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The official constructive criticism thread



  • HectorSalamancaHectorSalamanca Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 59
    edited September 2013
    Great idea for a thread!

    Although I'm a bit disappointed in gameplay, I can't really put my finger on why exactly just about yet. So instead of trying hard to do that and making no sense, I'd rather give a little constructive criticism that is concrete and easy to work with:

    The texture colors for the Parthian Spearmen look ridiculous honestly. An army of men wearing yellow, purple, and green, suggest either a certain kind of parade (bad joke), or that the Parthian infantry enjoy shopping at Old Navy (an even worse joke). Anyway, it makes the army look very cartoonish.

    Don't feel down CA developers, once more onto the breach! You'll eventually succeed in making a true masterpiece!
  • RumblefishRumblefish Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 419
    edited September 2013
    biggest bugbears so far have been:

    1 yr per turn and it's inherent problems with the lifespan of characters and no seasons. It's pretty counterproductive to have a system that encourages training up a character only to have him die after 15 turns.

    the portraits - omg these are so amazingly bad it's like they left it to an art GCSE student who was on work experience for the week

    turn times. I am on turn 20 and it's 3 minutes for the AI to take its turn (1 min with AI moves hidden). God only knows how long it'll be on turn 100.

    All the graphics and performance issues - goes without saying.

    Settlement upgrades, i don't know what to do or why. All my provinces were -100 public order, I built some temples, issued edicts, etc, now they're all +40, but I don't really understand why or how. I don't understand how much food I have, etc. Maybe I just need to sit down with the encyclopaedia but it's all a little bewildering right now.

    Diplomacy sucks, no one will even trade with me.

    Unit cards are pretty (imo) but too big

    the "highlight all" button doesn't work on the battlemap
    This just might be the best thing that's happened to the TW series - http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?680834-Ancient-Empires-Attila-202BC-Project-Outline
  • ElevinElevin Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 157
    edited September 2013
    Ok, after i spent ages writing my first post only for it to be deleted since i clicked on reply to thread instead of post quick reply, I'll keep it short and sweet.
    A few problems i've found in addition to the numerous mentioned here already
    -My wardogs don't jump off the ships when i land.
    -My fleet got destroyed in a harbour when a Land army took control of the city (why didn't they flee?!?!)
    -Distance travelled in campaigns in stupidly small considering 1 turn = 1 year. Change to seasons. (so i checked google maps for the distance between 2 cities after it was peeing me off that it took 2 years to move an army to the next city that was only 175km away)
    -Generals don't achieve much during their lifetimes since 1 turn= 1 year, specially since we have the lovely new system to play with, makes it utterly pointless.
    -Where's the family tree? :s why have i only got 2 generals of my house available??
    -It's nice being able to loot cities, but when public order is directly affected by the amount of slaves you have. It leaves me in a catch 22 situation. I need money since there is a severe lack of it per turn, but i can't loot these cities because the slaves! Why can't there be an option to execute captives and loot the city instead of enslaving them!
    -I agree with pretty much everything said in the 8 pages of this thread. Otherwise i wouldn't have spent an hour not playing the game frustratingly writing this.

    CA, you should have done a closed beta, or even Alpha with a select few members of the community who could have suggested all this stuff ages ago. Would have made the game incredible. Instead, I can only presume i preordered to play the Beta version of Rome II.
  • ArchayArchay Member Registered Users Posts: 206
    edited September 2013
    Things which bothers me the most would be:

