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Guide to the Guides (Total War: Shogun 2)

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This is the TW:S2 edition of the "Guide to the Guides." There will most likely be some overlap with Total War Center and other sources of guides, but I hope to keep things as organized as possible.

General Guides:

Official Shogun 2 FAQ

Frogbeastegg's Guide for Total War: Shogun 2
(^Thorough beyond compare)

Browser-Based Encyclopedia Access:*
Dribbs wrote: »
You don't even need to launch the game to view the Encyclopedia, you can simply use a web browser.
Just create a shortcut that points to ...

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\total war shogun 2\data\encyclopedia\how_to_play.html
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\total war shogun 2\data\encyclopedia\how_to_play.html

Note: You will need to adjust that link depending on where you have installed the Steam client.

Battle Guides:

General Campaign Guides:

The Clans, a Complete Walkthrough (Part [1] [2])

Dark Side's Economy Guide for Shogun 2
(^Superb. Read this)

Chronobomb's Guide to Retainers

Trait Gained Guide

Guide to factors that affect honour and loyalty

Diplomacy Guide

Strategic Guide

Edmon's Guide to Ashigaru Delivery Strategies

7horin's Guide to Generals

The Guide to Surviving Realm Divide

Dribbs' Guide to Diplomatic Relations

Guide: Strategic Locations

Tips on beating VH/Legendary

Shogun 2 Economic Quick Reference Guide

Clan Specific Campaign Guides:

How to Survive as Oda on Harder Difficulties

The Ultimate Oda legendary walk through including videos

Hattori Startup

You want to be Ieyasu? (Tokugawa Legendary guide)

Rise of the Samurai:

RotS Economic Quick Reference Guide

Fall of the Samurai:

Reworked Encyclopedia Map (Includes original, RotS, and FotS)

FotS Economic Quick Reference Guide

"March to the Sea" - War Economy and Play Style

Fun Tips for FotS

Look to the links directly below if you can't find a relevant guide in this thread:

TWC Gameplay and Strategy Discussion Forum

TotalWar.org TWS2 Guides Forum

TotalWar.org FotS Guides Forum

Total War: Shogun 2 Guides and Articles

Please post here with links to any useful guides you come across or create.

* daelin4 states that anyone posting online-sourced websites hosting the encyclopedia, such as totalwar.ru, violates breach of copyright as well as posting inaccurate information, and is forbidden on this forum. Please refrain from doing so and report any links that contain encyclopedia entries. Thanks!
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