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Fots noob needs help

ARTOISARTOIS Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 878
Hiya guys..lots of random questions, as i've Left R2 for a while and picked this game up would be glad of any advice thanks
Im no TW noob.. i've played all since Med 1.. except empire & S2

as a tester campaign to get my head into it, ive chosen satsuma, as theyre easy, im told.

1) happiness/repression?
2) happiness is a problem for me.. i build inns, have a few garrison units & still struggle
3) economy..its quite hard to build up a base bit of cash..help?
4) is there an agent to increase happiness?
5) tips for naval battles - i suck.
6) are there any real dif between line inf and guard/bear inf?
7) benefits of a shogunate / imperial clan?
8) brits/usa/france?
9) Can u kill hostages in deals?
10) any awesome units?
11) how do i raid trade routes ?
12) can you destroy castle walls sotroops dont have to climb??
13) what inf have the fire by rank ability?

thats all...for now....*evil laugh*

Any help is appreciated boys n girls
You KNOW I'm right.
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  • nihao123456ftwnihao123456ftw Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    edited August 2014
    Yeah, happiness/repression is pretty hard to maintain in this game. I can only suggest don't take too many provinces at once like in normal Shogun 2. Capture one or two at a time and focus on integrity. Upgrade the settlements to tier 2, then build a cottage industry and a police building (or inn). That will help with both your economy and repression problems. Also don't modernise too quickly as that increases unhappiness due to modernisation.

    Nobody likes naval battles in fots... it sucks. Just autoresolve.

    You can raid trade routes by placing a fleet on an enemy trade route (right click on a dotted red line going across the sea. Yellow dotted lines are your trade routes whereas white trade routes are other clans' trade routes who you are not at war with.)

    Destroying castle walls has no effect on anything except when destruction reaches 100% for the first time and there are units garrisoned above the wall, a whole load of people fly all over the place and die (lol)

    About fire by rank ability, nobody has them until you research "Kneel fire" ability in the military technologies (need to modernise to tier 3 first before researching it). Until you get this ability, make sure you spread all your firearm units thin so that more people are able to fire.

    Can't be bothered answering everything, sorry
  • ARTOISARTOIS Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 878
    edited August 2014
    naa its all good cheers for yer answers :D
    You KNOW I'm right.
  • nihao123456ftwnihao123456ftw Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 22
    edited August 2014
    feel like answering a few more questions:

    4. The ishin shishi or shinsengumi (depending on whether you're with shogun or emporer) are the "metsuke" of fots. You need a police station to get them. They increase repression and also spread your allegiance's influence. Also, level 2 geisha (need to be hired from inn) can increase happiness by 1 with the "tradition" perk.

    9. Hostages will be killed if war is declared. I don't really recommend using hostages in deals unless you have a ton of generals already, because until the enemy returns your hostage, you can't declare war on them. Only offer them hostages if you have no intention of attacking them soon, and if you do you may as well sell military access while you're at it for free money (demand 550 or somethign for 5 turn free access to your borders etc.). As for AI offering hostages in a deal, i've never gotten that to work. Even if the enemy is on the brink of destruction and are already trying to offer peace, they never seem to want to give anyone as a hostage for some reason (at least in sengoku jidai. I haven't experimented with it much in fots buti'd imagine it's the same deal).

    10. A lot of people say kishio ninja are great and awesome support units in fots. Just get an upgraded samurai dojo to get them (note that samurai dojos decrease modernisation so don't get a lot of them).

    How to play kishio ninja: Spawn them in way in front and to the side of your army a ways (they can remain hidden in the battlefield so AI can't see them unless they get close. Also in deployment phase they can be deployed outside the yellow box unlike all other units). Once your main army is near the enemy's army, move the ninja to the side to flank them but don't run until you get close or else you will be spotted. Turn on stealth when you're charging at the enemy because you get like 80+ charge bonus which is huge.
  • Imperial GuardImperial Guard Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 543
    edited August 2014
    ARTOIS wrote: »
    6) are there any real dif between line inf and guard/bear inf?
    Besides the accuracy, reloading rate, melee stats, morale, special abilities like inspiring units not much :D
    The simplest explanation is the elites kill the enemy faster.
    8) brits/usa/france?
    From what I remember for their inf units, the french have best firing but worst melee capabilities, the americans are the exact opposite and the british are in the middle.
  • ThesaboteurThesaboteur Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 812
    edited November 2014
    Try to bull rush your economy arts and happiness arts. If you build, let's say a barracks. That's -1 happiness. If you upgrade it's another -1. The problem with happiness is that if you want more money, you have to give up joy. I usually build inns everywhere I go and use geishas to help combat the problem.

    Or, you can just bushido all the way.

    USA by far. Two ironclads and the US Marines (Reload beyond 60 is the same as 60. 70=60 in terms of speed) compared to the one ironclad the French and British give you.

    Only tip for battles is position. It's always position. Naval battles were broke in beta and never fixed. Land battles are hard, but not impossible. If you can lock up one of their unit in a firing line with a melee, you can concentrate fire. Formation is a lot more important in this era than the Sengoku. A gap can mean you can sacrifice one of your units while the rest of your army gangs up on smaller units.
  • Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,529
    edited November 2014

    Happiness/repression is simple, don't be greedy for money if you see that town is on +1 happyface or less. One economy building /one happiness building etc. Usually first I build inn then inn's upgrade /upgrades of buildings depends on faction too, most of buildings can be upgraded to favor modern or traditionalist way, traditional way bring more happiness but less growth /money and usually worse troops but this is relative you can play well with bushido army as well/then I upgrade fort (depends on city position) then basic farms (advanced if there is any reasonable money from farming already) then improve city then police station, then some economy building and so forth in circle.

    In short most of my towns have inn and police station and one or two economy buildings. Only few regional centers have army - military buildings.

    Later ofc you will research technologies which will massively improve economy (reduce expenses for troops, buildings) and will bring happiness to your populace increasing clan wide repression etc. Also in long campaign high level sishin can have +1 repression for all clan ability.

    I can sometimes get away with not exploring military technologies at all. Needed buildings I find in conquered cities anyway.

    Best advice, agents, make them a lot and use them as often as possible. They can make a big difference.

    Best advice II, navy. As a rule you need big effective navy. Otherwise your buildings will be damaged and your trade money will be halved which will suffocate your economy.

    About foreign powers.
    More or less it's all the same. In the time you get their units they rule so much over your adversaries that it's just brutal. France will get you best land units and reasonably good ironclad. English are imo best. Their marine trooper is just slightly weaker then france but their ironclad is although incredibly expensive (2000 gold of upkeep per turn iirc) most powerful ship in entire game by far. One volley, one shipwreck, often. Americans are worst in units but are cheapest, good in melee and give two ironclads, so it's again totally OK. Just take whatever you get.
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