    1. Insane loading times between turns, i can literally go take a pee grab a snack and eat, between turns.
    2. Wierd combat... i can have battles of 1200 (roman early units) vs 1500 (barbarians)... and the combat log usually (like 90% of the time) looks like 30 romans lost and 1300 barbarians massacred. And its not because i am master tactican, its from a simple head on battle. I can literally see 1 hastatti soldier jump into pile of barbarians and jedi force kills 4-5 barbarians with one sword swing.
    3. I have 2 laptops , one is allienware 8gb ram, Intel (R) Core(TM) 2quad CPU Q9100 @2.26GHz 2.27 GHz ,with GeForce GTX 280m (x2) which is around ~1000 vram each. And other laptop 6gb ram with i5 core procesor and Geforce GTX 560... On both laptops game barelly runs at ~20 fps, on all low except for high textures. If its fairly big battle with 3000 soldiers on field .. up close it drops down to ~10-15. Even with high textures, units in next battle manage to look as if it was set on low/medium.
    4. Bad pathfinding instead of going straight and then turn left sometimes soldiers go right,straight ,left... straight again, right.. (simply moves in circle around the town).
    5. When AI disembarks from ships to help the defending AI in cities... remain on shore... standing and doing nothing.
  • PyrrhusofepirusPyrrhusofepirus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 21
    edited September 2013
    1 Slow down the battle speed make it equal to that of previous titles

    2 Get rib of the blobs when combat is occurring
  • Sierra419Sierra419 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 263
    edited September 2013
    remove the stupid morping into horses and morphing back into a person for agents / armies. Please put it back to normal. This is very annoying and looks dumb to me. Its especially irritating when your army or agent only moves an inch to perform an action and still morphs into a ******g horse. At least put it back to normal and have the horse morphing as part of "space bar / fast moving function". As this was stated as the original purpose to avoid "Benny Hill (whoever that is) fast moving on the map"
  • PyrrhusofepirusPyrrhusofepirus Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 21
    edited September 2013
    This is a really Brilliant topic by the way ...we need to like send this collection of criticisms and some how send it to CA
  • AngryJoeShowAngryJoeShow Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 149
    edited September 2013
    Even more


    These issues are happening on Rome 2.

    CA better get them fixed.

    Can you please tell me what graphics card you currently have, open up the graphics tab in your menu, it displays it in game there.
    :mad: Angry Joe
  • Sierra419Sierra419 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 263
    edited September 2013
    hvypetals wrote: »
    1. guard mode missing
    2. standing pila throw missing
    3. winter, spring and fall missing

  • orctowngrotorctowngrot Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 11
    edited September 2013
    It's sad to say that the most constructive criticism I can think of is this:

    CA please don't publish a game that is still in Alpha state next time.
    And save the millions you wasted on (FALSE) advertising, to spend on employing better programmers and quality control staff.

    To elaborate: My game runs flawlessly (but accumulating lag as the turns progress) on a 6 year old CPU, suggesting that this software is optimized for an Intel Quad-Core and a Nvidia video card. It also looks pixelated, fuzzy and MUCH worse than Shogun 2, ETW or Napoleon TW. My machine runs EU4 and looks BEAUTIFUL. Why does this game look and perform so much WORSE?

    That said, after 5 hours of gameplay I was flabbergasted by the TERRIBLE design choices. The tactical battles are truly AWFUL. The speed is more than 100% greater than it should be and looks ridiculous. It makes the battles confusing, tactic-less and JOYLESS. Constructive criticism for that? Well sack the people responsible and hire competent ones I guess. The sacked designers might not feel positive but the gamers SURE will. Justice in action. Positive response: a refund!

    The lack of seasons? Well I guess I'm with the 95% of old time fans that agree this is just terrible, ridiculous, joyless, and BAD design. What were they thinking? Be positive about that? Well sure, I'll feel positive if they give me my money back!

    How could they do that? Guard Mode? Family Trees? Accessible UI? Yeah there are a lot of mysteries concerning how an established studio apparently trying to 'improve' its games, could just keep going backwards. Let's be positive about it and declare the company dead. And go back and play their older, better titles.

