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The enemy stole my cannons after a retreat.

TungulTungul Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
Something that bugged me to no end during my current campaign.
I was besieging an enemy city, when a friendly clan attacked the city and my army joined as reinforcements.
I wanted the province for myself, so I just deployed my cannons and fired into the meele till my ally routet.
Once they were gone I gave order for a tactical retreat.
Everything went fine but the summary screen said three of my cannons had been disbandet due to loses,
but I hadn't taken a single casualty and on the campaign screen I found my missing cannons INSIDE the enemy city.

So, does anyone know just why or how three perfectly fine units could defect to the enemy?
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  • Phobos kai TromosPhobos kai Tromos Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 334
    edited January 2014
    It happens on occasion with cannons and other siege equipment. I'm not sure exactly how it works but I think it's just a % chance for each artillery piece you've deployed in a battle you've lost.
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  • cephalocephalo Member Registered Users Posts: 60
    edited January 2014
    Yeah, sabotaging someone else's capture can have negative consequences. In vanilla STW2 I lost honor for a huge defeat that way. It didn't matter that I was trying to lose, and had my army mostly intact.
  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
    edited February 2014
    As far as I know, if you are besieging a city no other army can attack it. They can only join you as reinforcements. In my last campaign I had a lone general besieging a city held by rebels. When the garrison attacked me I was reinforced by another clans army and captured the castle. On the other hand if you are not actually besieging, but just nearby, you can reinforce their attack or decline to attack. If I want to keep another clan from capturing the city, I join the fight, fight on the battlefield and as soon as the battle starts I concede defeat. In such cases I keep only one unit within reinforcing range to minimize my losses.
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