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Legendary Campaign, at wits end

BastilleBastille Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 4
I've played FotS for quite some time. I've completed multiple campaigns with various factions, typically on Very Hard mode. However, I could never get going on Legendary. Last week I figured enough was enough and I was going to sit down and win a solo unmodded campaign on Legendary.

One week and dozens of hours later I am no closer to completing this goal than when I started.

I tried with a couple of the Shogunate clans and had little luck.

I tried with Satsuma about 6 times. I was always attacked by Tosa who would flip their allegiance, and then a garden variety of other enemies. It was never possible to develop a strong enough economy to withstand the attacks from all the enemies. The furthest I got was unifying the island and becoming the vanguard, at which point I got about 4 or 5 invasion forces from enemy clans landing per turn with full stacks of shogunate infantry and artillery while I am able to field basically levies if I'm lucky. I won 12 straight defenses with one province with a mix of heroic victories, using 1500 levies to fend off up to 4000 trained troops. But I couldn't keep up with my ports being constantly destroyed, my provinces devastated and uprising, and a total lack of revenue because I was constantly at war.

So I tried again with Tosa, a totally different approach. I quietly unified the 4 province island and kept my fleet at home port the whole time. The world passed me by for several dozen turns as I built up markets, inns, and farms. Finally war came and I was somewhat prepared, but once the map became revealed all the imperial clans had been spanked and Nagaoka had like 20 provinces, Obama had 16, and they declared war on me with basically full NAVY stacks wrecking my infrastructure. There was no way I could afford that many ships either.

I have maybe enough resolve for one more attempt at this. So I ask, I have failed with Tosa and Satsuma after multiple tries and strategies. Aggressive starts, slow starts, nothing has worked. Does ANYONE have a good opinion on a clan and strategy that I can finally beat this game on Legendary with? Please. I am going insane.
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  • Phobos kai TromosPhobos kai Tromos Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 334
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    It has been a while since I last played but the issues you are describing are very annoying. You have to play very aggressive in the start and establish a strong base. At that point you should start working on your economy but don't remain stagnant with your military forces either. For your Tosa campaign it looks like you were on the right track but you waited too long. You should have had your field army (assuming you had one since you conquered the island) continue advancing. You're already paying the upkeep so you should use the troops. Having control of the island you should attack where the enemy is weak or attack someone who is threatening to destroy an ally or trade partner.

    The benefits of keeping the offensive going also translate to the number of wars you'll be fighting. Don't declare war on everyone but don't sit around and wait for someone to declare war on you either. Once you've established yourself in a group of provinces that you want to make your base take a measured approach to expansion. Keep your one field army going but don't expand beyond that. This is your time to focus your economy on expanding your economy. If you keep advancing at a measured pace you will grow stronger and potential enemies will not want to attack you because of your strength. At the same time if you go nuts and invest all your economy in more and more armies expanding everywhere you will become too much of a threat and start to get attacked by everyone. It's a fine battle and you can never be sure if you're moving at a good pace but you should never stagnate and should never expand too quickly during the mid stages of the game.

    Dealing with ships is tricky and the hardest/most annoying part of the game. I've found that if you garrison a gunboat in your ports you are much safer than leaving it empty. That way the enemy will have to fight you for control of the port and often times it will deter enemies from bombing you. You have to play battles manually and will have to hide your gunboat behind your shore cannon batteries but you will sink enemy ships in the process but you can always do this at an increased speed. If the enemy wants to make your economy bleed you shouldn't be afraid to do it to them. Sometimes they'll even get confused and not be able to win the battle. Other times they'll attack you with a weak fleet because they only have to deal with one gun boat. If you can take out 2 of 3 (with your coastal batteries) your gun boat can outmanoeuvre the last one and eventually take it out. Military ports vs. trade ports are a **** up because of the monetary sacrifice you make with military ports. Obviously they are better for warding off enemy attacks but unless you're trying for a republic victory then go for trade ports.

    Defending castles is the best part of the game as it makes winning so much easier. Once you establish yourself you should always look to expand your castles to where they have a second tier of walls. Defeating superior forces becomes so much easier when you do this. You'll also want to think about eventually replacing your levies with better troops on border regions or places that get attacked often. A few (a few is all you ever need) line infantry can ward off countless enemies on a siege defence. If the situation is bleak remember that when the enemy comes over the wall you can still shoot them. Form three lines around the breach and pin them in place with an expendable unit. You'll gun them down with ease and since your units are unbreakable you will have an easy time of it. You should also note that units like matchlock samurai aren't necessarily useless and in fact they are excellent cheap units once you get the second tier of walls. Short range doesn't matter because the distance between the bottom tier of walls and the next one you're standing on is short. Not to mention these guys shoot faster than levies, can fit on smaller sections of walls, and can fight better if they have to.

    Get to know your neighbours. Often times the only difference between someone you should be afraid of and someone you don't care about defending against is cannons. Defensive strategies change quickly when the enemy is fielding big guns so take the factions producing them out early so as to avoid them potentially sneaking up on you.
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    The only faction I can win in Legendary Campaign is Satsuma.
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