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HOTSEATS: Set-up and Rules

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Dear all. We have created this subforum for the purpose of forum hotseat games, and for this only.
What is a hotseat? A hotseat, as we use the expression, is a campaign game, where every player plays a faction, and the saves between turns are sent from one player to the other via email.

Hi guys and welcometo our hotseat games board!!

As with all the boards please keep to our rules and regulations.

In addition to these rules please note:

- You may ask a moderator to lock a topic once a game is finished or discontinued.
- Games that have been discontinued for longer periods ("weeks") may just be locked.
- Strict adherence to all forum rules. Any topics not related to hotseat games may be locked or moved. Hotseat games may be locked without warning if they appear to be breaking the forum rules and regulations.

Otherwise have fun, you can see the how to bits below...
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  • on a mountainon a mountain Senior Member Basel, SwitzerlandRegistered Users Posts: 1,018
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    Prepare mtw2 vanilla for hotseat:
    (this was originally written by Flimmeister)

    two things have to be done.

    First you have to copy your medieval2.preference.cfg file and past it in the same directory. Give it the name "multiplayer". Without the "". You can find the file in your main mtw2 directory, by default: C://Program Files/SEGA/Medieval total war 2.

    Open the new copied multiplayer.cfg file. Find the lines:

    autoresolve_battles = 1
    disable_console = 1
    disable_papal_elections = 1
    save_prefs = 1
    update_ai_camera = 0
    validate_diplomacy = 1

    Then REPLACE it by these lines:

    turns = 0
    scroll = 0
    autoresolve_battles = 0
    disable_console = 0
    disable_papal_elections = 0
    save_prefs = 1
    update_ai_camera = 0
    validate_diplomacy = 1

    playable = 1

    Now open up Notepad. In an otherwise blank do***ent, type this:

    medieval2.exe @multiplayer.cfg

    Save the Notepad do***ent as Launch_Multiplayer.bat
    Put this new Launch_Multiplayer.bat file in your C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War folder.
    Now, if you want to, right click on the new .bat file and send it to the desktop (Create Shortcut).
    When you want to play the multiplayer version of the game, double-click the .bat file. This will launch the game in multiplayer mode.

    Ok, that was about it. Now your mtw2 game is hotseat enable when it is started with the .bat file.
  • on a mountainon a mountain Senior Member Basel, SwitzerlandRegistered Users Posts: 1,018
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    Rules of the game

    Here are some basic rules (I will keep filling in as I remember):

    - All battles, including battles again rebels, are resolved through auto-battle. We used to fight out the rebel battles, but this would be a disadvantage for those surrounded by factions. I really hope CA resolve this problem in Empires (e.g. through a battle export file).

    - You have a maximum of 48 hours to carry out your turn. Otherwise yo forfeit the turn. If you are away, select someone who will do the turn for you. The only exceptions to the 48 hour rule are special cir***stances such as exams and job interviews. Once you have done your turn you post in the adequate thread that you have done so. The time-stamp on this post is the one that determines when the 48 hour period starts.

    - If you spy or cheat you will be punished (this applies virtually only to vanilla games). If you cheat once you will have to dissolve 50% of your forces in acid (to be done by the game leader). If you offend a second time you are out of the game.

    - Communications via pm with other factions allowed if you have either a diplomat or princess on their territory, or you have established at least trading relations.

    - Communications via pm over third party territories: if you and another human player both have a diplomat on the same territory of a third party, and none of you is at war with said third party, you are allowed to communicate with each other via pm.

    -It is up to every player to keep a chronicle of events. These chronicles can be published in a dedicated thread with a lag of 20 turns or more (up to the player). A player may chose not to publish his chronicle (or not even to keep one) in order to protect his/her actions.

    - There should be a game leader that sort of coordinates things. This is not mandatory, but helps when the occasional bitterness breaks out between opponents. The game leader has the last word.

    - Doing turns: trusting your opponent (M2 vanilla-only rule): When you receive your turn (via pm or other means), the screen will be set to the last action of the player before you. The first thing you have to do is to press turn without looking at anything. What comes up now is your turn. Play. When all your moves are done, scroll to a section of the map that is blank. Save the game without hitting turn. Send it on to the next player.

