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[Video] Total War Rome II Angry Review

AngryJoeShowAngryJoeShow Senior MemberPosts: 149Registered Users
edited July 2014 in Total War: ROME II
Hey Guys,
So here is my Review for Rome II!

I hope it is as therapeutic for you as it was for me.
This is my longest most comprehensive review pretty much ever.
43 minutes is just ridiculous, but I just couldn't shut up. I had to highlight all the issues I encountered, include issues others have, give my own opinion while still trying to cover the things it added and what it does well - using examples from my game sessions for everything.

I'm sure many will disagree or dismiss it all with a simple, "none of that happened to me", but here it is for everyone to see.

IMO. CA did not test, balance, bug squash this game as extensively as they had for Shogun 2 and it shows. I'm sure they will fix the game over the next 2 to 3 months, and that we may see what we were looking for in an expansion but Rome II could have benefited from a longer development cycle.

It seems incredibly unlikely that they didn't know about half these issues, yet its still out there in front on steam for $59.95 same as if it were a much cleaner release. I do hope they offer customers free DLC in addition to whats already planned (as well as fixing the issues) to add substance to the apology issued earlier on these forums.

I know a few CA devs, they enjoy watching the reviews (and really do read a lot of your comments) they enjoy honesty, they are good people. But whats said needs to be said - even if it bars me from whatever in the future. Lets try to keep the discussion civil and constructive like some of these really good threads ive read so far! Don't want anyone getting banned please.
:mad: Angry Joe
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