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Clan Recruitment Forum Guidelines

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Welcome to the spanking, brand-new Clan Recruitment Subforum!

This is where we set up and manage our clan recruitment and organize and talk about tournaments and other neat and creative Clan opportunities for Total War: Rome II!

I am very excited to see what is possible and where the road takes us for this blockbuster title, and what comes after!

While we're about it, please be respectful of one another, one another's groups, and avoid accusational, sensational and negative comments that stem from subjective and judgemental sources. In practice on the internet, this means you will refrain from critical remarks, calling out, or otherwise making disruptive posts in recruitment threads.

Outing, or 'naming and shaming' are not allowed nor is the promotion of this practice, linking or suggesting where to find such practices, or suggesting and linking any petitions so to do. All of the standard Forum rules apply equally here as elsewhere, so, see that you have read them before you proceed! :)

Please do not 'BUMP' threads for any reason. Meaningless comments, or 'first post updated' are not reasons to bump the thread, and will be removed. Repeated violators will be removed, and the thread closed if subject to throwaway account bumping.

Individual commentaries tend to litter-up the board and drive down recruitment threads, so will not be allowed. These are also prone to being sophomoric and have to me mostly appeared less than helpful. This section is if you have a tournament, or a clan to recruit FOR, while presently we are allowing players 'seeking a clan' to post their interest, that remains under advisement. Any other topics will be reviewed. VALUABLE subjects for clans to discuss amongst one another i will be happy to sticky if there is a good enough case for it.

I am a VERY big supporter of Multiplayer for the TW series and any related titles. I will do anything within my meager ability to help you make this forum and clans taking part in it, more interesting and successful. My door is open to suggestions so long as they are:
1)Fair to all and do not advantage any subset of clans;
2)Do not break the Terms of Service for this forum or the overarching Sega forum rules and limitations.
3)In good taste.

Have fun,

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