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Tips, tricks and techniques

sogayasogaya MemberRegistered Users Posts: 77
Have any general tips to offer? Here are a few of mine:

Send out your agents to incite revolts and create a buffer zone around your territory. Than have your Geisha seduce the rebel general and post him next to the rebel city. If another clan attacks , your general joins the fight and immediately concedes defeat to keep the other clan from getting the province.

Incite a revolt in far a off province that you can then take over and use as a base of operation in the midst of a powerful but not yet at war clan. Ideal targets are Owari, Kaga, Bizen and Satsuma where you can build a gunsmith and firing range and maybe a military port and or arsenal if possible. Do as much as possible of your recruiting there and keep as many as possible of your foreign agents there to reduce recruit costs.

Trade ports make more money so keep your military ports few and far between.

Centralize your recruiting in key spots. If you can get Satsuma, Kaga and Owari, and build war colleges, arsenal, firing ranges and and military ports in those cities and then put 2 or 3 foreign agents in each for recruiting, You are golden.

If you can't get your military port in the same city as your army recruit center, keep it nearby. Ex.: American trade district in Satsuma, Military port in Osumi. Your foreign agents can recruit troops in Satsuma where you have your gunsmith and then move to Osumi and recruit ironclads on the same turn.

Build up your agents experience as much as possible. If you can isolate a weak enemy army that you can act against cheaply, don't attack and destroy it. Sabotage, distract and harass it turn after turn.

Build up your generals experience as much as possible, especially those having commissions. A six star chief of staff allows you up to 8 agents of each type. As soon as you have the max number, switch him to comptroller so the money rolls in.

Keep generals in your fleets if possible. They have a chance to build up their experience quickly. In my last Tosa campaign, early on, the ports on the east and north coast of the island were being attacked turn after turn and successfully defended by a single well hidden gunboat. Early in the game I had around 35 heroic victories and the two generals rapidly piled up experience and promotions.

You want to attack a castle but your army isn't strong enough to do so. If you have artillery and or navel support, go ahead and attack. Then you bombard the castle without sending in your troops. When time runs out, you may have a crushing defeat in which you lost not a single man but killed 700 or more enemy troops. Next turn you can repeat or attack for real if you have weakened them enough. (sometimes the AI will decide you have lost an artillary unit even though they never came in contact with the enemy).

Anybody else have some good tips to offer?
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  • sogayasogaya Member Registered Users Posts: 77
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    Doesn't anybody have any tips to offer? I know some of my tips may seem pretty obvious, but at this point I consider myself a very advanced beginner and keep surprising myself when I realize things that should have been obvious long ago. Anyway, here are a few more tips.
    When you look at the skill trees for your promotions of general and agents, you can see that the mother lode of benefits is on the bottom of the skill tree. Never stray from the path that takes you to the bottom rank. ( I'm amazed at how long it took me to figure that out.)
    I had a general who was a few victories short of a promotion that would allow me to recruit additional agents, but I wasn't at war and wasn't ready to start a war. Solution-Empty the castle, let the peasants revolt and then crush them. Yes I know it's cruel and evil to incite your own peasants to revolt just so your army can get some practice killing them. I guess I'm just a ruthless general.
    You have a weak army that wants to attack a strong castle, but you do have naval support. Send one soldier or unit to attack the castle but just have him watch the naval bombardment. On the same turn repeat again and again until the castle forces have been cut down to the size that your main army can handle.
  • AradheyaAradheya Banned Banned Users Posts: 1
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    Some of your tips has seem pretty . But Sogaya consider herself a very advanced beginner and always keep surprising herself . You five very helpful tips . Anyone has look at the skill trees for their promotions of general and agent you are really can see that the mother lode of benefits is on the bottom of the skill tree. You should build up your agent experience as much as possible and also should build up general experience as much as possible especially those have commissions . I am very impressed with you tips and technology system about the topic of war . keep posting .
  • nihao123456ftwnihao123456ftw Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
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    haha, lots of tips here that I never thought about xD. I knew about creating buffer zones with monks but not using the enemy general to prevent someone else from taking it over. That was pretty clever I must say.

    EDIT:: ****.. necrod... sorry

    Ah whatever. Here's one tip I have of my own:
    If you want to declare war on a clan that's listed as "Very Friendly" due to same allegience, but don't want the diplomatic penalty for declaring war on friendly clans, threaten them into giving them 10000 koku a couple of times and their attitude towards you will decrease every time you do it. Declare war when they're listed as "indifferent" or lower
  • easytargeteasytarget Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,432
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    You have the option of changing allegiance once. Depending on what difficulty you are playing on and what your starting position is this might warrant consideration at some point along your journey.
    This space intentionally left blank.
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