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The official constructive criticism thread



  • StodgetoStodgeto Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 10
    edited September 2013
    Performance on mid range machines, not everyone has two 700s in SLI

    Ai needs major patching

    Animations, Battle Speed, Remove Battlefield Flag, Speed up the turn speed 5-10 mins waiting for a turn it is unacceptable, Heroes III has faster turn times and that game came out 20 years ago
  • CaesarIICaesarII Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 171
    edited September 2013
    1. Campaign AI:
      • Have the campaign AI focus on building large stack armies.
      • Have smaller stack armies use the raid stance in your territory rather than sieging against garrisons it can't beat. Barbarian factions especially.
    2. Fix ship battles:
      • Have it so only war ships can ram and it's an ability with a cooldown.
    3. Add more to the political feature:
      • Have it so you as the player can declare your general king or emporer at any point in the game and face a civil war. This way with a big enough army you can start an empire as was the way back then. The family tree then comes into play once you have a king or emporer. The political houses still exist and if the king and heirs are killed either by assassination or otherwise then the process starts again.
  • electrum lionelectrum lion Member Registered Users Posts: 36
    edited September 2013
    The most important issues:

    01- Battles are blobs (I want to see formations)
    02- standing pila throw missing (bring back fire at will on pila-equipped soldiers)
    03- battles are over too swiftly
    04- transport ships are overpowered
    05- Remove the special abilities (They are tedious. Just something you need to remember to spam whenever it refreshes)
    06- Get rid of capture the flag on non-siege battles.
    07- A Forced charging mechanic (this is not helping the formations)
    08- Again: Units do not maintain formation

    The less important issues:

    08- would like to see seasons (At least a winter/summer cycle)
    09- The help manual could be better, more extensive.
    10- performance / technical/ battlefield AI issues (I know this will be fixed)
    11- I can't bond with the characters (they feel generic/ lifeless)
    11- The campaign AI are almost completely unaggressive (I know this will be fixed)
    12- I want to see a full screen city management and full screen tech research with visible trees.
    13- Rebalance units, especially the Romans. (They get too high stats for too low a price.)
    14- Agents can train your army to quickly. (all my armies have 3 gold experience?)
    15- The waiting times during turns.
    16- add a Family tree (and remove or change the boring and uninteresting politics system)
    17- Generals and Agents life span. (don't know if they can fix this with 1 turn a year.)
    18- The portraits are ugly/ bad compared to Shogun 2 art. (They also look generic/ lifeless)
    19- The co -op campagin is a bit broken
    20- Make all troops auto walk and not run.
    21- remove flaming javalins and flaming horse archers
    22- Speed of heavy infantry men is too fast
    23- Please re-balance garrison forces. Garrison forces are too weak.
    10- Make the game harder, more challenging (The present game is too easy on legendary)
    11- add loose formation (why was it removed?)
    12- more field battles and less battles in villages with capture the flag.
    13- more video clips ingame
    14- Less enemy stack armies that are small and weak
  • willy1willy1 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 635
    edited September 2013
    AI siege land troops invading through ships bug!!! CA please read!

    Newly (for me ) bug:
    I was defending my city against land armies on transport ships. They landed the vast majority of their army outside of the city and they moved a stem every five seconds. After some minutes they were almost where they were initially landed. Their only reaction was when The got Merle combat with my troops. After that however, they did again the same strange thing.
  • WoollymammothWoollymammoth Banned Banned Users Posts: 206
    edited September 2013
    Is it possible to consolidate efforts?

    E.g. this thread is already working on making an inventory (saw some others pass by in the forum as well):

    Where, I believe this thread exists longer (or started around the same time?) I have no set preference for which thread.

    This instead of loose threads, that sink to the bottom, or losing oversight. Save people the bother of typing and reading the same thing over and over again (CA as well). Let's at least point people to a single thread for example where they can add their points.

    Let's get a sticky or something, as in:

    - Merge the different lists on this forum so that there is one of these.
    - Seperate bugs from feature requests.
    - Have a list in the opening post with all the things listed.
    - Make it a sticky
    - Get CA involved with a thread such as this.
    - No bikeshedding & ranting in the thread.