    The other shocker is of course the absurd end turn waiting time, and loading screen time. That's always been bad in TW games, but that just went beyond ridiculous. There is actually no need for the computer to calculate ANY of the moves of the invisible factions. That could all replaced with simple randomized tables of imaginary historical outcomes, where the factions only become really AI controlled once the player has REAL contact with them. How can these guys NOT know that? Why are they wasting CPU horsepower and player time on processes and 'events' that the players will NEVER see???? WHY? Do these 'pros?' actually have any training or experience in programming? Where is the Darth Mod guy when we need him?

    This is a very simple, obvious, undergraduate level solution to a programming issue. It reveals that the lead programmers for this company are simply not qualified to hold their positions. Professional incompetence (and obvious a lack of both design and gameplay experience) is rampant everywhere in this disaster of a launch. Positive here? Are there any? Maybe not! But keep smiling!

    So again, the most constructive suggestion is to create the team that can make the good game presently missing, by constructively finding capable designers (and of course) REMOVING (most constructively) all the clueless ones. (Possibly the entire present staff of CA, certainly the lead game designer and the lead programmer).

    Time for the rest of us to all ask for a refund on this alpha, perhaps a class action lawsuit. And all go and buy a far superior game like Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4, Or Rome Total War 1.

    The present condition of this game is a joke as are all the moderator motivated attempts to cover for it. The best thing they could do would be to leave our comments here un-moderated and censored. READ them and admit that the game is an unfinished MESS. Work like hell to patch it up. Truth is the flaws run deep into the design and into the code and the engine.

    Being positive and smiley and nice will not alter the fact that this launch was a disaster. It won't change the fact either that the leads for this project are clearly not cut out for the task. Nor that marketing budgets are ultimately counter-productive if the core coding in the engine is not up to scratch. misallocation of resources. Dreadful design problems. Gaming Illiteracy. Seems that British game design, like British manufacturing has fallen far.
  • vincentdelbosvincentdelbos Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 28
    edited September 2013
    JackieChan wrote: »

    1: Diplomacy has certainly improved but at the moment it's borked. Factions, even ones that are really friendly with you refuse trade outright. Forget about trying to secure any alliances because they will say no. This will probably get fixed so I'm not worried

    2: Small factions are steamrolling over the more important ones. Egypt, Iceni, Epirus and Carthage (including everyone of her client states) have all been destroyed within 50 turns. I understand that the less important factions need to have a chance to succeed but right now it's just messed up. Again I'm sure CA will fix this so it's not a big deal.

    3: Campaign and battlefield AI behave strangely. The campaign AI are almost completely unaggressive towards me but when they choose to attack, they're completely suicidal i.e sending one unit armies to attack my cities... Hopefully this can be fixed

    4: Battles could use some work. Right now most of them turn into mosh pits. Can this be fixed? I hope so

    5: Having 1 year per turn makes sense when you actually think about it, but it means your generals pass away too soon. Once I start making a really awesome general he ends up dying before I have a chance to get attached to them. Right now they feel way too disposable. I don't really care about seasons as much as my generals, but having more turns per year would fix this problem instantly. Hopefully a modder gets on top of this... Or CA decide to add this in as an option of some kind

    6: The family tree might not have been the most useful feature but it definitely added a tonne of immersion. Knowing who your faction heir was, or which generals were related added so much to the concept of building a family run empire... The family tree in conjunction with the political system in the game right now would have been sensational. CA missed out on a huge opportunity with this one which I don't think can be remedied. Either way, I'm a little sad it's not there but it doesn't change how a feel about the game.

    7: Graphical issues. I'm one of the few people who isn't having that many problems with the graphics at the moment but, judging from all the threads made by people who are, this definitely needs to be resolved.

    The game has a ****load of potential, but that potential is completely squandered by all the bugs and some of the broken features. There is a masterpiece hidden beneath some of the dirt. This game is way too epic an undertaking for it not be good.

    And one more thing... What happened to the epic siege of Carthage. I've never bothered with historical battles but that was one the first things I wanted to try out. Why was it so... underwhelming in the end? Didn't Al say it would be better in the release? Why did it turn out worse?

