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Looking to try a co-op campaign!

ErtihanErtihan Junior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 2
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Hi everyone! So I've been interested in trying a coop campaign for a while now, but I don't have anyone online I can play with :(. I'd love to try it though, if anyone is still interested in doing this. I'm pretty chill and laid-back, I don't really rage and I love a good challenge (but not TOO much of a challenge :rolleyes:).

Anyway, my Steam name is Project1990 (a.k.a. the weapon development project from which the P90 sub machinegun comes from), please feel free to add me if you're interested! (also post here so I'll know your availability and stuff)

My own details:

Nationality: American
Time Zone: Eastern (UTC - 5h)
Primary Language: American English (though I'm sure I can understand British English too :p)
Preferred Difficulty Level: Very Hard/Legendary (I like a decent challenge!) But I can do hard or normal as well if that's too much for you, though I'd really rather not do easy as that's a bit too easy
Preferred Factions: My favorite faction should be pretty obvious :p *points at user name*. If it isn't abundantly clear, I like to play as the Seleucid Empire. Secondarily, I like any of the Successor Kingdoms including Macedon, Egypt, or Baktria.
Availability: I'm usually available around 5pm onward, Eastern time. My availability on weekends can be a bit more spotty but if we make plans to play I'll make time.
Voice Communications: I'm able to Skype (haishuoshu), and I have a Teamspeak and Ventrilo client (though no servers for either). I don't have Mumble or any of the others, but if that's all you have, I'm sure I can download it for the purposes of our game if it proves necessary (as long as it's free, lol).

So yeah! I'm just really interested in a fun multiplayer coop game with a fellow enthusiast, so no pressure if you're not particularly good or whatever (trust me, I'm no Volound myself :rolleyes:). Like I said, leave a post and send me a message and I'll be happy to have a game with you! Happy hunting and as always,

Seleucid Pride!
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