    People who want to help get this thing organized feel free to jump in, and work together please.
  • redhairdaveredhairdave Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 17
    edited September 2013
    CRITICAL: the length and difficulty of battles needs to be fixed, it cant be stressed enough, all other problems are just minor compared to this. on hardest difficulty, i dont lose ever. battles are over in 3-4 minutes 5 if there are 4 full stack armies per side. no formations last past the first right click. its just "special". this game was obviously never tested, and us morons who bought it paid for the privilege to beta test your mess. we are telling you its not a total war game, its just a mess. if the modding community fixes it before the company i paid, that will likely be the last time i pay that company for anything.

    all the rest of the problems are forgivable. this whole game is about what happens when you click the battle button. right now, its just not fun or challenging, i dont feel any sense of acomplishment when i out kill the enemy 20-1. its just normal.
  • MacklesMackles Senior Member UKRegistered Users Posts: 5,465
    edited September 2013
    1) Rework the victory point system - here's my detailed alternative: http://forums.totalwar.com/showthread.php/89244-How-to-fix-quot-Victory-Points-quot

    2) Remove burning gates with torches

    3) Implement a more engaging and informative political system, one that doesn't leave players feeling confused and apathetic towards it.
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  • SgtSmoothySgtSmoothy Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 25
    edited September 2013
    1. Battles
    -Make em' last longer.
    -Longer recharge time for abilities.
    -Lessen the attrition suffered by besieging armies, would make sieging actually worth it.
    -Remove capture points.
  • Shadow StealerShadow Stealer Member Registered Users Posts: 53
    edited September 2013
    AI- Needs to be fixed all across the board. I'd also like to see armies and navy unrestricted. As this prevents me from having dedicated skirmish forces and raiding teams. The AI does no better from it either. I'd love to see those horrible victory points gone from the open battles too. Balancing needs to be addressed too for the battles. Naval combat fixed would be lovely too. I'd like to see a family tree too and agent animations so I actually feel attached to my characters. I also dislike yearly turns. I'd like seasons to return. Also end turns take too long, so please find a way to fix that. The UI needs a resize feature too as it appears far too large in my screen.

    There are probably many other things that I can't think of right now. Overall though I'd just like a game that works not a broken game that it is now. I honestly feel cheated (my fault, I idiotically pre-ordered)
  • StariusStarius Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 9
    edited September 2013
    It seems to be as I've been spared for most of the bugs I've seen of the Internetz. I think this game is quiet funny. Beneath all these bugs there is a great game. Playing as the Romans, I've actually been fighting not the smartest, but quiet aggressive Barbarians.

    1. Lag.
    2. Rebels. Geez, this is almost worse than in Rome 1. Advanced cities living in peace undergoing development with a normal tax rate and with a surplus of food are constantly rebelling! "Heck no, I don't want those new sewers, traders, forums, or anything. Let's go revolt and harass the city until they've killed every single one of us!" And their fighting animations, when auto-resolving, can't be speeded up.
    3 - AI intelligence, like all going for the one road on battlefield or only attacking the only city with an army in it.

    I've seen the dog handlers without dogs when they start on a ship and boats trying to place themselves but are just spinning around.

    Add family tree.
  • LeonrockLeonrock Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 19
    edited September 2013
    Hi CA team,

    I have spent many hours of my free-time to test this Patch 2 Beta, expecially playing with Iceni, Rome, Arverni, Carthago, Macedon, so these are the results of my analysis, plus some suggestions. I ask you to read it and to take it in consideration.


    - Time for AI factions turn has been considerably reduced (20-30 seconds), but just for the first part of campaign.
    - Units speed in real-time battles seems to work better (it's slower)

    Major Problems still to fix:

    - AI on strategic map: is still almost passive and unaggressive. Unfortunately, if you don't fix that, the game will be never a game. I explain the problem in detail:
    sometimes AI seems to be improved, but just a few times, and it offers no challenge at all. I made a simple test: I start a new campaign and I did almost "nothing", remaining in my city without growing armies, without preparing the defenses, just clicking on "next turn button", for more than 30 turns... and at turn 31 I was still in game without fearing game-over.
    AI declares war to the player almost never (1-2 times in more than 50 turns...) and, even when it declares war, it's just incapable to use strategy and sometimes remains paralyzed for many turns. It doesn't build strong armies, most of the times it doesn't use specialized units, it doesn't hide in forest or use different armies in combination, it never tries to cheat the player in any way.
    AI also made no-sense decisions: sometimes it arrives with strong armies near your city but, absurdly, it retreats on strategic map just before to attack. Diplomacy is very bad if compared with Shogun 2. Hostile factions are not aggressive, friendly factions are not friendly: they seems all equal.
    Another great problem is that other factions expand too slowly: in about 8-10 turns a player can conquer 4-5 territories or something like that (at Hard or Very Hard.. which is hard to believe), while every AI faction has less than 3 territories in about 15-20 turns. So, no strong enemies at all, nothing to fear. You can grow strong, AI remains weak and with too few territories.
    AI doesn't expand, doesn't come out with any "unexpected surprise", it's not a menace at all. It's like AI is sleeping for almost all the time, like it is waiting to be destroyed by the player's forces.