    What this guy says matches my feelings about the game. If all of the above are fixed, I'll never leave my computer again.
  • Der RabbiDer Rabbi Member Registered Users Posts: 44
    edited September 2013
    1. Kill rate slider so people can run battles at whatever pace they like.
    2. Quicker repair rates on boat. 8 turns to repair a boat? Not to mention 3-4 years to sail around the Greek peninsula? What is this the Odyssey?
    3. Why can't I issue commands while a battle is paused anymore?
  • VasquinhoVasquinho Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 13
    edited September 2013
    You are right! Sorry for not giving any feedback but I feel that pointing out the bad points should suffice. Just so frustrating to play it.
  • orctowngrotorctowngrot Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 11
    edited September 2013
    wonder how long that post will last
  • Stone FoxStone Fox Member Registered Users Posts: 118
    edited September 2013
    Something else broken I just noticed.

    I'm attacking a walled gaul town, tried to burn the gates but the second I start throwing things they start wasting units of skirmishers by charging them out the gates at my Hastati. Even with the gates wide open, my troops won't cross the magical red line because we don't own the gate. Really? That's realistic? In Rome 1, you could bum-rush the gate if they were stupid enough to open it. Much like real life.

    But then I guess there's a ton of cool stuff about Rome 1 CA decided to replace with nonsensical ****.
  • DragothaDragotha Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4
    edited September 2013
    Not sure I have much new to add, but my issues so far, after playing through the prologue and 80 or 90 turns of campaign yesterday:

    1) The flag capture points on open-field battles are very annoying. If they have to stay, perhaps they could be made so the defender can place them? I'm not really sure of the point of them, really, except that I seem to recall in one of the interviews they were there because of combined land and sea battles so that one force doesn't just stay out at sea forever. It does seem most of the times I've seen them it is when a defender is sallying during a siege (although why those battles occur with no city in sight is also mysterious), and there are sea-based reinforcements. In any event, their current implementation makes terrain useless in these fights.

    2) Units do not maintain formations. Always annoying, but in an era of hoplite and pike warfare, and the famous Roman fighting style, it would be nice to see units fighting in formation and not blobbing it up.

    3) The AI fields poorer units than they could. I think this is mostly why battles feel too fast, because any decent infantry goes through mobs and levies about like what you would expect. Garrison troops are similarly poor. And missile units don't do much of anything to armoured infantry. An AI faction with 2 or 3 regions would be far better off fielding one decent stack rather than two or three stacks of mobs, plebs and levy slingers.

    4) Transport ships are far too capable in tactical battles. They even ram and destroy warships. You have to autoresolve naval battles to sink transport fleets.

    5) Very Heavy Infantry seems too powerful for the cost.

    6) The squalor effects from any higher level building seem too high, and ways to offset them too low. It's likely I just haven't played enough to figure out how to balance that out, but building any level 3+ industrial building seems like a bad idea so far.

    7) Cultural effects from buildings in regions you don't control seem to bleed over into others in the same province. Basically it seems you have to take over entire provinces to ever get regions to become happy.

    8) No one wants to trade. Even friendly factions.

    9) Major factions have had a bad time of it in my game. Carthage wiped out early. All the playable barbarian factions are gone. Rome was at war with 4 other factions when I got to them, and in fact I took Rome itself from Italian Rebels. Macedon was in an endless back and forth with 2 neighbouring minor factions for a long while until I put them out of their misery. This doesn't leave anyone particularly strong to fight. Although I don't know yet what's going on in the East or in Africa.
  • MungriMungri Member Registered Users Posts: 42
    edited September 2013
    The game runs like absolute **** on my **** PC.

    SLI / Crossfire doesnt work.

    The game looks like **** if settings are reduced.

    Only way to get the game playable is with **** graphics settings or with no AA enabled.

