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An Open Letter to CA

PoeticPariahPoeticPariah Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 6
edited December 2014 in Napoleon: Total War
To whom it may concern,

I'd like to first begin by saying I very much enjoy Napoleon Total War's Multiplayer. I often play as Spain, which has its issues I've learned, but I try to overlook them. A few quiffs here and there concerning other features, but for the most part the multiplayer is solid (though a tad old compared to the newer Shogun II, Rome II, and now Attila which is soon to be released).

However, as Rome Total War as waited years for their sequel to be released with a dedicated community who maintained the multiplayer servers, I can't help but feel Napoleon has a similar dedication (though smaller, in most regards).

That being said, the factions that are allotted are quite plentiful. No denying that, but I couldn't help but wonder why a certain faction isn't playable for these multiplayer battles, the infamous nation that is known only as the Kingdom of Italy. Of course, I'm sure there are several mods that include them in multiplayer, but I've always felt a nation with unique units (Velite Grenadiers and the Guard Artillery to be more specific) shouldn't be excluded. Something even more worrisome is that most of the current nations that you may play tended to have opposed France, leaving them with very few historical allies. For example, the nations you can play as that side with Napoleon are Denmark, Spain, and the United Provinces, the most previous two being a sort of gray area as Spain was invaded and use Peninsular War uniforms rather than their earlier uniforms and the United Provinces have to be imagined to be the Batavian Republic (which they literally are in sea battles).

Ergo, with the Kingdom of Italy added, there would be a dedicated ally to serve by France for those who appreciate the historical aspect, unique units that could probably stand their own, their uniforms are white rather than the ridiculously common blue and red so they'll stand out, and news like that may actually bring back some older players. Perhaps some new ones as well.

Most importantly, it wouldn't be difficult to do (at least from my point of view dealing with mods as I've never dealt with releasing patches). The only thing that would really need to happen would to enable them as playable and give them a preset army and then release them in a patch.

I'm not asking for ALL nations in game to be playable like Saxony or the Papal States (though, admittedly, I do miss Poland. Maybe Switzerland for lolz). I'm only humbly asking for one, being the Kingdom of Italy.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, a Concerned Citizen
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  • GoslingGosling Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,887
    edited December 2014
    Unless they plan to make an NTW 2 (unlikely), CA will NOT be putting in extra effort in creating more nations to be implemented in the game. Napoleon is three months off from being five years since its release. It's way in the past and the energy is simply being put to better use elsewhere, like into Arena, Kingdoms, Atilla, patching Rome 2, and into other games that CA is developing.

    However, I would enjoy having those nations you mentioned added as well.
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  • PoeticPariahPoeticPariah Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 6
    edited December 2014
    I'm not expecting them to do anything. I'm fully expecting this to be overlooked, but I'd like at least for them to see it and respond with a "No, we won't do that and here's why." But, seeing how this is an open letter to a big company, its probably going to just get ignored while never receiving an answer. After all, there has to be quite a few folks wanting and asking for random things like I am, maybe even more reasonable than what I'd like to see though its probably far less.

    As mentioned, it can be modded in, but not many people would play with that mod so you'll never be able to see Kingdom of Italy in game. All they have to do is release a single patch (patch 9 I think?) allowing Kingdom of Italy to be playable, with preset army, and three generals (which would probably be the hardest part, though I think one of them would be Napoleon's Brother which would be neat). Some big game companies still take time to look into their older games, though its becoming rare. Most companies tend to forget some games even exist if they release a new one in the series, big example there is Call of Duty. CA, from what I've heard, has a good relationship with their fanbase (despite Rome II being a debacle and being chastised for DLC factions for multiplayer). So, there is always hope.

    But again, I'm not holding my breath with this open letter. They'll probably ignore it entirely. Worse they can say is no, after all. Someone else may be encourage to keep pushing, maybe even make a poll or perhaps a petition if they're bold enough. I, however, will stop here.

    This is my opinion. I think it'd be good to see them do this. Everyone would win, even if its a small win. If they don't, oh well. I'm just sharing it with other folks who enjoy the same game that I do.
  • SnipingAchillesSnipingAchilles Senior Member BelgiumRegistered Users Posts: 291
    edited December 2014
    CA accounced they will not be making any more sequals, but that doesn't mean that there will not be a sequal. The sequal might not be called Napoleon or Empire II. But it might be under another name.

    For example, they will release Total War Atilla soon, but you can call it Barbarian Invasion II.
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  • PoeticPariahPoeticPariah Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 6
    edited December 2014
    ...not sure what that has to do with Kingdom of Italy being released and playable in multiplayer in a new update for one of their older games, but sure. Okay.
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