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Head to head multiplayer rules

JiruriJiruri Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 219
edited February 2015 in Total War Eras Multiplayer
I've been playing head to head with a few friends of mine, and I wonder if other people out there make up rules for the campaigns.

The rules me and my friends usually use are as follows:

You may only play as the AI when it's an ally of yours.
You may never autoresolve unless autoresolve predicts you will have 99% or 100% of your army left. (It's time consuming to play small battles.) This does not apply to battles against each other's allies though.
Before we start fighting each other directly, all pc controlled factions must be controlled by either one of us. However, you may use your armies to help with the defense of allied cities.
The capital may only be attacked when it's the only city left.
No reloading older saves unless the most recent one is bugged.

So, what rules do you play by? Or do you only adhere the one rule; "there are no rules"? :p
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  • OlekOlek Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,681
    edited February 2015
    We have similar rules, however we do not play the "last city standing" it could take forever.
    We may move on the opponents capital once all adjacent regions bordering the capital have been captured, we may also lay siege to the capital at any time to hit their economy or stop troop training, but must withdraw the siege once the surrender timer is about to hit, at such time they may resume sieging.

    No Agent poisoning armies.
    No Champions training troops.
    No buildings that give troops chevrons.

    We feel that the above 3 give the player an advantage over the AI, as the AI rarely uses these, we also use a mod that enables us to play VH campaign/normal battles, as the multiplayer game does not have the option to do so like single player.
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  • Balbuceos JoeBalbuceos Joe Member Registered Users Posts: 72
    edited February 2015
    I have played a lot of H2H campaigns and I'm quite surprised by your strict rulesets - except no headshoting for the capital and reloading, the rest of them seem to me a little too constricting, and forcing you to not use a lot of the tools that the game offers.
    However, i do strictly play by a rule: no manipulating agents, since the agent battle will eventually shift to a significant advantage to one player and it will be pretty much GG for the other. I have experienced this and it can make for a very tedious campaign for the player who loses his agents.
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  • Godfather Vito CorleoneGodfather Vito Corleone Member Registered Users Posts: 83
    edited February 2015
    MP campaign is complicated thing . Everyone like play by own favarite options and rules . MP match is match between players , if wanna play without problem need compromise , best solution could be write Agreement how play match . This an example which i use :

    "Opponents must respect each other and choose match option together , if they can not find compromise solution can be use medium settings : large fleet , unit size ,Timer 5 min + diplomacy time ( total time of turn can not be more than 10 min ) , battle time 60 ( in real war siege can be over just when attacker stop it ) , see AI movement , battle turn on .

    Battle conditions : play or not like AI , all battle must be play or not , Who attack , who play with red border line .....

    Player has no right to insult an opponent during a game, to break the agreements setting the match, running away from the game for no reason, to ignore match agreement setting . Do not follow these rules, players are recognized lose match . "

    Without agreement player can anytime left match or always have reason do not continue it and like result match never end .

    Very important for mp match is balance . Balance must be like in chess . its mean players must start in same start conditions .
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