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is it worth buying on the day of release



  • RenderRender Banned Banned Users Posts: 3
    edited March 2011
    Since Empire i generally dont buy games on release day and expecially dont pre-order anymore (exceptions like Dead Space 2...i know they deliver quality at day 1)

    I did pre-order many games before with all the advertised 'special content' which turns out to be complete rubbish, except Guild Wars pre-order...those items are actually STILL useful.
    Compared to my pre-order deal i had with empire....well...we all know where that ended...everyone got that in the end and same will happen to your special-shogun-limited-hoax.

    Wait half a year, then the game will be solidly tested by those beta----erm....pre order and release day players.
    Additionally the game will be on sale and if you wait a bit more...youll get the gold, deluxe, premium or whatever name they call it
    (i call it FINAL) and for ~20% of the release day price, INCLUDING all DLC and extra-content (bye bye 'limited'...hello money=)

    I've read some reviews of Shogun2 today....same procedure: uuh looks nice, stunning, superb but....well there are still some problems with AI and siege-battles like : a), b), c), d).....

    And this is just about battle AI...they didnt even mention CAI...i remember that magnificent map in Empire, completely ignored by naval invasion AI which never existed until ~8 months after release.
    So i dont expect much from Shogun2 in this matter, except that it will surely look beautiful and the music will blow again, cause good old Jeff van Dyck is back (Empire music was soulless) and hopefully his wife singing a credit song again.

    But did anyone bother to take a look on the jobs page of CA? They are seriously looking for a 'Campaign AI Programmer'.

    And the mods here are still doing a fine job digging slightest criticism to this very 'off-topic' section...if not deleting completly.

    So i dont see much has changed in any matter ;)

    Well...have fun testing :)
  • vaptinvaptin Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 752
    edited March 2011
    I see you've not played Napoleon total war, might be better to consider the most recent release. And I can't think of any game that has a constant price for all time, of course their going to change how much stuff costs after a while.
  • SystemSystem Posts: 7,117
    edited March 2011
    @OP, yes buy it mate ignore the nay sayers because the truth is we've never had it so good.

    Closed because some posters just won't be happy until they derail this thread for their own ends.
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