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Overrated/Underrated tactics?

blademaster3090blademaster3090 Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 402
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Let's hear it.

My personal opinion:

Overrated tactics:

1. Frontal charge followed up by melee inf- Too easy to get javelined to the face even if perfectly timed, very easy to get cav caught in melee and needlessly die.

2.Charge + Shieldwall- Very easily bugs out, making it a lot worse for your units than if you just left them. Also a big signal for your opponent to pull out and re-charge because you can't chase after units in shieldwall.

Underrated tactics:

1. Positioning slingers/archers mid-game: Something that I saw Panda do quite often in a recent tournament, ensured his celtic slingers got 50 odd kills on enemy melee infantry simply by moving them around to the rear/flank. It seems like Total War 101, but no one bothers doing it, including myself.

2. Using elite-spears: This is probably just me, but I think most elite-tier spears can be very cost-effective and more versatile. They can obviously destroy cavalry, but they do fine against most mid-tier infantry, as long as you get a charge and shield screen/phalanx with them (sounds similar to the charge + shieldwall strategy, yes, but it has never glitched for me probably because you only bring a max of two or three elite spears so there are gaps between them, letting them shield screen without glitching)
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  • DiplomattDiplomatt Senior Member Preston, UKRegistered Users Posts: 1,136
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    Overatedd strategy:

    Still caring about Rome II

    Underated strategy:

    Not caring about Rome II anymore because Attila comes out tomorrow and looks a bit better

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  • AKKF32AKKF32 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 193
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    Using barbs to win tournies
  • Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,529
    edited February 2015
    1. Frontal charge followed up by melee inf-
    This I've commented long time ago under one of your vids. Several units of heavy horse depleted just to nullify charge bonus? Just use proper meatshield.

    This tactic still can be viable on some occasions thou.
    Charge + Shieldwall-
    Yep, bugs out very often. Still it can mean difference in defeating line of same quality. You need to babysit those units and check on them more often. Re-charging people generally don't do /don't know how to do.
    Positioning slingers/archers mid-game
    Again something that I've discussed with you already I think : ) Didn't you claimed back then that it's hardly worth it and not recommendable? ; ) This is especially true in endgame phases when units are depleted and cav is dead.
    Using elite-spears
    Units like masilian hoplites, colchis nobles, dacian heavy spears or thorax hoplites are comparable to many mid tier swords. They can form up main line if no other more efficient infantry is present. Especially against other helenic factions, or eastern faction for that matter.

    To contribute to post:
    Underrated tactics:

    Meat shield. More important then most people realize. I will invest more in it for certain, but not only in MS* but in anti MS* with charge factions as well.

    Formation attack on/off - when to keep it, when to turn it off, absolutely crucial.

    "Narrow" army. Engagement on echelons (you send first detention, then second then third, with shorter or longer pauses in between, minutes sometimes) On some factions, it just works very well. By some factions I mean rome, but others too.

    Overrated tactics:
    Many of unit special abilities. Counter intuitive, big penalties, small or disputable benefits. Generally mostly not that good, with few exceptions (like strategy general, ranged units, shield wall and hoplite wall)

    Overatedd strategy:
    Still caring about Rome II
    I understand that you've got bored of rome, it happens to all eventually, but sole negativism really does not contribute to anything. Btw though it may seem that I'm always picking on you I want to make clear that I don't have anything against you personally. It's just that you sometimes have attitude of spoiled teenager, nhf ; )
  • blademaster3090blademaster3090 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 402
    edited February 2015
    Yes I remember, using a HH frontal charge CAN be very useful, you can look to my match vs Reptilicus to see how they played an impact in frontal charging his tribals before I followed with Sword Followers. But they are best used in those isolated situations, a frontal cav charge straight onto the enemy's main line is not a good tactic, but charging into the flank units, like Tribals on the extremes of the main line is a smart tactic, because then it wont be a situation where 5 enemy units could potentially throw their javelins onto ur HH.

    And yes, I remember your comments about positioning archers. I think I learned from that, when I play with my skirmish builds I love to fan out with my skirmishers now, not really sure which battle you commented on, depending on the situation I think it might be just as effective to fire frontally (if you have a chance to concentrate fire on an enemy unit, why waste time moving your units around, for example), but in most cases yes I think its a good idea to move around especially your slingers to make them more useful.

    Im not sure I understand the narrow formation tactic you're talking about. Drop me a replay in my email (wolfofremustw at gmail) I'd love to see it in action.

    And I think all abilities are useful tbh, its just situational. Headhunt, an ability you debated earlier, is a must-use in my opinion, simply because it creates holes in your enemy army quicker allowing your Oathsworn to hammer and anvil the rest of the units. Frenzy is also very very effective at doing the same thing. Frenzied charge is probably the most underrated of them all as it means your unit has unbreakable morale for the duration that it is active.
    Check out my youtube channel! Mainly Rome 2 Multiplayer tactics, tutorials and replays :)
  • Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,529
    edited February 2015
    Sry for late reply, I haven't had any nice triple acies replay example and all my latest opponents seemed anxious to use rome against me.

    Anyway this excellent example against noobish opponent, perfect example because enemy was charge dependent faction and this kind of engagement prevents them in getting their charge bonuses right.

    Romans in fact used same type of formation just instead of three sword line they would use skirmishers, then hastati, then principes and last line would be triarii of course.

    Good for strong charge factions and good in fatigue management. Also, note how I position my slingers ; )
  • Ouroboros226Ouroboros226 Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 245
    edited February 2015
    Overated: 8/12 Cataphracts + Horse archers pure cavalry army as Parthia.

    Worked at release.
    No longer works, not sure why.
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