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Celtic Alliance Clan

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With members going back to the first Toal War game Shogun 1 and experience in other TW clans the Celtic Alliance was founded on MTW2 back in 2007. The Clan focuses on recruiting mature players who simply want to have a good time gaming. Members are not expected to be the best, we all started new at somepoint but are required to work as a team. The clan has no problems helping new members and are willing to teach new techniques to help improve their skill level. We provide a forum, a teamspeak voice server, sometimes game servers and a multi national clan that likes to win but isnt to serious, teamwork, enjoying the game is more important.

The Clan is run by three generals. The generals are responsible for the everyday runing of the clan and vote on all clan matters while consulting with all clan members when needed to get a broad range of feedback making sure they are working in the clans best interests. The Celtic Alliance continues to recruit new members and we invite you to come game with us anytime, come improve your gaming experience ;) All TW clans are also welcome to setup a embassy on our site anytime. Good Luck
Celtic Alliance Clan

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