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Guide to the Guides (Total War: Rome II)

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This is the TW:R2 edition of the "Guide to the Guides." There will most likely be some overlap with Total War Center and other sources of guides, but I hope to keep things as organized as possible.

General Guides:

How to Play Total War - A Beginners Guide

Official Rome 2 FAQ Thread

Guides for New Players [Videos]

Online Encyclopaedia Access

General Campaign Guides:

Total War: Rome II - Beginner's Guide by Dark Side
(^Work in Progress, though past efforts have been excellent)

Skye's Video Library [Videos]

SusaVile's Rome 2 Building Planner, all factions
(^A handy little tool)

Slaists Guide to RTW 2 Politics

Roman General Guide

Taking over [settlements]: A short guide

Vampiresbane's Guide to Food, Growth, and Happiness for Rome 2

Wealthyempire's Diplomacy Guide

Faction-Specific Campaign Guides:

Roman Auxiliaries Guide

FOR SPARTA! Legendary Campaign Guide

Suebi Guides and Strategies

Axemen! Boii guide for all Axe-friends and ambush-setters
-(Requires Caesar in Gaul)

Battle Guides:

Guide to playing as the Suebi online [Video] ________________________________________

Misc. Guides:

Latin Army Names Guide
(^A real community effort)

Look to the links directly below if you can't find a relevant guide in this thread:

Total War Wiki

TWC Strategies and Tactics Forum

Please post here with links to any useful guides you come across or create. Historically, the GttG has been a great resource for the community, and I hope to repeat that success with TW:R2.

A note: I myself am sadly separated from a gaming computer for most of this year (*cries a small tear of sadness*), and so will rely entirely upon the community for even the most basic information on what does and does not work in this new game. Your pity, in the form of guides and helpful advice for all, would be appreciated. :)
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