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Your faction picks and counter picks?

Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 1,529
edited February 2015 in Total War Eras Multiplayer
I'm curious about way your's method of picking faction and how you react to your opponent's pick.

Personally, I pick first showing my opponent what I would like to use. It's my favorite faction pick and it changes weekly if not daily. Then I react on what he puts out.

If you take power faction, I take power faction. Top dogs imo are Rome, Boii, Tylis. I have prepared competitive army against each. I just make few adjustments for map.

Second level are good factions. Like Averni, Galatia, Getae, Iceni, possibly lustiniani ... mostly still barbarian factions that are not top dogs. Against these factions I use one of them as well. It makes game more interesting and challenging. Taking faction like tylis against suebi or lustiniani just does not seem fair or right. But perhaps it's just me.

Then we have sturdy medium strength factions, including charge dependent /low armor barbarian factions like; suebi, nervii, odrysians, but factions like carthago as well. Here we will put eastern factions as well, armenia and parthia. Against them I use same strength faction, I tend to take parthia against armenia and vice versa. It makes things far more interesting : )

Lastly, there are Helenic factions. I am happy to see helenic faction tbh, I take my pretty badass egypt build against them, built in similar fashion to barbaric army. As I had said previously; it's not about strength, but about efficiency. Egypt can afford some very cheap and reliable units, and cheapish elite units in combination.

Nomads, I would write something about those if I ever encountered them in quick battle, but I honestly haven't. Ever. Honestly I don't like these factions or their style of playing too much. I guess I'm not the only one.

Moral of the story is; I have my preferred brutal tylis OP sword build that would probably win 85-95% of encounters but I would get bored of game far more then I am now. Moreover I feel honestly ashamed in picking this build against someone that is pretty clearly noob. Even against my buddy who is being creative about his faction in MP battle. I like to spice up things and not think about my leaderboard place too much.

What are your thoughts on subject? Do you still prefer win over fun or I'm in minority?
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  • PandaTheWarriorPandaTheWarrior Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 946
    edited February 2015
    Fun in qb, when i still played qb i used a special type of build to improve and entertain myself. For exemple i played a pontus no chariot build for a long time and it was nice.
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  • jonasneejonasnee Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,737
    edited February 2015
    back when skill mattered over army choice i could go with any army and faction (well maybe except the ardiea) and still go up in rank by the end of the day.
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  • 59tiger9559tiger95 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 681
    edited February 2015
    I still what ever faction I feel like playing, even in tourny games. Now it doesn't always give me a fair shot or advantage but I have alot more fun playing that way
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  • blademaster3090blademaster3090 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 402
    edited February 2015
    jonasnee wrote: »
    back when skill mattered over army choice i could go with any army and faction (well maybe except the ardiea) and still go up in rank by the end of the day.

    jonasnee with his nostalgia again lol. you could argue that there is a skill in picking a good counter build and predicting what your opponent is. only thing is now its too easy to know what anyone brings.
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  • DiplomattDiplomatt Senior Member Preston, UKRegistered Users Posts: 1,136
    edited February 2015
    That's knowledge not skill.

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  • SnipingAchillesSnipingAchilles Senior Member BelgiumRegistered Users Posts: 294
    edited February 2015

    What are your thoughts on subject? Do you still prefer win over fun or I'm in minority?

    I always play for fun. Why would you play a game when it's not fun to play?
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  • Demetrios of MesseneDemetrios of Messene Member Registered Users Posts: 30
    edited February 2015
    I have been consistently using the same Spartan built in qb for my last 20-30 matches with suprisingly high success rates (probably because all you veterans are busy preparing for or playing in tourneys :p ). I always pick my faction first and inform my opponent that I am ready to go. I find that choosing first, choosing an underdog and politely greeting my opponent positively predesposes his attitude for a fair game with good sportmanship (most of the times, this is the internet after all).
  • obelixthegreatobelixthegreat Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 228
    edited February 2015
    memccann wrote: »
    That's knowledge not skill.
    Knowledge is the amount and quality of information you have about game mechanics, unit stats and balance. Using this knowledge to build armies that effectively counter your opponent is skill.
  • Blackjack69Blackjack69 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 298
    edited February 2015
    I used to counter the counter like going odk cav heavy vs parthia who would have gone skirmishers heavy and with parthia people would use spears so than alot of swords on my side but this changed after patch 15 now i Just need swords to counter everything
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  • BelialxvBelialxv Senior Member SteppesRegistered Users Posts: 1,627
    edited February 2015
    I use Nomads.. End of the story.

    Theres a forest? NOMAD
    Theres a forest, an hill and my opponent is Sparta? NOMAD


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