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really struggling with the population

kylethomsen1994kylethomsen1994 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1
i have just started a campaign on fall of the samurai i cant remember wich faction it is the one that in the bottom left and is blue pro emperor. all my towns seem to be getting ****ed of with me and rising up against me i am being stupid here or is there something i have missed? i have never had problems like this on empire, napoleon , rome , rome 2 or shogun 2 so is there something i need to do or is there any good guides for fall of the samurai
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  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
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    If you are paying attention and know what to look for you should never be surprised by a revolt. (unless it is incited by an enemy agent) Click on the finance button in the lower right corner. The map will show your provinces in green , yellow or red. If a province is red 2 turns in a row it will revolt. Double click on any city and look at the public order. It will show the pluses and minuses. Hover over each button and it will describe the plus or minus and give a prediction if it is expected to change. Some buildings are good for public order: castles, inns, etc. Other buildings such as barracks and factories have a negative influence. If a province is unhappy you can do things such as lowering your clan wide tax rate or exempt individual provinces from tax, repair or demolish any building that is burning, put more troops in the castle, put shinsegumi in the castle or construct buildings that have a positive effect on public order. However, if a province is already in the red , its too late to build something that will prevent a revolt the next turn. That's why its important to look ahead and consider possible bad effects before you build something. In extreme cases you may have to demolish a building to bring down the unhappiness. Another thing to look at is the province's allegiance. If it is not the same as yours, get a shinsegumi in the province to convert it to yours. This is also a very slow process and not a quick fix. You can't always prevent a revolt-- especially when fleets are bombarding you, everything is in flames and you have no money to repair or recruit troops, but it should never be a surprise when they do revolt.
  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
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    Check your generals for some possible public order penalties they have and also your leader honor because if it's low there's penalty for the public order. Also check if there is some enemy agent that can cause unrest (one of the agents has passive skills for that, can't remember the name).

    If you are familiar with S2 then you shouldn't have too much problems because the basic principles are the same.
  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
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    Other characters can have an effect as well. In my current campaign I have a general who adds +2 to repression in provinces in which he is present, Geisha who add +1 to happiness and shinsegumi who add +2 to repression. So moving any of those out of a province will affect public order. Moving that shinsegumi from outside the castle to inside increased the public order by + 7. So moving him out of the castle and out of the province would mean -9 to repression.
    I tend to get a lot of generals from seducing enemy or rebel generals and like to keep a general for every castle. But I like to keep the general and maybe a few troops outside the castle and move them around once in a while to avoid acquiring the movement penalty. Then if the public order suddenly goes bad or if threatened by attack, the general can immediately get back in the castle. Sometimes you can position a general (or any unit) in a place where they can immediately get into any of 2 or 3 different castles if needed. Also keeping a Calvary unit on garrison duty can be helpful since they can often reach a neighboring castle in one turn whereas other units can't move that far.
    The key thing is to be aware of what is going on and keeping an eye on public order. If your public order is +3 but you are in the process of building a barracks, canon range, factory railroad, farm and gunsmith, there is trouble ahead. Be prepared for it.
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