    - AI in real-time battles seems to have been a little bit improved, but still it doesn't use strategy. When AI attacks player's cities sometimes it seems to start well, but then strange things happen. For example, a part of AI army attacks while another part (often the reinforcements) just stay away from the battlefield and they move just after that you have destroyed the first part. They initially move against the player but suddenly they run away or stop the attack.
    Many times AI units seem to move "randomly", and sometimes enemy generals go in battle as suicides instead of remain protected behind other units.
    Besides, also the "morale" is a big problem: if player attacks AI with an army about 50% bigger (not too much..) AI units run away after the first clash, and when AI attacks with forces about 50% bigger than player's forces, it happens the same. All units have fear, also the experienced ones - and at least the experienced units, or the ones with strong traditions, should not have fear at this level, even if enemy forces are two times bigger... I think that this is a relatively simple problem to fix.

    Minor Problems still to fix\Gameplay issues:

    - Victory points: it's totally irrational that conquering victory points you can achieve victory, and I think that this is a further problem for AI, which has already many other problems to fix. Otherwise I understand why you have decided to put this feature in the game.
    So I have a simple suggestion: why don't you make victory points useful just for gaining tactical and morale bonuses on battlefield? You can associate conquer of victory points just to "temporary bonus" and not to "victory\defeat".

    - Fleet: they're almost useless, because armies can travel by sea without problems. You should change that, find an intelligent solution or, at least, remove difference between sea and earth generals, because actually it has no sense. Agents have similar problems: they do more or less the same things. No creativity.

    - General and agents: they're clones and they live not enough because 1turn = 1year. The combination of these things is very frustrating, because the player loses his enthusiasm in game-world. That's why most of us regret family-tree, I think: that feature has not been replaced by something equally interesting. Army traditions are a very good idea but, with all these clone-generals and clone-agents that last just few turns, it's not enough.
    I have a simple suggestion about it: why don't you give the player the possibility to change a general\agent name? In this way, at least the player will have the possibility to customize some aspects of his characters. I think that another good compromise can be to make turns last 6 months instead of 1 year. There's no need to implement change of season, it will be sufficient to adjust the probabilities about weather conditions: for example, in autumn\winter turn, rain, fog and maybe snow have more chance to happen, while in spring\summer turn sunny and hot weather have more chance to happen. This can be a simple fix to do, consisting just in the change of some numbers, and I think that it can have many useful consequences.
    I mean, actually it takes more than 3-4 years to travel around England by ships or by feet: that's totally unhistorical and absurd.

    - Traits: sometimes character traits seems to be given randomly. This is obvously normal when you hire a new general or agent, but it has no sense during campaign. For example, sometimes a general gain a Bad Character Trait but he has done nothing to gain it. Instead, a general should gain some positive trait after he has done something great, but this doesn't happen. However, this seems to work better for agents.

    - Possibility to merge wounded units: After a battle, often you have wounded units. In Shogun2 you were able to merge 2 units of the same type when they were incomplete (1 Ashigaru unit with 55/150 + 1 Ashigaru unit with 65/150 became 1 Ashigaru unit with 120/150). Why can't we do the same in Rome 2? It's perfectly logical. And I think this is a very simple thing to fix.

    So, this is my feedback and I spent many hours on this Patch 2 BETA to make a list of all major problems. I would ask CA to read it and to work on Patch 2 and 3 in order to solve these problems and make Rome 2 the great game we all are still waiting for. I know that many of us have faith in you.
    However, I think that most of us would to know the issues on which you're working. What are your fix priorities? Are you taking in consideration all our detailed feedbacks to change things in upcoming Patch 2 Official? When this game will become, realistically, playable? TWR2 was released on 3rd September, 2 weeks have just passed, I think that you can give us an answer for these 3 questions.

    Thanks in advance
  • suShi4UsuShi4U Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 155
    edited September 2013
    mechagran wrote: »

    As it says on the tin, this is the CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM THREAD.

    Please add to this thread with your ideas of how to improve the game so that we can all enjoy it.

    Please do so constructively and add your suggestions for improvement.

    For the avoidance of doubt, this does not include the already exhausted optimisation issues as there are
    a) myriad threads on this topic
    b) a lot of very juvenile posts already
    c) a lot of **** computers out there.

    FYI - my game is running great on ultra & extreme. This is about the actual gameplay.

    I appreciate this is subjective and everyone is entitled to their own opinion but let's try and be adults and be constructive and positive. These are FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS people. Just think *Syria* and you get my drift.

    This is the only way your voice will be heard amongst the masses. Keep it mature and where possible, positive.



    *ahem* so let's kick off with ones already mentioned over the last 24 hours.

