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Please fix the REPLAY bug (essential for tournaments, youtube casting)

][G][Mojoman][G][Mojoman MemberPosts: 62Registered Users

TW tournaments are somewhat crippled right now. Why? Because of the effing replay bug.

For those of you who don't know, replays are not visual recordings of battles. They are recordings of the commands that were issued in battles. When a replay file is loaded, the CPU creates an entirely new battle and (in theory) sends exactly the same commands that were issued in the recorded battle.

I say "in theory", because that is not how they currently work. Currently, the CPU is either not sending the same commands, or is not sending them at the right time. Whichever it is (perhaps it's both), the result is that replays end up showing you a completely different battle to the one you saved.

As some of you might know, tournaments rely heavily on YouTubers for publicity. We send them replays of our tournament matches, and they add interesting commentary. With the current state of replays, we cannot do that. The only alternative is to use livestreamers, which is harder to organise, and results in lower-quality videos.

So CA, if you want to see more TW battles on YouTube, please give us the basic tools we need - working replays.

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