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  • uizueite@gmail.comuizueite@gmail.com Member Posts: 32Registered Users
    edited April 2011
    I would like got give an idea to stop the rage quit or at least bring some fairness to the system.

    If someone leaves the midle of fight theres a pannel shows up to the last standing guy (usualy informing that host left or something like that), well... there should be an option in that pannel to flag that quitter as Disounorable coward. Then that trait should be only applied manualy by players only trought that method.

    To get rid of the new trait then dcers or rage quiters should have to play an entire new game but for players with this trait an option in the pre-match menu shloud allow any one to leave currrent matchmade, but only if one of the player is flagged as disounorable coward. Preferably match made system should get ppl with the trait against eatch other so they have better chances in getting accepted in the pre-match.

    You may think how about ppl that really have connection issues?
    If someone have connection probs then they should inform the opponents before match starts. Its up to the last man standing to judge if that was reall and unfortunate drop or caused by something else.

    Sorry for bad english.
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  • BorekBorek Junior Member Posts: 28Registered Users
    edited April 2011
    If I had ever have connection probs I realiset it when it drop me from the midle of battle. For me it is not commont to have it... it is like instant prob ... whithout any warnning :( .. Sadly only one time it happend to me when I was in battle and badly lossing it.. than cras... I was really upsed because for the oder guy - it must seems that I had quit. But still it is not common if it hapend to me the probability is: 1/400 maybe.. still it can happend to everybody...

    uizueite@gmail.com : yea you have the point ... but still it should be comparing to how many time you quit and how many time you not + how many battle you win or losse... It should not effect yours stats if it is rare... It would be shame if you have one time connection problem - game cras and than you are for comunity the alt+f4 coward... mainly I would be for something like that you have in stats how many time you have so called connection problems... if you have a lot - like 70cras from 150battles... that so called player should have huge mark so everybody could see it - mainly in bettle setup.. every were
  • uizueite@gmail.comuizueite@gmail.com Member Posts: 32Registered Users
    edited April 2011
    Borek problem is that good players dont lose so often, meaning their not so often rage quit would apear to be a random connection problem.

    I belive that something should be done to please the ppl that take head to head gamming (they praise ALOT stats and Records), im just sad that a Shogun 2 has still these kind of issues in multiplayer cause the hole new ideas introduced are really awsome but they aint working :( . Please fix them as fast as you can!

    And i think that a roster limit of 30-40 players for ingame clans should be introduced. Imagine that a steam group has 2k ppl they dont necessary all play shogun 2 in an active way, so the clan leader should be elected in game and he could have the ability to kick and recruit at any time according to players performance in-game, also in game chat is awfull and the interaction with it as well, i must say that WoW has the best example how a chat should work.

    Keep it going C.A. im married with you guys for the worst or the best!
    Make Love not Poorn!
  • ZverinaZverina Senior Member Posts: 317Registered Users
    edited May 2011
    Hey, you're from Prague? My entire family is from there. :)

    Anyways, if what you're saying is you cannot find a battle on the list, then it has to do with local connections I think. You're probably not close enough to anyone hosting a game.
  • Dtothe3Dtothe3 Junior Member Posts: 10Registered Users
    edited June 2011
    Just wanted to say I love the look of the multiplayer map, regardless of ability the conquest map gives a nice little kick to the usual boring approach to Multiplayer.

    I've not played games like this online before, so I found a friend who was also **** (alas not as **** as me). After he went this morning I gave him my solemn promise that I wouldn't advance my infantry or unlock units to give myself an advantage. As soon as he was offline I promptly battled (and won??!!) and unlocked Matchlock Ashigaru. Can't wait to hear his reaction as they open fire from the treeline XD

    So to round up, fantastic game, fantastic MP, can you please please please unlock the Hattori clan as downloadable content. I'd quite happily pay for them, just I don't want to buy a new copy...

    Seriously you can't use a word that means poor? Shameful Display!
  • RoyeneRoyene Senior Member Posts: 526Registered Users
    edited September 2011
    Get more lap top and human resources then
    辛苦遭逢起一經,干戈寥落四周星( It has been a long way together, and wars are being everywhere)。
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  • vulpusrexvulpusrex Member Posts: 53Registered Users
    edited October 2011
    I must say i love the new samurai siege maps, i went into one thinking this is gonna be rough i dont have many men and when i got it the "walls" were only waist high and my men could jump them lol it was awesome.
  • Rip 187Rip 187 Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited December 2011
    To what extent developers Shogun 2 would scoff at TW player!? Not only do you upload imbalance updates, but can not eliminate the elementary bugs game! Amid all of this nightmare, incorrectly working satellites and impossibility re-upgraid their unique unit, it seems a trifle. But why, after repeated appeals to you on chiating applied in game you so also haven't made anything, it is absolutely not clear! You have changed rules of counting of points on a global map, but that we see!? Dishonest groups continue the dirty activity on the provinces a recruitment of points taking! Really to you so to spit on us so that you can not resolve the ongoing idiocy. It is necessary to make simply so that if connection "is broken off" or the player leaves on what or the reason with the help drop-hacking to anybody from players it was not enlisted points?? It is impossible to continue to watch how the players for the sake of the gold status or easy points on a global map, constantly "throw out" contenders receiving for it victories!!
  • EserayoEserayo Junior Member Posts: 11Registered Users
    edited July 2012
    i have not played original shogun 2 in a long time because you know, im colombian and for us purchasing games is really hard so one stepfather buyied it in usa and well i liked it and i enjoyied it alot i was kinda adicted but when the unit dlc's started to came i stoped playing, when the dlc's came i played in multy against other guys who had it and the balance was just ruined, some of those units couldnt be countered and so i got bored of being matched with those stupid units so i quit playing they where to OP=over powered, so i gotta question, have they been nerfed? or they are still too op like CA wants money so they release a dlc and if you want to keep playing and actually enjoying you gotta buy them or you cant even win anymore so have they been nerfed already? or i still cant play.. plis answer me
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