    1. transport ships overpowered
    2. some further consideration of public order issues
    3. tactical map freezes
    4. victory points which kind of ruin the ambience?
    5. battles are over too swiftly

    Ok, I will add to this - please do so yourself and please wherever possible suggest corrections or amendments.

    Ready, steady? Go.....>>

    Last night I had a dream that CA fix the game, including all the feature we all ask for, a family tree system with many cool unique character models, riding shiny horses, there were going to be seasonal turn, and hot female agents with bikini on. I was so happy, I reinstall the game. Suddenly, I decided to call up CA's development team for a thank you. I invited them over to my place so we all can smoke the "PEACE BONG PIPE". Then my dreams got burry and woke up half way into the bath room.

    Sad it was just a dream. :p
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  • IrakleiosIrakleios Member Registered Users Posts: 67
    edited September 2013
    Battle UI unit cards are massive and in the way. Also the click and drag feature is clunky and works 50% of the time for me at best.

    that is true , cards must be made smaller and the drag feature needs improvement
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  • MikePMikeP Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 889
    edited September 2013
    guys you're to early with this thread, they'll start debating once all bugs are fixed which could take months or forever. Don't believe me? Here:
    Mike CA wrote: »
    Hi everyone,

    We’ve just put up a hotfix that significantly improves campaign map frame-rate on a variety of hardware combinations that were getting frame rates less than 15 fps. It took us until Monday to get a case of this happening in the studio, but it was a very simple fix, so we’ve decided to put it out as a single issue patch. This bug was introduced very late in the process, but we absolutely should have found and fixed it before release.

    This release has obviously not gone as planned for some people, and I want to apologise to everyone out there who had issues with the game, whether they were hardware issues or disappointment in the performance of game features. We obviously don’t plan to release a game with any bugs, performance and AI issues. How this has happened is something we’re beginning to post mortem in detail now.

    Fortunately, the same tech that gave us the rope to work on the game right up to release lets us keep working on it after it’s out, and the flaws in the game are mostly just bugs, not structural defects. We can and will get the game to where we wanted it to be for everyone.

    The top priority is stability and performance – both frame rates in battle and campaign, and end of turn times and loading times. Then gameplay spoilers – AI flaws and exploits, balancing tweaks and the level of challenge on higher difficulties. Then minor bugs, lesser features that really didn’t pan out, UI improvements, and longer term adjustments to features and systems that could be better. Because there are a lot of us working in parallel there will be a mixture of different priority fixes in each patch. Much of this work would be part of the usual planned improvements we would make to our games post-launch anyway, but we are aware that they have now taken on extra significance and importance.

    We have a major improvement to end of turn times in the pipeline, along with around 100 fixes in the next patch. We have another 100 or so fixes already being tested for the patch after that. At this point the limiting factor on getting issues fixed in patches is not our ability to fix issues, it’s our ability to test them and guarantee that we don’t repeat past mistakes by putting a patch out that breaks something new. We’ll also be putting each patch up as a beta you can opt in to before releasing it. It’s our aim to continue patching more or less weekly until all the bugs are dealt with.

    Then we can start the kind of dialogue we always want to be having with the community – which new features you like, which you don’t like, which deleted features from previous games you really miss and so on. That’s a good conversation to be having, and since it’s our intention not to fall in to the trap of just re-skinning the previous game each time, it’s one that hopefully you’ll be having for years to come.

    Lastly, I’m hoping we can fundamentally treat our releases differently in the future. Long open betas are the way things are going, and while that model hasn’t been compatible with the way Total War has been built to date, that could be the way forward.

    Mike Simpson
    Creative Director
    Creative Assembly

    2 evil cents :cool:
  • VursinjetəriksVursinjetəriks Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 828
    edited September 2013
    A small complain that is the voice acting. It is horrible

    The original Rome tacked it perfectly. But in Rome 2. It just sounds off and silly as heck.
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  • TantusTantus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    1.) It's not possible to attack an enemy city with it's port blocked by another faction which I feel can be used to make the game infinitely harder or infinitely easier depending on your position.

    That's the only thing that's really annoying other than some silly AI but, I'm sure enough people complained about AI.

    I do want to say, it's a shame how a couple low hanging fruit problems, that would be fairly easy to fix, are eclipsing the fact that Rome II is actually a great installation to the series. Good luck friends!
  • RTW277RTW277 Member Registered Users Posts: 47
    edited September 2013
    I think units should only gain experience from battles not champions.
  • SaintDSaintD Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 138
    edited September 2013
    I would very much like my Roman generals not to go barking mad for no discernible reason. A reason which is, nonetheless, rather common. I feel like I'm back in the bad old days of Medieval II, where if a guy stopped moving for a few moments he'd become a slovenly, corrupt, devil worshipper.
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