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Quick Battles Not so Quick

GenShermanGenSherman Senior MemberRegistered Users Posts: 572
edited March 2015 in Total War Eras Multiplayer
So currently 8500+ people playing Rome 2 and I can't get a quick battle. Is the MP for this game so quickly abandoned? There's no way the majority of people jumped ship to Attila already?

I've been trying to shake off the rust in playing Total War multiplayer (haven't played in a while) by playing Shogun 2 MP which is still kinda active and still amazing in design. Then I decide to come over to Rome 2 to start learning the ropes and it seems like there isn't much 1v1 going on, mostly just password custom battles. The opponents I did have matches with seemed to be quite adept at the game. After a couple wins and some punishment I wanted to keep trying out new things but nope....barely a pulse in MP it seems.

Not much of a direct purpose in this post but I am quite surprised with as many people playing this game and how many copies were sold that there isn't a constant stream of battles? Am I truly that late to the party? Was there a party in the first place? Should I just stick with S2 MP which I still enjoy very much?

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  • Thorien_KellThorien_Kell Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 1,529
    edited March 2015
    After release of attila, most of competitive player scene rushed to new title. You cannot blame them, rome was extensively played in last period and most of that type of players wanted something new. I know this because I have dozens of good players on my steam friend list.

    R2 is still played in MP, in quick battles, but yes, I feel lack of players in non standard hours (like afternoon), in evening however, I have no problems in finding game partners. I live in EU btw. Another kind-of-problem is that are most ppl are newbies, I used to lose far more frequently before attila came, and now sometimes I don't lose a game in days if not weeks. But even newbies can make things interestingly, by pike boxing on hills, bringing arty etc. So they can play bad, but you can still lose : )
  • GenShermanGenSherman Senior Member Registered Users Posts: 572
    edited March 2015
    Perhaps that was a bad day and time for my quick battles, as yesterday I had a nice string of them. I noticed that sometimes the match finder just needed to have the game reset as well. I wanted to change the thread subject and kinda redirect the thread as to not possibly deter anyone from these battles. Plus the MP forum here looks like it could use some attention.

    Rome 2 has an impressive amount of tactical layers to it in MP, and I was fortunate enough to not fight any noob box fighters:) It is also quite a shift from fighting armies that you know are going to be very similar to yours as in S2.

    I've gotta say in watching some of the comp matches in Attila and comparing them to R2, Attila seems like a step backwards in tactical complexity. Am I wrong on that observation?
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