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1 gunboat

sogayasogaya MemberRegistered Users Posts: 77
One gunboat with one general in fukushima trade port. 3 heroic victories per turn for 2 turns. But then 4 heroic victories per turn for 3 turns. One more victory and he goes to 6 stars. That is enough for today. OMG Tedious.
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  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
    edited February 2014
    Next day the heroic victories continued to pile up but gradually tapered off as I got clans to agree to peace, trade agreements and pay me money. Still , by 1870 I had 80 heroic victories almost entirely with one gunboat in Fukushima port. I also had 3 six star generals and 32 agents. I gave up on fighting the battles, I'd start the battle, hide my gunboat, put it in fast forward and then go check my email or read the news while the battle clock ran down. Totally bizarre. I've never seen anything like it.. Why is the AI so desperate to attack fukushima port turn after turn without attacking anything else (on land or at sea)? It has to be some kind of weird glitch but I've never seen anything like it.
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