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Empire vs Napoleon

vitaliovitalio Senior MemberPosts: 197Registered Users
edited September 2015 in Empire: Total War
I`d like to ask You which game do You like more- ETW or NTW (only for those who plays both these games).

I think I am not need You to tell what`s better in ETW (graphics, "more world", more aviable and not factions, more time (18th century), and so on) and what is better in NTW (all the year, realism of graphics, AI, developed multiplayer, diplomacy, non-combat losses and so on). What conserns sounds in strategy map I love both of them, what conserns NTW I love music which is not from my favourite style- classical but... ETW sounds are more pleasant for me... simple and good. As I compare only 2 games I`ve decided to don`t post it into General chat. And even including NTW`s innovations ETW is more pleasant for me, I love it more (but I didn`t say that`s I don`t love NTW - I like it very much too!) I posted it ETW forum. So, I love more ETW.

Now what`s about You???
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  • Dionysius the MightyDionysius the Mighty Senior Member Posts: 3,194Registered Users
    edited August 2013
    I found NTW to be technically better, but ETW held my attention longer, simply through the campaign variety, and there being less of a sense of urgency to conquer everything as quickly as you can.

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  • Mountain ManMountain Man Senior Member Posts: 156Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    I agree that ETW is the more interesting game. And I don't mean NTW isn't interesting. What I like most about ETW is that control of the seas is up for grabs. What I like most about NTW is the ability to deploy your forces for battle second if you have a general with more stars. I like ETW's music better because I own a guitar but don't own a piano. But I still like NTW's music a lot.
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  • bills6693bills6693 Member Posts: 88Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    I too prefer ETW. The sheer scale and awesomeness of the campaign with so much more to do. I can fight Indians, native americans, europeans or colonists from europe overseas. Could go to war in the med, in russia, in the carribean, wherever I want.

    Also the much larger and more interesting and meaningful tech tree. And having your units simply replenish in 2 turns rather than wait for 8 turns and move them to a region with better replenishment facilities.

    To me, the campaign is the heart of the TW series, and ETW's is just better in my opinion.

    In NTW's favour, my favourite part was the historical battles, which actually had some really good ones!
  • Person012345Person012345 Senior Member Posts: 625Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    ETW. Nappy's battles just aren't all that interesting to me, the lack of fire by rank makes spreading your units out to max length pretty much the universally best tactic (you get higher weight of fire + more front width, making it far easier to encircle the enemy). The AI doesn't understand this and as long as you do it you will almost always destroy them even with an inferior force, not to mention it makes the battles look silly. Then you have the campaign being much smaller in scope and quite directed so there's less opportunity for your own stories to emerge. I think Empire was the better game with regards to things like gameplay, but it had really crippling bugs, issues with the AI that were exceptional even for a TW game (because it wasn't all about charging into the enemy, although the AI had a period where it thought it was, so it requires more thinking with regards to positioning and such). Although they fixed up a lot of the crashes, there are still numerous issues with the game. Nappy was definitely better on that front. But all in all I preferred empire.
  • King_TomislavKing_Tomislav Senior Member Posts: 235Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    I spent 735 hours playing Empire TW, while 161 playing Napoleon. Empire is the best TW game built so far (im not counting Rome 2, cause the game is broken and unfinished). What i would love (it wont happen, but it is nice to dream), it would be great to have Empire TW game with Shogun 2 AI, diplomacy and graphic's. That would be the best game ever
  • ErikkErikk Junior Member Posts: 6Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    I agree with King_Tomislav, I played more ETW than NTW. But yes NTW is technically better. But ETW has a better gameplay. So I hope also that there will come an new Empire Total war with better things!
  • vitaliovitalio Senior Member Posts: 197Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    Yeah... ETW could be better with drop-in, multiplayer campaign, NTW diplomacy abilities, non-combat loses and sabotaging army. What I dislike the most in first TW games is weak AI.
    "The result of the war is less predictable than anywhere else" - Livy
    "I'm more afraid of my mistakes than the wiles of the enemy" - Pericles
    "Who forged the first blade? Rugged steel was his soul "- Tribull
    Brave may fall, but not retreat
  • ssk1777ssk1777 Junior Member Posts: 4Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    I would say Empire because i enjoyed the campaign alot more. You have more control over your empire.
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  • WarwiseWarwise Member Posts: 87Registered Users
    edited October 2013
    Isnt there a mod to play the Empire Total War map on the Napoleon Engine?

    That would be great. Napoleon gameplay seems better, but I like the scope of Empire, and also the fact that the nations doesnt start as powerfull.
  • longcyber1longcyber1 Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited September 2015
    I have played both games extensively:
    I have conquered the entire British Empire as the United States (In Darthmod), set up a big French colonial empire, and more. I have conquered the entire world in Napoleon Total War as France and Britain. Because I have played both games, I believe that Empire Total War is better.
    Grapically, they are both pretty good. The gameplay is pretty nice. What really sets it apart is the feeling. In Empire Total War, there's classical music in the background while you manage your worldwide empire. The brightness is bright, and there's a lot of countries to keep you company. It feels good. In Napoleon Total War, there's sort of a gloomy feel to it. There's only Europe, music in the background isn't lively, and you get the feeling of the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. It's fun to play, but it's sort of dark and gloomy. That's what sets the two games apart.
  • GoslingGosling Senior Member Posts: 1,870Registered Users
    edited September 2015
    I always preferred the concise nature of NTW over ETW. Also, I've never noticed the "gloomy" atmosphere that you speak of in Napoleon.

    Anyway, this is necropesting so I assume that this thread will be closed soon.
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  • BMNOBLE981BMNOBLE981 Senior Member Posts: 1,033Registered Users
    edited September 2015
    I have always preferred Empire over Napoleon mainly just for the scale of the game, nothing like building an empire spanning large amounts of the world. That said I prefer the graphics especially the uniforms in Napoleon to those of Empire.

    For me the biggest let down of Napoleon, was the lack of scale in the final campaign map. For a what if scenario it felt lacking, I wanted to conquer Europe sure, but I also wanted to go on and conquer North Africa, the Ottoman Empire, Lead an Invasion of America, India etc... I know that's not what happened but Napoleon never planned to stop at Europe and neither did I.
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  • Homer the XVIIHomer the XVII Senior Member Posts: 257Registered Users
    I prefer Empire due to the campaign scale, but it would be pretty awesome if around 1800 the uniforms would start to look Napoleonic.
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