW generals were a very important unit in the battlefield, not bacause of their morale boost as it was the case in Shogun 2 and NTW, but due to its excellent stats my question is: How will AI generals behave in the battlefield? Will they be agressive or will they be prudent?

    Thank you very much.
  • MarussiaNMarussiaN Senior Member Posts: 239Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Does AI focuses only to take player out like previous TW games or did you fix it and make it more balanced ? It's the major thing I worry about the game,so I'll be glad to get an answer.
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  • DEADLY9996DEADLY9996 Senior Member Posts: 1,600Registered Users
    edited August 2013

    1: Will their be multi-monitor support?

    2: Will their be a Legendary difficulty?

    3: Will nations be anonymous until you meet them? (On previous titles, you could always tell they were still around, with the turn banner at the top of the screen (Shogun 2) )

    question 4 removed - not appropriate!
    Say what?
  • ignaciospain1ignaciospain1 Senior Member Posts: 139Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    What´s the biggest amount of troops you guys aim for in a battle with a high-end machine before it starts going slow?
  • totalromefantotalromefan Senior Member Posts: 526Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    will there be a barbarian invasion dlc again, just like in rome1?
    or maybe other new dlc campaigns ?
  • ignaciospain1ignaciospain1 Senior Member Posts: 139Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    I saw in the previews that mounted units are able to dismount (a general I think). Will this be possible for all cavalry? Will they mount again?... so my question is actually: could you explain us how that will work?
  • jamreal18jamreal18 Senior Member Posts: 7,639Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Is there a chance we can disembark cavalry/elephants from ships?
    -How about if I want to send my cataphracts/elephants to other side of the map via sea route? Sometimes, my army relies on my elephants and cavalry because they are my main units depends on the faction im playing. I want to use their mobility and roam in enemy shore upon disembarking.

    In case of rome and carthage, can we also declare war on another sub-faction or families? Or are they the only one who has the capability to do so?
    -Where do their armies might come from? I hope they have their own army to command to oust me with.

    How does phalanx react when legions penetrate through their spears?
    -Do they push them back with shield, kick them, stab with 2nd or 3rd rank of spear or just fight them with sword?

    We know that barbarians can form confederations, how does it work?
    - Will the player always be leader of confederation? Does evryone needs to pay tribute? Are members always required to follow the leader's objective?

    Do greek city states allowed to form a league just like barbarian's confederation?
    - Are members allowed to lead the league if youre not capable? Does forming a league has a certain mission for you and members need to achieve?

    Is there a possibility for routing units to return and fight back?
    -I didnt see units with routing banners that came back to fight?

    Are forests going to take cover for units inside when being shot by arrows?
    -You cant cause the same casualties in units placed in forest compared to open field because of trees...

    Is there a possibility wherein armies treat water as land?
    -Armies can easily cross water now like walking in land because there are automatic ships that will transport them instantly...

    Are line of sight icon(EYE) going to disappear when you already see the enemy marching towards your trap? It will affect the element of ambush. Disappering eyes can tell you that there are some enemies waiting in ambush.
    -Eyes disappear to inform that enemy already sees you.

    What are the different tactics in sinking enemy ships?
    -Some naval ships slightly ram the enemy ships (not breaking it in half) to tilt it sideways causing it to turn upside down

    How can you control reinforcement army?
    -Do you have to shift tabs to toggle between two armies or can you control two armies on the same time without shifting tabs?

    Will hidden archers going to reveal themselves when firing?
    -With the new line of sight system, units that cant be seen could not be seen, right?

    What is the difference between testudo and normal shield raising?
    - What is the advantage of using testudo compared to shield raising?

    Are cities also going to expand in real time battle like it expand in campaign map?
    - I hope they look identical to what we see in camapign map. If you see a river flow through inside cities in campaign map, will they also be the same in real time? I hope it also applies to structures like arena, palace, etc...

    Are we going to see different types of forts?
    - Do forts also varies like cities? Some forts should be larger than others especially if you have a big army. Forts should accomodate your whole army inside to provide extra defense and not forcing you to fight the enemy head on...
  • JeddahJeddah Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Will their be an arabic language. if not
    can you make it like free DLC
  • StrategeStratege Senior Member Posts: 647Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Will there be different seasons on the campaign map?

