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Second statement from CA on Rome II's release (11 Sep 2013)



  • Add1ctedAdd1cted Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 532
    edited September 2013
    It would be awesome to be able to trade regions, and make diplomacy more viable as a game mechanic overall. The 'transparency' mentioned per-release doesn't really seem to have come across in the main game.

    Certainly happy about open betas for future games, thanks for the update.
  • TroubleshooterTroubleshooter Member Registered Users Posts: 94
    edited September 2013
    Good, open and transparent communication, fixing the damage and learning from mistakes. Good going CA, we'll wait and see the results but this is a good first step in fixing your reputation in our eyes.
  • Vlad TepesVlad Tepes Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 139
    edited September 2013
    Finally good news for Rome 2 players.
    Keep the good work ;).
  • karsomyrkarsomyr Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 7
    edited September 2013
    Excuse me, but what about CTDs?

    Are fixes for CTDs included in the word "STABILITY"??
  • VisricVisric Member Registered Users Posts: 135
    edited September 2013
    zanderfal wrote: »
    Well steam installer is broke again. Froze at 14mb and refuses to move, and it only does it on this game so ya..

    This happens to me also, but the trick is to wait. While it seems nothing is happening, I think the patch is installing or something. Same happened when I installed the game itself: although nothing seemed to happen, stuff was being installed/downloaded on to my hard drive. After a while the installation/download will finnish.
  • TaviTavi Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 242
    edited September 2013
    MikeCA is a hero agent lvl 10 which comes to forums with bad public order and buffs it
  • PolybiusPolybius Member Registered Users Posts: 37
    edited September 2013
    If you feel the game has structural defects rather than bugs, then the game is not for you and your decision is correct. Good bye :)
    If you can't understand it don't bash it!!
  • LuremasterLuremaster Member Registered Users Posts: 41
    edited September 2013
    Fall of Samurai had a beta test and after that a huge patch for fots and shogun 2. These 2 are the best balanced game in total series until now. The battles are the perfect balance between arcade and strategy. And fix the anti aliase. :)
  • Esben18Esben18 Member Registered Users Posts: 43
    edited September 2013
    Thanks CA! Really appreciate it <3
  • friendlydogfriendlydog Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 435
    edited September 2013
    I must've missed it (got some eye problems today): When is the next patch coming? is it still due this friday?
  • EptesicusEptesicus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 422
    edited September 2013
    Also, are you going to give us a better desktop icon? :p

    Nothing says " We rushed this out and it wasnt finished" like a blurry desktop icon that just has a square black background.....not a priority...but something to do when everything else is fixed so your game icon doesnt look like it is for a 8 bit game from 1995...
  • PrometheusPrometheus Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 780
    edited September 2013
    Mike CA wrote: »
    Hi everyone,
    Then we can start the kind of dialogue we always want to be having with the community – which new features you like, which you don’t like, which deleted features from previous games you really miss and so on. That’s a good conversation to be having, and since it’s our intention not to fall in to the trap of just re-skinning the previous game each time, it’s one that hopefully you’ll be having for years to come.

    Mike Simpson
    Creative Director
    Creative Assembly

    Thanks that the most important part ....

    Most f the New features added are really hated by a lot of people , it was a movement toward an arcadish game that really annoyed all of the totalwar fans .

    Is important also that you are able to see throught complains and praises, there are lot ofpeople that just adore topraise and bring no constructive criticism or complain , while others despite harsh at times truly love the series and want it to be successfull , I classify myself as the last .

    The Features that need to be removed are:

    Flags on battlefields are really annoying

    settlements woudl need the walls to be back and the AI to be actually able to conquer as well walls need to be an advancement of the settlement so to allow also unwalled towns and the big walls shoudl be something more of a late developed city . any breakeable fence as starting wallset woudl be great and not require massive artillery to break but some pickaze work by units perhaps

    The Cities are too big on the campaign , that in crowded areas leave no room for armies to get decent field battles but just siege/city battles

    A good feature for micro/macro management rather than reducing that into a Iphone like application interface , woudl be to have the possibility to Select a Governor and ive to him all responsibilities and ask him to just give u the money , troops etc ... then its according to his abilities if you will get what you need to run the empire . this woudl sollevate the player from having even to look at the provinces , make the game faster but .... if the player wants he has still to be able to go and micromanage evry city to detail .

    Add back seasons on campaign map those are extremely missed , rescale the whole total war game to two seasons per turn

    Add family trees , family affears, women and some ingame plots

    Link the Rebellion or the civil wars to the actual politics in the game so fare are either broken or rushed and unfinished btu seem to have no clue or relation one with the other .

    the UI is definetly ugly and unimersive , it makes feel the game detached button clicking

    Remove the recharging powers buttons and add back the features

    Please dedicate more animations to make a perfect realistic testudo , phalanx etc rathern than waste them into 5 different ways an elephant Can die .

    I have alot more sugestions , features, etc ... but I woudl have to write a long long essay for it ...
  • DaddieDaddie Member Registered Users Posts: 31
    edited September 2013
    ...and since it’s our intention not to fall in to the trap of just re-skinning the previous game each time...
    Changes for the sake of changing shouldn't be your intention either btw... Iterating on successfull parts of a serie is often more fruitfull then just removing them from the game! Reading the post I do have the feeling it is a wakeup call for CA and they try to make the best of it. Please do not mind me being wary as many things have be said and promised during the development of Rome 2 which were blatantly not true.