    Fix this **** game already!
    Playing Rome II on:

    I7 980 @ 4.3 Ghz, SLI GTX 680 @ 1200 / 7000, 12 Gb ram 1866 Mhz, 512 Gb Crucial M4, XFX 850w XXX edition PSU.

    SLI not supported yet :(
  • harbingerxyharbingerxy Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 312
    edited September 2013
    Anyone else excited for the PAID DLC next month? LOLOL.
  • Haskeer90Haskeer90 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 179
    edited September 2013
    1.battle AI non existant
    2.Campagin AI only wants peace no one delacres war on me at all
    3. the moment i have enough unit cards to warrant a "second teir" for the card holder even when half of my units are ships it makes the holder take up ALL OF MY SCREEN
    5.The co -op campagin is utterly broken

    On a side note once all the bugs are sorted it will be a fantastic game
    -Magic boats appear when you move an army into the ocean... MAGIC.... BOATS.... The ability for armies to simply walk across portions of the sea in a single turn completely quashes the intricacy of the Mediterranean theatre.

    8 patches later - https://www.dropbox.com/s/04w04cvpbqb4vsj/nice%20ladders.replay
  • dmmitcheldmmitchel Member Registered Users Posts: 89
    edited September 2013
    This game needs guard mode badly.
  • DarastrixDarastrix Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 6
    edited September 2013
    - I would like to see a family tree reinstated. A lot of Roman history was about family pride and power. It seems a shame that they removed this function all the random generals and statesmen coming and going doesn't seem as personal.
    - Some more detail in the readout. For example, in a proven tell me which cities have public disorder and why rather than a lump some. You don't have to change the mechanic as its a good feature, I would just like to be told why! Saying 'region instability' is vague at best!
  • CrackfoxCrackfox Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 118
    edited September 2013
    1. Guard mode
    2. Slow battles down to Med 2 level.
    3. Seriously strengthen the morale system. These units should rarely break unless utterly devastated.
    4. Mods will do but can we have numbers back on the cards.
    5. Make all troops auto walk and not run.
    6. A city view screen like we used to have
    7. Remove stupid special "magic" abilities. This isn't SC2.
    8. Remove stupid capture points
    CA: Shameful Display!
  • the_real_weedthe_real_weed Member Registered Users Posts: 240
    edited September 2013
    1. More possible interactions with your ruling house/Family (marriages for peace between nations/ faction heir)

    This would bring much more atmosphe into the game

    I hope somebody of CA read these threads... and not only the technical threads
  • platanojodonplatanojodon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 145
    edited September 2013
    -remove the "magic abilities
    -Ability to be more flexible with armies, like being able to split armies, not always needing a general. Or the ability to make one of your units a temporary general, and when moved back to the main army, it goes back to being a normal unit
    -no flaming javalins haha
  • platanojodonplatanojodon Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 145
    edited September 2013
    -numbers back on cards
    -battle way too fast
  • Kombat_W0MBATKombat_W0MBAT Member Registered Users Posts: 64
    edited September 2013
    Hardvark wrote: »
    By far my biggest criticism has to be the victory flag in open battles. In past games, the real fun for me has been trying to find ways to win battles when the odds are stacked heavily against you. That meant looking to utilise the high ground, or taking advantage of woods to ambush your enemy.

    Now you can either sit in the middle of the map and get slaughtered, or occupy the high ground and watch as the enemy captures the victory flag and wins the battle without ever engaging you. I honestly cannot understand how anyone thought this was a good idea.

    ^^^ THIS THIS THIS!!!

