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How do you play FotS?

nihao123456ftwnihao123456ftw Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 22
in RotS I never really care whether clans were with the same allegiance as me or not, I generally crush anyone regardless of allegiance as if I was playing in Sengoku Jidai.

But in FotS, what do I do? Say if I were playing Satsuma, Should I wipe out the rest of the clans regardless of imperial or not and proceed to conquer from west to east? Or do I ally with them and send my armies on a fleet to wipe out Shogunate clans in the east?
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  • easytargeteasytarget Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 2,428
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    Unless you've got the manpower to take on the entire island I would think it prudent not to attack everyone regardless of allegiance. The idea from the start of the campaign is you are either supporting the shogunate or imperials. And this is spelled out pretty clearly.

    If at the point of realm divide you're still determined to go it alone then pick the republic option and your wish for the chance to "crush" everyone will be set before you.

    Somehow I think given you're even asking this question it would be wise to simply support the clans whose allegiance you find yourself aligned with at the outset and go from there. :D
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  • nihao123456ftwnihao123456ftw Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
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    I do have the manpower to conquer the whole island, as i've done it before. I did some careful diplomacy to force clans to break allegiance with a target clan and take them all out one at a time. I just don't like the idea of other neighbouring imperial clans switching allegiance and declaring war on me while my main army is away conquering other parts of Japan, also I kind of find the whole prospect of preparing an army to conquer other parts of Japan on a fleet sort of boring... it's like the island maps in civ 5, wayy too much of a turtl-y playstyle for my liking. Oh well...


    EDIT:: or I can play a clan that's not as separated from the rest of the map instead.. oh well
  • BlessBless Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 449
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    EDIT:: or I can play a clan that's not as separated from the rest of the map instead.. oh well
    Yeah try Aizu. :p
  • StrategeStratege Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 647
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    I try to prey on the clans of the opposing faction first. But if clans of the same allegiance control provinces I want ...
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