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Post-launch support plans and even more free content for Total War: ROME II!

CraigTWCraigTW Lead Community Manager, The Creative AssemblyDat Horsham doePosts: 1,144Registered Users
edited November 2013 in Total War: ROME II
Hi guys,

Today we’re announcing our post-launch support plans for Total War: ROME II, and the good news for you is that it involves free stuff, as well as a wide array of high-quality paid-for DLC content with additional bonus features.

Alongside paid-for DLC, we’re planning to support players with regular free content and feature updates.

James Russell, Lead Designer on Total War: ROME II, said, “As with SHOGUN 2, we will continually improve the game’s compatibility, optimisation and integral features such as AI and gameplay balancing post-release, and plan to add to that with new control schemes and additional free formats on other operating systems,”

“We are also very proud of how SHOGUN 2 is our most moddable Total War to date with over 500 user-made mods on Steam Workshop alone. We hope to support ROME II in a similar fashion.”

While the Greek States Culture Pack DLC and free Pontus playable faction update will arrive day one; by October, you’ll also be able to add the Seleucid Empire to your playable faction roster for free and the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack featuring the Royal Scythians, Roxolani and Massagetae as paid-DLC.

That’s a whole faction! For free! On top of Pontus!

Have a great weekend,

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