    I couldn't have said it any better my friend.
  • Kombat_W0MBATKombat_W0MBAT Member Registered Users Posts: 64
    edited September 2013
    It's hard to decipher how to tech to your best units. When you pull up the unit encyclopedia you can sort by "unit type" or by "faction". After that it's alphabetical. It would be nice if you could filter using BOTH unit type and faction at the same time. When I look at the unit roster, I really don't care about their name (alphabetical order). I care about how they rank (weakest to strongest).
  • relleuMrelleuM Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 109
    edited September 2013
    1st time poster, long time Total War fan & supporter. I pretty much support everything that has been said here so far. Unfortunately it seems Total War is on a decline. Shogun 2 was a waste of $60 in my opinion. I didn't play much because of how much I disliked the game. All I saw was units fleeing after just engaging, major factions going down after 1-3 turns and everyone having the same units.

    I was hoping Rome 2 would be different but there are a lot of flaws that are hard to overlook. If CA can't correct some of these this may be the last of my money they see. I also am discouraged by the lack of response to this post yet. 12 pages and not one comment from CA. Is this due to a lack of care?

    Anyways, in case someone does read this from CA, here is what my major gripes are and what I would like to see fixed:

    1st the magic abilities are very lame and I concur these need to be removed or at least put in an option to do so. Of course generals should be able to rally and inspire but the other stuff is rediculous. I would also say Inspire should increase morale only.

    2nd the UI is rediculous. Did CA user test this on anyone other than their own employees? There is a huge modding community, numerous long time fans, how did this UI even get into the game? It is sad really because I know CA will never own up to this and change it. Yesterday I found myself shift tabbing and going to the encyclopedia for things that would have been readily available for me in any other TW game. Also the encylopedia is a mess and totally useless. Why can't I just right click my generals name for a pop up of his interface. All I can say is at first I was thinking it was just a new change that I would have to get used to, but it truly is a huge downgrade from the previous games that had this mastered.

    3rd, do open battles really have capture points? Seriously? If we capture this piece of grass without killing a single enemy then the battle is ours! If at all I like a suggestion from someone to select your own capture point. That way you can at least find what you view as the most defensible position and mark the capture point there.

    4th I was wondering where the guard ability went. So why is it gone? What was the reasoning behind that one?

    5th, my army not staying in formation. The first siege battle I defended I watched my army rush an oncoming force when I didn't even say to attack. It then became a mob, with my legionaires not staying in formation at all. How is this possible when Rome was all about discipline and staying in their line. I was hoping to watch the battle unfold, decide when to move my 1st line back and bring in reinforcements. Instead it was how do I select the units I want because all 4 units have turned into 1 pile. Oh wait is it time for me to use a magic power yet?!?!?!

    6th is food, just because I haven't been able to find anywhere in the game or encylopedia that explains exactly how this function works.

    I'm sure there is more but I haven't played much. The above is what is bothering me and seems to be bothering most that have posted. So CA where is our response? Will any of these things be changed or looked into? Or are we expected to watch you all build DLC instead for us to buy? A simple "This is great guys this feedback will make it to the team. We are looking at ways to improve upon these things and address your concerns." would go along way.
  • ArdiffArdiff Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    1. Speed ​​hiking groups is very high, they run all the way to the enemy at the same pace, though often in the past, they were doing before impact wrench.
    2. AI in battles very silly. Very rarely he uses anything more than a first-blank run up and cast aside arrows / spears, and then under the fire of their own to escape the attack. This makes it all very easy battle.
    3. I had almost the same bug. AI calculates the path is very crooked. One time I had an enemy trireme instead of what round the coastline, has passed through it in the ground. Came again into the sea, turned and made ​​a landing.
    4. Fiery darts of the game as lasers. Total War Shogun 2 was not like this.
    5. A controversial decision, it is now possible to study only one technology at a time.
    6. Family tree was very convenient, and now it is unclear who is from a family who who who have to.

    Small notes:
    A new kind of liked the city, although it is slightly unusual.
    The system of "Heritage" at the Legions very pleased.
  • relleuMrelleuM Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 109
    edited September 2013
    Oh and 7th, family tree? Rome after Caesar is an empire ruled by families. How there isn't a family tree is beyond me.

    Lastly 8th, numbers on the unit cards or at least an option to do so.
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