    And if yes: how will they work taking into consideration one turn is meant to be one year.
  • gGeorggGeorg Senior Member Posts: 301Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    1. Is there a friendly user interface in developing? (the UI looks like worst part of the game)

    2. Are you planing release a (LUA) API UI for moders?

    3. Does dual monitor work? (second one used for a overview map in battle for example)

    4. Is there give/exchange region option in diplomacy?

    5. We saw that unit could get bonuses when build. (better armor,...) Is it possible to re-train existing unit to get the bonus?
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  • Marcus Vipsanius AgrippaMarcus Vipsanius Agrippa Member Posts: 37Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Will companion cavalry be awesome?

    Will tech trees other than the Romans have a reforms to their military organizations like the marian reforms?
  • ignaciospain1ignaciospain1 Senior Member Posts: 139Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    All units of same "weapon" have the same animations? Or, for instance, levy spearman do not-so-cool things as a Spartan Hoplite?
  • Add1ctedAdd1cted Senior Member Posts: 532Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    1. Are the unit sizes that we've seen so far on ultra? If not, how big is ultra (or whatever the biggest size that you've included an option for in-game)?

    2. Would it be possible to implement an option for unit numbers on the cards at a later stage (after release?), possibly in the settings menu?

    3. How does the garrison system work?
  • totalwarfan78totalwarfan78 Junior Member Posts: 18Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Just one simple question...Will Carthage city be as grand on campain map as we seen it on demo last year?
  • Walter ChangWalter Chang Senior Member Posts: 1,575Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    What are the different cultures in the game?
    And what are the main effects?
    -does changing a province's culture affect which mercenaries are recruitable?
    -can you convert a province, then force rebellions that enable emergent factions of your culture in a new area?

    How do Confederations work?
    -how are they formed?
    -what do they enable you to do?
    -which factions can use them?
  • SolInvictusSolInvictus Senior Member Posts: 936Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    My questions:

    1) Will the Seleucids be released as a DLC faction later on after the game release?
    2) Do experienced units evolve in higer level unit? (meaning will a very experienced Legionary Cohor evolve to an Evocatii unit?)
    3) Will pre-Marian units automatically evolve to post-marian ones once the reform is unlocked or they will remain pre-marian?

    Thank you!
  • TzimakosGRTzimakosGR Member Posts: 97Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Is there going to be an option in diplomacy to form a confederation ( or a League ) between the Greeks ? Like the option that the barbarian tribes have?

    P.S. Will you show us some phalanx warfare footage? I think it's the most wanted info right now :)
  • Pr4vdaPr4vda Senior Member Posts: 691Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    Wow, CA really take care of it's fan base, that's awesome :)

    My questions :

    - How work the sea regions ?
    - Will you be able to "free people" (like the Samnites) ?
    - Will we have "special units" like in Rome 1 ?(Druids, berserkers, head slingers, flaming pigs come in my mind, they were really funny even if some may not have existed).
    - What are CA plans for DLC's ? mini-campaigns ?
    - What are CA plans for the next TW game ? What about Warhammer ?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • SgtVincenzoSgtVincenzo Junior Member Posts: 13Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    1.The Co op Campaign I sore that there still is the 3 Roman family's,could I choose 1 of the family's and my brother can go the other Roman family?. Or just one person plays as Rome and the other chooses another faction?

    2.With the weather on the campaign like say "Napoleon Total War" were u had your army in the snow and they would die of the cold.Would we see troops dying in the snow in battles,Or die in the desert from the heat?.

    3. How much unit can we have in 1 ship?,Also if I put Archers in the ship will they shoot at the enemy troops in the other ship?.

    4. Is there going to be a realistic Blood DLC?

    5.In a battle would a unit knock an enemy units sword/spear/shield out of there hand?

    6.With the fleet when I send my army to siege a castle and I start on my fleet, Can I land my fleet anywhere on the battle.I know you can land on the beach but could you land at port? or something like that.

    7.Chariots,Cavalry and Elephants if you send them into battle Lets say: You have 1 unit engadged with 1 enemy Unit and you send say cavalry when they run throw your men to get to the enemy, Will they kill your own men too?

    8.If a building or grass get hit with a fire ball will it burn?

    Thanks Vincenzo :)
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