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Fungal Joe



  • hengyuhengyu Registered Users Posts: 127
    edited September 2013
    DiGzY wrote: »
    How you got that from my comment I don't know but you do seem very angry aswell, I will call you Angry Xeonos

    “Anger is a brief madness.” Horace

    100% troll; evident from this post...
  • Will CAWill CA Registered Users Posts: 1,342
    edited September 2013
    I personally dislike attacks against other forum members, regardless of what they do outside of here. If any other YouTube content creator or gaming journalist would like to post their review of Rome II here, that's fine with me. If anyone would like to discuss said review with them, then please go right ahead.

    This thread however, has already been moderated several times and other than an argument troll thread, I don't see what is being said here that couldn't be put on the existing video thread.


    -Will CA
    Rally Point.

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