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The Memphis Legion

JOZIJOZI Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4
edited September 2013 in Total War Eras Multiplayer
WHOOO WE ARE THE PRIDE OF...well..where ever you're from. We accept all those who apply at he Memphis Legion. However the players we have now all live in the State of Tennessee! Our state bears the name of the Egyptian city of Memphis proudly. Therefor we (and the city) try to stay as Egyptian orientated as possible, except of course for the Tennessee flag. I'm sorry its just so.......red.

And so if you'd like to join please post your steam name or page so I can send u an invite.
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  • JOZIJOZI Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4
    edited August 2013
    This is from the Steam Page. Something I didn't mention is that I do have a YouTube gaming channel as well. So, members with decent replays or who want to send in their own live footage commentary can do so. I have a small following but if the clan grows big enough and enough people subscribe we can having things like "replay of the week" or "match of the month" that could be posted on youtube. I would do the editing at first but if someone edits it themselves or someone is willing to spend their own time editing that would be great as well.
  • GiraffeRexGiraffeRex Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 8
    edited September 2013
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EWWYjiiynnk Sparta vs Iceni...death match...best barbs vs best hoplites who will win?
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