    - Doing turns: (with kingdoms and retrofit): when you receive your save file and open your game, you will be asked for your password before you can begin to play. This ensures that no one but you can see what you are doing. Furthermore, the console is disallowed: cheating becomes much much more difficult. Once you have done your turn you press turn. Now the password screen for the next player comes up. This is where you save the game.

    - Saving the game: This is pretty basic, but maybe it should be written down once. Use a name that identifies your hotseat game. The easiest thing is to always save a particular game with the same name. At least one person should keep a record of each turn, preferably the game leader. Do this by adding the turn number to the usual save.
  • on a mountainon a mountain Senior Member Basel, SwitzerlandRegistered Users Posts: 1,018
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    Playing A Hotseat Game using Kingdoms/Retrofit Mod

    (I saw this first as played by Elmarkofear and the Naked Fanatics)

    Kingdoms has the great advantage that it already has a hotseat mode installed. Cheating becomes much more difficult, because the game can be set up to disable the console. You can also no longer spy on your opponents. Using the retrofit mode allows you to apply these and many other advantages directly to your Medieval game.

    You need:
    - Medieval 2:total war (I had mine on patch 1.3, but I am not sure this is necessary)
    - Kingdoms
    - Patch 1.5 (vital!)
    - Retrofit Mod

    The saves will be found at the following location:
    C:\Programme\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\mods\retrofit\saves

    The easiest thing to do is to place a shortcut of the saves folder on your desktop, calling it "retrofit saves" or similar. After receiving your save, you can place it directly inside.

    The management of the save files is easiest if it is always called the same, for instance "ModeratorHotseat". This can then be always automatically overwritten. If someone wants to save all his turns, he can always first save a copy attaching the number of the turn (the files are not very large, at around 2000kb). In any case, at the very least, the game leader should keep a copy of every turn.

    The game leader begins the game starting through the retrofit mod (easiest if you have the retrofit shortcut on your desktop), and then selecting multiplayer, followed by hotseat in the menu (the disk in your drive should be the kingdoms disk). He will then select all factions that are to be played by human players by holding down the ctrl key and clicking on the faction shields. He begins start game, and a prompt for the first faction appears, to put in their password, twice.

    The first player then plays his turn, and hits turn. Now the prompt for the second faction appears. This is where the first player saves the game (by first hitting the ESC key, and chosing the save option), and sends the save file on to the next player, as an email attachment. All players proceed.

    The game is set so, that all human players play first, and then the AI players.

    Note: from the second turn onward, the password only has to be written once.
  • Fernandez_1492Fernandez_1492 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 2
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    hey ive been trying to get this hot seat on my vanilla but im having a hard time. When trying to save as Launch_Multiplayer.bat it wont let me. Something about contacting the adminstrator. That sucks, cus I am the adminstrator. is there an easier way or can u just tell me wtf im doing wrong. thx.
  • CheChe Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 805
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    hey ive been trying to get this hot seat on my vanilla but im having a hard time. When trying to save as Launch_Multiplayer.bat it wont let me. Something about contacting the adminstrator. That sucks, cus I am the adminstrator. is there an easier way or can u just tell me wtf im doing wrong. thx.

    Maybe you can do it by opening the game "as the administrator" each time you play it, then when you try to save it, I guess the game will treat you as the administrator. Do you know what I mean? This requires that you change the properties of the .exe icon or shortcut icon, I believe.
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    Has anyone figured out how to do a hotseat where the battles CAN be played ?
    For me this is the part that makes Total War into Total War ,
    the combination of campaign and battles .

    For Example , some kind of easy to use cheat code for autoresolve would help people
    to agree to do the battle in the custom battle screen according to campaign map circumstances ,
    and then input the results into the cheat code ,
    ie; this unit has 20 guys left , +2 exp , 300 kills if kills stack for xp gain longer than 1 battle.
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    How can i play hotseat with a friend of mine in a westeros total war submod?
  • 7thru77thru7 Junior Member Registered Users Posts: 1
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    Are there ways to do this with different total war games, like the more recent ones?
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