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What triggers civil war?

Xcam901Xcam901 Senior MemberPosts: 217Registered Users
edited September 2013 in Total War: ROME II
Because all my settlements were happy and I carefully kept politics as a 50/50 split all game, and I got one

It wasn't a big deal as they only got my capital and 5 stacks but I had to march all my armies from Africa back to Britain.


  • PraenuntiumPraenuntium Senior Member Posts: 165Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    I'm curious about this also.
  • naishonaisho Senior Member USAPosts: 3,399Registered Users
    edited September 2013
    There is no way to prevent civil war, but the scales determines when the civil will occur and where. After the civil war you will only get an unruly general from time to time.
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