    That being said, I am looking forward what the future holds for CA and Rome 2!
  • mlj246mlj246 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited September 2013
    This will be a great game - if you keep up the work. Thanx for the open words. Looking forward to a polished game hopefully in the ner future!!!! Roma Victor!
  • PolybiusPolybius Member Registered Users Posts: 37
    edited September 2013
    If you feel the game has structural defects rather than bugs, then the game is not for you and your decision is correct. Good bye :)

    On my part, I am confident the game will be redeemed once patched
    If you can't understand it don't bash it!!
  • GiborGibor Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 129
    edited September 2013
    Hi Mike,

    as I see it's the first time you write in your own forum and I am happy to welcome you here. :)

    Let's hope that your team will fix this game soon - also for the "lowest-machine" users.
  • djxputdjxput Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 407
    edited September 2013
    Long open betas

    If some of us veterans (played every single game since day one) are included, you won't regret it Mike...

    Agree - if they are worried about sales; could do like some of these companies and offer beta for a price and get the real game also ... Marvel Heroes was a game I played recently but regretfully it was more of an alpha in the testing and released like a beta (much worse then this game IMO). But then again rome 2 was hyped a lot more.
  • Publius Scipio AfricanusPublius Scipio Africanus Banned Banned Users Posts: 129
    edited September 2013
    Absolutely brilliant!
  • AxefaceAxeface Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 806
    edited September 2013
    Sounds good CA, thanks! Keep it up.
    MikeCA is a hero agent lvl 10 which comes to forums with bad public order and buffs it
    Don't you mean dignitary rank 10?
  • KaiserfrontKaiserfront Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 878
    edited September 2013
    Earlier this day they definitely denied a console port. Now they are saying, they will listen to the feature complains.
    I told you guys everything will be ok. :D
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  • HaedHaed Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 4
    edited September 2013
    Nobody is perfect and so a company can´t be perfect, too.
    Thank you for your effort.
  • addmanaddman Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 204
    edited September 2013
    Thank you for the update, looking forward to the next patch.
  • pizzapizzapizzapizza Member Registered Users Posts: 93
    edited September 2013
    from -50 happiness to -25 happiness
    still have my doubts . and it might change in coming updates and i hope you guys can deliver
    "Keep in mind this is all very early alpha footage, the finale game will look WAY better that this"

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  • nankuranankura Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 454
    edited September 2013
    We’ve just put up a hotfix that significantly improves campaign map frame-rate on a variety of hardware combinations that were getting frame rates less than 15 fps

    My question is are you aware that only a small number of customer's saw an improvement, there is still a much larger majority/userbase suffering issue's, especially AMD Processor/GPU user's, they are still reporting in large number's issues with selecting unit lag and low FPS Performance
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  • FenrirAlfaFenrirAlfa Member Registered Users Posts: 64
    edited September 2013
    Okay CA,...i dissapointed in the game, but somehow i trust you. Make it good.
  • WarrekWarrek Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 20
    edited September 2013
    Mike ,

    I understand the priority of patching the technical / stability side of things . But after the "end-turn" is fixed , I don't have technical problems and can run Rome almost without any hiccups.

    The reason I wont be playing Rome very much is that the game play lacks some things that I've found very enjoyable in the past TW games . I dont want to sound whining , but how does CA plan to do its patches ?

    100% technical/stability patches the coming weeks , or are we going to see something like 75/25 , 50/50 etc . patches with game play elements in it ?

    Hardwaremaster : " Now here is someone who's just posting to brag :P "
  • FieldMedicFieldMedic Member Registered Users Posts: 92
    edited September 2013
    Glad to hear this. Happy we're getting a good flow of patches and communication. Gives me hope that we can get Rome 2 into the state it deserves to be in.
    "It's not enough to live. You have to have something to live for" - Commander Adama
  • mmurray821mmurray821 Moderator Moderators Posts: 5,227
    edited September 2013
    pizzapizza wrote: »
    from -50 happiness to -25 happiness

    You owe me a new cup of coffee. And a new keyboard.

    Thanks Mike for the update!
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  • TaviTavi Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 242
    edited September 2013
    Axeface wrote: »
    Sounds good CA, thanks! Keep it up.

    Don't you mean dignitary rank 10?
    Dignitary is like SEGA dude. He makes money.
  • LesithLesith Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 156
    edited September 2013
    Hi ,

    Sorry to task but what about the mutliplayer campaign and what is your priority considering it ?

    Because they are peoples who ( like i did ) pre ordered / bought rome 2 only for the multiplayer campaign and right now as you know it s unplayable due to desyncs.

    Most of the time it means for you 120 euros ( couple of people ).

    And we feel let down as we are a minority of fans who are always put in the last priority for feedbacks , informations and bug fixing.

    I will finish on a positive note :

    I ve been play multiplayer battles while we are waiting for fixes to continue play our mpc ; and i really like some improvements you made :

    1 - line of sight : it s fantastic lots of new tactics
    2 - the difference between pikes and spears
    3 - parthian shots ( finally )
    4 - the transports units : not anymore one light ship to transport an army ( even if it seems to need balance ), amphibious assault are great fun
    5 - ambush : really great we had a great fight in the desert amongs the dune
    6 - moral seems nice
    7 - units feeling really more historicaly correct
    8 - objectives for ally AI

    And i forgot a lot of other good things

    That s why i want the mpc to be fixed as fast as possible so i can increase my metacritics score ( and i know i m not the only one ). I bought the game in advance i would like to play it as soon as possible.

    any new about the desyncs fixes would be greatly appreciated

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