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Why does the AI hate the player so much?

Ace_BlazerAce_Blazer Senior MemberToronto, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 5,921
Recently started this up again, and won a H/H Tosa short campaign handily, so I decided to try again except go for a Republican victory. I've lost 3 campaigns now.

I don't understand the decisions of the AI which seem to come totally out of the blue. Most of the time I'll he happily isolated building my infrastructure, getting ready for Realm Divide and such when *dun dun* enemy has declared war on you. Often this enemy is already in multiple wars in its homeland far away from me, yet for some reason it decides to land a full stack in my domain of all places. Once this happens all of my allies decide to backstab and pile driver me while in the meantime the original enemy's homelands are being demolished far far away. It makes no sense! Do you hate me so much that you can't even think of the thought of co-existing with me you idiot!!! Is this some kind of dumb migration mechanic that the AI uses when it thinks it's lost?

I noticed this seems to coincide with the time I get the 3rd tier of modernization. Does modernization or trade with the west trigger some kind of hidden AI hate modifier?
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  • nihao123456ftwnihao123456ftw Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    edited August 2014
    This usually happens if the AI thinks your army is weak. Is your power level at "moderate" or lower? If so, that would the reason why everyone is trying to attack you... but then again, you say you are preparing for realm divide soo I wouldn't think your army would be weak.. In sengoku jidai I normally have large fleets guarding my beaches and key areas so that AI who send armies aboard ships have nowhere to move and land their armies, I would try to do the same with fots but hopefully it won't be too expensive. My advice is keep a couple of gunboats around as scouts and as soon as you see a suspicious fleet with armies aboard, sink or block them. If it's on land however, you should have always been keeping defending garrisons on your fronts in the first place.
  • BlessBless Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 449
    edited August 2014
    Ace Blazer wrote: »
    Do you hate me so much that you can't even think of the thought of co-existing with me you idiot!!!
    Just like people do in real life. But i think that it has to do with the difficulty, if u play on high difficulty the AI is very aggressive towards the player to the level that it don't makes any logical sense.
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