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Empire Total War: Multiplayer Campaign Key for me and my Friend

joananas15joananas15 Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Total War Eras Multiplayer

me and my Friend bought Empire Total War because we want to play the Multiplayer Campaign together. But now we realised that we need a key to activate the Multiplayer Campaign. But it was a beta project and new key´s are not longer available. :(

My question now is:

Does anyone has two keys for the Empire Total War Multiplayer Campaign for me and my friend?

Please send the two key´s as a private message.

We will be very happy if we can play it together. :)

Best Regards

PS: Sorry for my bad english, im from Germany
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  • kingthrallkingthrall Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 188
    edited May 2014
    I have exactly the same issue, and have been waiting over 2 years for them to resolve it, I usually stop by here to see if they actually care about their previous titles but it seems fleshing and boxing re-skinned dlc for newer titles at premium price gouging is more of a priority
    My relationship with CA:
    broken promise of Empire total war multi-campaign -70
    180 hours RTW2 played: +100
    Unbalanced multiplayer units/roster variety for factions: -50
    Tons of playable factions: +25
    Series Loyalty: +15
    Free DLC: +10
    Historical Inacurracies: -25
    Pay for blood dlc: -5
    poor political AI: -75
    Gameplay issues: -50
    Preformance issues: -50
    Hype disappointment: -50
    At War (-225)
  • rdizzrdizz Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 300
    edited June 2014
    wait so campaign multi player exist but you need a key?
  • TsarKaiserTsarKaiser Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
    I too need the software for multiplayer for empire. Napoleon is great and all, but I want the world aspect. Let me know if you got results. I have contacted their support to no avail. I would pay a reasonable price for it. I'm not into World of Warcraft or the bandwagon, so I don't want Warhammer. Please tell me someone has access to multiplayer for Empire.
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