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Empire on Windows 8

krishemphillkrishemphill Junior MemberPosts: 1Registered Users
edited December 2013 in Total War Eras Support Forum
I'm upgrading my computer soon and the best I've found for a decent price uses windows 8. All the info I found on empire's system requirements only said it works on windows 7 at the latest.
Is it able to run on windows 8?
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  • DarKDarK Tech Moderator Posts: 639Tech Moderators
    edited August 2013
    I don't see why not, both Windows 7 and 8 are both essentially architecturally identical. And it's had long enough for drivers to balance themselves out in to a stable manner.

    You might want to make sure the CPU and GPU in the system is going to be enough for your needs now and in the future though.
  • frigginjoefrigginjoe Senior Member Posts: 334Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    Runs quite well on my second PC using Windows 8.
    i5 2500K @ 4.5ghz | nVidia GTX 770 OC 4gb
    FX-8320 @ 3.5ghz | Radeon HD 7870 2gb
    http://www.pocketpiglets.com/private/custominf.html (in case it helps)
  • Henning61Henning61 Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited October 2013
    I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and should of course have known better. Graphics in TWE got all distorted, pinkish in colour and like watching a 3d-movie without 3d-glasses. Now I can't play.

    Graphis card is GeForce GTX650 Ti Boost.

    How shall I deal with this?

    Was adviced to upgrade with GeForce 331.40 beta driver, but hesitates. Suggestion anyone? All help appreciated.

  • badger_warriorbadger_warrior Junior Member Posts: 1Registered Users
    edited December 2013
    Henning61, I had the same issue with the stereo being on by default. I did this: Go to the Nvidia Control panel and look for the stereoscopic 3D tab. Just disable the stereo which has been set to be on by default, I guess as part of the 8.1 upgrade? Try that and see if it remedies the situation.
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