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Basic naval tactics for use against the AI - By tropdars

KurkistanKurkistan Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 293
edited August 2010 in Napoleon: Total War
Kurkistan wrote:
The below is courtesy of "tropdars" back on the old forums, re-posted so that it can be linked to in the Guide to the Guides. I in no way take credit for the guide and I would welcome it if tropdars were to re-post it and inform me of it so that I can change the link in the GttG.

I notice that there are still some people who are having trouble fighting the AI at sea so I made this video to demonstrate a really simple tactic that can be used to counter it. There's no fancy switching of shot-types or manual broadsides involved (and I really doubt that sort of fancy-pants tactics are really beneficial against the AI anyways), just some really simple maneuvering.

So without further delay, here's my little video that I hope some people might find useful.

- Guide by tropdars
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